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Ho Yay / Archie Comics

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Examples of Ho Yay in Archie Comics and its Archie-verse derivatives.

  • In Archie vs. Predator #2, Veronica seems completely fine with stripping down to her underwear in front of Betty while striking a rather seductive pose.
  • There was a short running Jughead series where he became a time cop, and his partner/love interest was a girl named January McAndrews. She is the distant descendant of Archie, and looks pretty similar to him. One could infer that Jughead is attracted to her because she looks so much like Archie, and that Jughead could never reveal his true feelings, since Archie is so girl crazy. His cattiness with Veronica could come from this as well.
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  • Frequently with Archie, as Jughead's famously not interested in girls. Jughead dating a future descendant of Archie doesn't help matters. With Jughead the woman-avoider, though, this is usually more on Jughead's side. The most closeted character is probably Reggie, a classic over-compensator whose obsession with Archie frequently turns into an open man-crush. Reggie becoming attracted to Archie in drag a few times doesn't help.
  • Betty and Veronica have quite a bit between them. Which in modern times has had many a fan wonder why they don't just forget Archie.
  • One particular issue from the '60s involved a predator on the loose, kissing all the high school girls and running off before they can be identified. Archie and Reggie assume it is Jughead until the person kisses Archie. Reggie still thinks it's Jughead, however Archie thinks it is a girl. It turns out it was Betty. She wanted to secretly kiss Archie but devised a plan to kiss random girls and throw him off. Yes, including Veronica. Betty's plan doesn't make much sense, but she has at least kissed girls in canon.

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