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Nightmare Fuel / Wonder Woman

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As adventurous as her stories are, the world of Wonder Woman is full of horrific tales dealing with Rape and Revenge, Sexual Slavery, Mass Genocide, depraved assortments of maniacs, and the hazards that come with delving into the madcap world of Greek Mythology.

Nightmare Fuel Pages for specific installments:

Comic Books


From the Comics at large:

  • Wonder Woman's Lasso at its worst is played up as Heart Is an Awesome Power to nightmarish levels and despite its innocent appearance, has always been a much more dangerous item than its name implies. Combine it with Wonder Woman's own charisma and power, and you have a weapon that is one of the most mentally dangerous Mind Rape objects in all of the DCU:
    • Wonder Woman (1942): During The Golden Age of Comic Books the lasso had the additional ability of being able to make anyone wrapped in it obey the commands of the one wielding it, which made it far more dangerous in villain hands than it was when Wonder Woman was using it.
    • Wonder Woman (1987): By this point the Lasso's powers had been streamlined and more clearly defined; it is indestructible and those in its power cannot lie and are forced to face the truth about whatever the wielder is questioning them on, which includes god-like beings such as Darkseid. In Wonder Woman's hands these life altering revelations usually lead to people reforming to an extent, but even then they lead several people to their deaths via sacrificing themselves for the greater good, and in more cruel hands can cause people to kill themselves in despair. Artemis accidentally used it on a villain and it made him commit suicide by blasting his brains out on the spot out of guilt.
    • Wonder Woman (2006): Diana is horrified when Genocide gets hold of her lasso, as she knows the being will use it to torture people with twisted cruel truths they cannot escape from until they're allowed to kill themselves. The villain in question uses it to mentally break her loved ones and shatter the wills of her allies, which include Green Lanterns known for their Heroic Willpower. In Wonder Woman: Odyssey, the goddess Nemesis uses the lasso to drive people insane and to their deaths, which includes much of the JLA roster.
  • Doctor Psycho. If his freakish appearance doesn't unsettle you, his freakish mental powers and the way he uses them will. In his first Vol 2 appearance, he's shown using his mental abilities to Mind Rape Hermes and Wonder Woman into seeing his head on each other's bodies and mentally traumatizing a pregnant woman's fetus so her unborn baby drives her and itself insane before it dies. He did all that just to give his powers a test run. He also brainwashes Wonder Woman's Tagalong Kid into thinking she's Wonder Woman and plagues her dreams with nightmares just for fun. He only gets worse with each new appearance as his next act is trying to have people commit suicide in droves by having them jump off buildings. All just to give Wonder Woman a message.
    • During the One Year Later event, it's revealed Psycho used Mind Control to make a bunch of people commit cannibalism on two insubordinate villain lackeys, an act that not only sexually aroused him, but inspired him to Mind Rape them by letting them feel his arousal as if it were their own and then let them go once he was bored.
  • Wonder Woman (1942): Every single one of Queen Atomia's slave "subjects" was presumably human at one point, before she hit them with her Shrink Ray and shoved them in her horrific Mook Maker, permanently altering them physically and mentally into the forms of her robotic looking "Neutron" and "Protron" slaves for the rest of their lives.
  • Wonder Woman (2006): The Children of Ares in Gail Simone's run are incredibly unsettling considering they were born when Ares decided to magically impregnate five Amazons before forcing them to give birth and magically accelerating the growth of his new children to eventually serve to torment Wonder Woman and sow chaos. They appear as a group of unnaturally articulate children but are a walking pack of Antichrists that make people kill and destroy each other with a few words.