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There's a lot of snark and wild theories about Wonder Woman and the romantic life of a woman from an all-female society and a lot of people assume she's gay or bi.

  • This goes all the way back to the William Moulton Marston issues where he wrote Wonder Woman and the other Amazons as engaging in casual bondage.
    • Same goes with the Holliday Girls.
  • Wonder Woman (1942): Marya spends a lot of her time on panel either commenting on Diana's beauty or thinking about it, and she moved from Mexico to Washington DC to be closer to her.
  • George Pérez had moments in his run on Wonder Woman (1987), before Themyscira could be made more explicitly gay. Hippolyta was very touchy-feely with her general Philippus, and in one panel she was shown sleeping in a bed with another woman, though it's so far away it was not immediately obvious.
    • During Messner-Loebs run on the book when Hippolyta and Philippus go over the plans for the last part of The Contest the setting is quite intimate, their conversation and posture makes them come off as flirting and Philippus is essentially wearing lingerie when she's never been seen outside of full concealing armor before.
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  • In a flashback to the time Wonder Woman learned how to swim she meets nereids (who look a lot like Mystique), whom Diana describe as the most beautiful things she had ever seen.
  • Peter David hinted at it once in a Justice League Task Force story, and Gail Simone has tossed out a few hints of her own in her run.
    • Hints, nothing. In issue 38, one of the Amazons states directly that "[some] have sworn themselves to Artemis, the virgin hunter, and Athena, the chaste warrior. Others choose the way of Narcissusnote . But most of us find satisfaction in each other. Three thousand years can be a long time, Reverend."
  • To clarify: It's now canonical that the majority of the Amazons are either lesbian or bisexual, with several Amazons canonically having relationships with one another (including Queen Hippolyta/General Phillipus). Wonder Woman has not been confirmed as lesbian/bi in the comics...but WW writer Gail Simone has directly stated that as far as she's concerned Wonder Woman is bi, so Word of God has confirmed it, even if DC haven't got the guts to actually allow it to be addressed in the comics.
    • Greg Rucka, Phil Jiminez and George Perez all agree with Gail on this one.
  • There's also this page. There have actually been a few other hints in the comic itself, like Wondy saying she doesn't have a boyfriend or a girlfriend at one point.
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  • In Wonder Woman (2011) #4 by Brian Azzarello from the New 52 Universe Hera acts toward Hippolyta more as if she was cheating on her instead of her husband Zeus.
  • In Wonder Woman #170 "A Day in the Life", Wonder Woman spends her day with Lois Lane to get to know her and understand what Superman sees in her. Upon their meeting, Lois was struck by her beauty.