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  • One for each of Mr. Lodge and Mr. Andrews. When the kids drag them along on a horseback riding expedition in the mountains, the two fathers really don't want to go along, but do so at the insistence of their kids. As they ride along, a snake frightens Veronica's horse and causes her to fall. Mr. Lodge enters full Papa Bear mode and whacks the snake away with a nearby stick, crediting his many years of playing polo. The snake lands by their guide ranger, who also falls off his horse. Mr. Andrews picks up the ranger's pistol, fires a shot that severs the snake cleanly in half before revealing he was the best shot in his army unit and has multiple medals to back it up.
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  • In one story arc, Archie takes up karate in order to defeat the new guy who charmed the girls away from him in a wrestling match. After earning his black belt and learning that same guy is his sensei's other black belt student, Archie falls into a Heroic BSoD, until he utilizes the skills he learned to drive away two thugs vandalizing Pop Tates's place.
  • One story has a thief chasing after Archie to take a rare stamp he had in his possession. Using a sleight of hand, Archie makes it look like he's slipping it into a mailbox. When the thief tries to fish it out, Chuck, who had been practicing his pitching with Archie, throws a perfect straight fall to dent the mailbox and trap the thief's hand until a cop can arrest him for attempting to steal mail.
  • One series of stories serve to repeat the warning messages found in Nineteen Eighty-Four but Mr. Lodge gets the last laugh in his segment: One of his factories produces widgets for the US Department of Defense and the government basically drives him crazy with "suggestions" (read: edicts) that 1. Has him paint the entire factory pink. 2. Make him pay for removing the paint himself when the idea turns out to destroy morale and productivity and the paint itself being harmful to some species that isn't even native to the area. 3. Require him to have the paint scraped off by hand and buried in drums because of another species in some remote region that might be affected. At he end, he basically tells the military brass who gave him the original painting directive where to go by canceling the original contract and that same set of brass ends up being the ones who are forced to scrape the paint away and bury it in sealed drums.
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  • The story of Malcolm Meeks, a teacher hired at Riverdale High who initially appears boring, unfocused, and just barely competent as an educator. Due to various circumstances, he's called in as a substitute coach during a baseball game where a nearby news helicopter that he'd been staring at crashes on the field. He singlehandedly rescues both the pilot and the reporter from the burning wreckage. At the hospital, he reveals to Betty that he was actually a Shell-Shocked Veteran who was involved in a similar helicopter crash in Vietnam. He managed to get out on his own and turned back to rescue his pilot but, before he could get back there, he was shot in the leg by a sniper and Forced to Watch the chopper burn. After succeeding in his My Greatest Second Chance, he's able to overcome his past and gain a new outlook on life. The epilogue of the story reveals he eventually transferred to another school and became its most popular teacher.
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  • One story has Archie and Jughead tied up in the school attic after getting caught by some robbers. However, Moose is playing handball below where they're at, so Archie writes a note with his feet pretending Midge is the one who was captured and plays Moose's insane jealousy to their advantage. The robbers don't stand a chance against the rampaging Moose.
  • A college scout comes to Riverdale High and talks to Moose. Afterwards, Moose reiterates the scout's pitch to Archie and Dilton, talking about how college will be super easy based on what he was told. Archie and Dilton both tell Moose that he's being played and the scout only cares for getting a champion athlete into their school without actually caring about him getting a quality education. Then Moose responds:
    Moose: That's exactly what I told him. [he walks away with his head held high] I may be dumb, but that doesn't mean I gotta stay dumb.
    Archie: You know, we really don't give the big guy enough credit.
    Dilton: I'm proud of you, Moose.

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