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Tear Jerker / Archie Comics

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  • Archie's dog, Spotty, was a major supporting character in the Little Archie series. By the time the group is in their teens, one would assume Spotty died of old age. In one story, Archie reveals that Spotty suddenly ran away one night, with no idea as to why, and he never saw him again.
  • Ambrose was The Friend Nobody Likes in the Little Archie series, who eventually moved away but would send gifts every so often. Years later, when Archie learns Ambrose is returning to Riverdale to visit, he's afraid that he was going to get revenge against everyone treating him poorly when they were kids. When they do finally meet up, Ambrose reveals that, with his family constantly moving all over the place, he was downright miserable and the memories he had of Riverdale were the happiest time of his life. After making peace, Archie re-introduces Ambrose to everyone as his "old, new friend."
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  • In one of the best-written stories in the franchise, Mr. Weatherbee narrates the tale of a joint expedition into a snowy mountainous region for different reasons: Mr. Weatherbee to search for Muckatoo Indian relics for his chapter of a local archeological society, and Archie to research wolves for a report he's working on. As the story progresses, Archie encounters a mean, starving old wolf that had been ostracized by its pack. Its attacking him and triggering an avalanche is what allows Mr. Weatherbee to find a cache of treasure while the old wolf is taken back to the Riverdale Zoo where Archie visits him and shares food with him every day until he dies. Mr. Weatherbee's closing lines and the final image of the wolf's silhouette among the clouds with Archie sitting in front his enclosure and mourning really cement the Bittersweet Ending.
    Mr. Weatherbee: Archie continued to visit the old wolf, who was as mean and surly as ever, every day. After a few months, the old wolf died. But on the morning of his final visit, Archie is certain that he saw him wag his tail.
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  • The story where Ms. Grundy's apartment burns down. The thing she mourns the loss of most is the last remaining photo of her parents. Becomes a positive example in the end after the Riverdale High students chip in to get her apartment and everything in it restored, including the photo.

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