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  • "There's No Place Like Home, Part 1." Indeed, as the Oceanic Six are reunited with their families. But the best part comes even later, when Sayid is reunited with his lost love Nadia, whom he had resigned to considering as dead. The fact that we know Nadia will be dead eight months later just adds to the tearjerkability.
    • Their parting words before Sayid is set on the path to Flight 815: "You will see me in the next life, if not in this one." Too bad Sayid's true love in said next life turns out to be Shannon...
    • And a bit before that, Hurley sees that there's no one waiting to greet Sayid upon his return to civilization, and brings him over to meet his family.
  • The final flashback of "House of the Rising Sun." In the early days of his relationship with Sun, Jin was frustrated that the only gift he could afford to give her was a white flower, with Sun telling him that was the only thing he needed to give her. As the flashbacks progress, we are forced to watch their relationship deteriorate, due to Sun's father forcing Jin to serve him as a hit man. And then, just as Sun is about to abandon Jin at the airport, convinced they can't reconcile... Jin turns around, smiles, and hands her a white flower. The revelation that Jin is not the cold, heartless husband he appeared to be was one of the most beautiful moments in the show.
    • Their farewell scene in "Exodus, Part 1".
    • Sun and Jin's reunion in the final season. It has to be one of the most heartwarming moments in the series coupled with the Tear Jerker that they die together mere hours after reuniting for the first time in three years.
  • The end of the episode "The Constant". For all that the writers have tried to push the largely unconvincing Jack/Kate/Sawyer triangle on us, the tangential subplot of Desmond and Penny's relationship succeeds at everything that the triangle is trying for: an epic, tragic, and beautiful romance that overcomes all obstacles.
    Penny: All we need to survive is someone who truly loves us. And you have her. I will wait for you.
    • In the fifth season Desmond and Penny sail around the world together and have a son, who is named ... Charlie.
    • It seems that Desmond and Penny have the only true "happily ever after" in the show.
  • The season 4 episode of 'Something Nice Back Home' both played this trope straight and subverted it: In the future, Jack and Kate end up together, with Jack proposing to Kate. However, it all goes down hill from there as Jack begins an addiction to painkillers and his relationship with Kate deteriorates after he finds that Kate is trying to fulfill an old promise to Sawyer.
  • Third-string characters Rose and Bernard also manage to be more touching in their one "starring turn" than the entire J/K/S triangle. After meeting relatively late in life, Bernard in particular having always been happy as a bachelor... Bernard: "Will you marry me?" Rose: "I have terminal cancer." Bernard: "You didn't answer my question."
    • Later in that episode, when Bernard learns that Rose's cancer is cured and promises that they will never leave the Island.
    • Later on, we find out what they've been doing during the 3 year timeskip, a period in which the other characters on the island spent disputing with the Dharma Initiative. They were enjoying a peaceful retirement, far away from the other groups on the island. They even have team pet Vincent with them.
      • Not even the impending doom of Jack possessing a bomb that could blow up and kill everyone on the entire island seemed to have any affect on them and Bernard makes it a point to tell the other survivors "So we die. We just care about being together. It's all that matters in the end."
      • Rose and Bernard's reunion in season 2 is so beautiful. After an entire season of Rose insisting her husband is still alive and everyone else thinking she's delusional, the pair are finally brought back together.
  • How could you have forgotten all those beautiful moments between Charlie and Claire? If the imaginary peanut butter scene didn't get you, Charlie's final scene with Claire before he goes off to his Heroic Sacrifice (complete with last kiss) will, especially since you know he's not coming back. And the last item he puts on the list of the best days of his life, which he's been compiling the whole episode, is "The day I met you." Aw crud...
    • Charlie's rescue of Nadia in a flashback. However pathetic most of Charlie's life may have been, her words of encouragement are some of the most uplifting that anyone can hope to hear.
    Nadia: You are a hero, sir, and don't let anyone ever tell you differently.
    • Another sweet moment from "Greatest Hits": the third item on his list is when his brother gave him a ring that had been passed down as a family heirloom, telling Charlie to give it to his child someday. Just before Charlie leaves, he leaves the ring for Aaron.
    • One of their first scenes together in the 5th episode, Charlie calls Claire "Love." He comforts her as she's lying, dehydrated, and she thanks him for looking in the eye (which she says the others don't do because of her pregnancy.)
    • "I could be your friend."
      • The entire episode is heartwarming as, while everyone else thinks that Claire is imagining what's happening, Charlie is the only one who believes her.
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  • Season five time-traveling scene in "The Little Prince". I don't think it should matter if you're a Jater or a Skater, if you weren't feeling a little bit awestruck by Sawyer seeing Kate alive again in that flashback of Aaron's birth, there is something seriously wrong with you.
  • Season five episode "This Place is Death" has Jin reuniting with Sawyer, who embraces him with joy, and the rest of the remaining survivors.
  • A small moment in Exodus: Part 1: as everyone is saying goodbye to the four going on the raft, Claire brings baby Aaron over to Jin, who gently kisses him on the forehead.
  • The Season 5 episode "La Fleur" is just concentrated Heartwarming. Watching James grow into a confident leader of men just a little feared by his subordinates, watching him and Juliet work together as survival buddies and have each others' backs, watching Juliet, after six years on the island and having seen numerous women die from pregnancy complications, finally deliver a healthy baby, and then learning that over the three years they've spent James and Juliet have built a loving, mature, healthy, and adult relationship that ultimately finally broke up the Love Dodecahedron.
  • A few weeks later, "Namaste" provides a similarly moving scene between Sawyer and Hurley. Especially when the latter admits he kind of missed Sawyer's nicknames for him.
  • "Whatever happens, I got your back." Finally they split away from the awful J/K/S love triangle and let Sawyer have some happiness.
    • ...Which was destroyed by Jack and company arriving to Dharma, culminating in Juliet's death in the season finale.
  • Jack and Locke in the Alternate Timeline.
  • "I'll have you..." Considering Ben killed the only person Ilana ever thought of as a father, the fact that she forgives him is heartwarming.
    • What's notable is that Ben more or less makes a Heel–Face Turn on the spot, quietly returning to the camp and helping Sun out with menial chores. Another nice moment earlier in that sequence is even after Un-Locke told Ben that Ilana won't hesitate so he shouldn't, they both hesitate.
      • That bit got to me too, but not as much as alternate universe Ben giving up his chance of being principal just so he could make sure Alex had a better future than the one he has.
      • These two bits are pretty good, but just that little bit inferior to Ben's saying "I had a chance to save her, but I chose the island over her." his voice trembling in emphasis on the "over her".
      • Another heartwarming bit in the Alternate Timeline: Ben's relationship with his father. While the two grew to despise each other in the main universe (with Ben gassing his dad to death), here, Ben takes on the role of caretaker toward his father, even serving him meals in an Adorkable manner (and putting air into his dad's respiratory tanks, essentially "gassing" him again). Although the elder Linus is feeble from sickness and old age, he still shows that he genuinely cares about his son, asking him about his day and expressing regret that he failed to let Ben reach his full potential.
  • Michael's dedication to his son, despite not seeing him for nearly a decade. During that decade, he wrote to him regularly even though Walt never wrote back Susan was keeping the letters from him. When he finally gets to see Walt again and realizes that Walt doesn't know who he is, what does he do? Instead of bad mouthing the man who Walt thinks is his father by telling Walt that Brian doesn't want him, he makes himself the bad guy and says that he is forcing Walt to come with him because it's his right as his real father. He even says that Brian gave him his dog. Then, on the island, he tries to get to know Walt. When Walt throws at him. "When is my birthday?" to prove that they don't know anything about each other, Michael answers instantly. After all those years, he never stopped thinking about his son.
  • Sun and Jin's tearful reconciliation at the end of season 1. Can double as a Tear Jerker, as Jin believes he is on the island as punishment for his prior actions, and feels guilty for dragging Sun dan with him. But after a season of tension between the two, watching them speaking so lovingly to each other (in the present) qualifies. There's even The Big Damn Kiss!
  • Any Alternate Universe moment from the last season with Jack in it is either a Heartwarming Moment or Crowning Moment Of Awesome, but specifically two. First, Jack attending his son's piano audition for a performing arts academy, and second, when, less than a day after meeting a very pregnant Claire, he offers to have her stay with him rather than a motel, simply because she "is family".
    • The revelation that in the Alternate Universe, Jack's ex-wife and his son David's mother is none other than Dr. Juliet Carlson. Where in the real-verse both Jack and Juliet suffered from nasty divorces, in the flash-sideways verse they are Amicable Exes who both love their son. While Jack and Juliet may not have worked out as a couple in the real-verse, there's something heartwarming about them being able to help each other address their issues (their divorces and problems with their ex-spouses, Jack's daddy issues, and Juliet's never being able to be there for her nephew) before moving on into the afterlife.
  • Sayid and Nadia. Too bad she gets hit by a freaking car eight months later.
  • The scene wherein Jack's soon-to-be-wife reveals her non-paralysis.
  • Hurley and Libby finally have their date in the alt timeline.
  • Pretty much any scene with Rose and Bernard together.
  • Jin and Sun finally being reunited after three years apart... too bad it doesn't end well.
  • Ben thanking Richard for burying Alex, at the barracks.
  • When the survivors learn that Sawyer’s voice calms Aaron down, at Claire’s request, Sawyer begins reading car magazines to him.
  • Can we just say the last episode? All of it? Quite a few live-bloggers complained about how dusty their living rooms had suddenly become. (Others complained that the finale was 2+ hours of hugging, and they can go suck rocks juggle sticks of old, mouldy dynamite.) Highlights include:
    • Jin and Sun remembering their past as they see their child's ultrasound, being fully reunited at last.
    • Sawyer and Juliet remembering their relationship upon holding hands, and embracing, practically shaking as they finally find each other again. Juliet can't stop crying, and Sawyer just folds her in his arms like he'll never let her go again. Cue The Big Damn Kiss.
      Juliet: Kiss me, James!
      Sawyer: You got it, Blondie.
    • Jack and Kate in the Grand Finale. After years of dragging out the Love Triangle, it was genuinely nice to see them as a couple. Especially when she saved him in the fight with Flocke or when she gave him flashes by putting her hands on his face and saying, "I've missed you SO MUCH".
    • Kate and Claire remembering their past on the island by looking at each other and Aaron.
    • Charlie didn’t have so much as a single flash throughout the entirety of the flash-sideways, but all it took was literally just touching Claire’s hand for him to remember everything instantly. Cue adorkable smile.
    • Hurley asking Ben to help him run the Island. An adorable moment between them anyway, but when you realize that Ben finally gets to be in a position of power, without hurting someone to get it, it gets even better.
      • All Ben has ever wanted was to belong. His father never wanted him. The Dharma Initiative didn't want him. The Others only put him in power to use him and turned on him the moment someone better came along. Jacob flat out dismissed him. Hurley was the first person with power to offer Ben a place to be.
    • Just the fact that Boone, the survivor that knew everyone else the least since he died so soon, was part of the posse that made sure everyone was able to move on, even working with Desmond, a man he literally never met while he was alive, to make it happen. Especially the fact that he knew that Sayid and Shannon meeting would be their catalyst, and he still made it happen, almost saying that he approved of their relationship after he treated it with hostility in real life.
    • This exchange:
      Hurley: (tearfully) What the hell am I supposed to do?
      Ben: I think you do what you do best. Take care of people.
    • Hurley and Charlie — when Hurley meets Charlie in the afterlife. It's heartwarming just because of the smile that Hurley gives to Charlie when he first sees him. After all, they were very, very good friends on the Island until Charlie died. And this is the first time that Hurley has seen Charlie in possibly hundreds of years, given Hurley became the Island's protector. The look of joy on the big boy's face, restrained though it has to be, just gets the waterworks going.
    • Locke forgiving Ben outside the church, after he sincerely apologized for killing him. As Ben said, "It means more than I can say." Viewing the scene a second time also makes it clear that Ben will one day move on with the rest of them, it will juust take a while.
    • Jack finally being reunited with his father.
    • Everyone in the church following Christian's example and "moving on."
    • Many of the Jack/Locke scenes in the flash-sideways universe are touching for the ironic reversal of the differences they had on the Island. However, in The End, the scene in the church, where they finally meet with both their memories restored, is truly touching, even if it's just a moment and you can't hear what they say to each other, one has to assume Jack finally told Locke he was right, as Jack had earlier said he wished he could have done.
      • Locke telling him that “We’ve been waiting for you”, while being a touching moment on its own as Jack embraces the survivors, almost adds to the Book-ends happening throughout this episode. The show begins with Jack running to the survivors trying to save as many as he can, and the show’s sideways timeline ends with Jack reuninting with the survivors, including those he failed to protect. This is most noticeable with Boone, since Jack lamented frequently about not being able to save his life. Boone, meanwhile, hugs Jack with a side smile on his face.
      • The hug between Jack and Sawyer made me squee, too. Knowing that yes, they've finally put their rivalry behind them was wonderful.
    • Hurley: "Jack, I believe in you."
    • Jack: "Hurley, I believe in you."
    • It's a small moment compared to the rest of the episode, when the tree falls on Ben and everyone, sight unseen, immediately goes to help him out— everyone's finally on the same side, now, even Ben.
    • Vincent's Undying Loyalty to Jack, to close everything off with the Book-Ends of the series, as Jack lays down to die in the exact same bamboo grove he woke up on the island in.
  • How about the moment when Hurley shares his snack with Ben, at the end of "Cabin Fever"?
  • And speaking of the scene in The End where Jack and Christian talk, pay attention to the stained glass window in the background. It depicts six different religious symbols, hinting that the afterlife doesn't care about your religion. Awww...
    • Also from The End, a CMOH is found in, of all things, the script of the final scene. Here it is: "The plane clears frame, finally free of the Island. Jack Shephard has done what he came to this place to do. He has found his purpose. He has found love, and been loved. He has finally found a way to love himself. The bamboo sways across the blue sky, and Jack Shephard's eye closes one final time. He is gone. The end."
    • Crosses with Tear Jerker, just as Jack is prepared to die alone, Walt's dog, Vincent, comes over to him and lies down next to him to comfort him before he dies.
  • Locke revealing that the project he's been working on for the whole episode is a cradle for Claire's baby.
  • It’s a small one and very Fridge, but when Sayid sees Michael on the freighter the first time, he plays along with Michael’s deception and only attacks later on when he realizes that Michael sabotaged the freighter. He even seems to sincerely ask why Michael is there, and when he says that he’s there to die, he doesn’t pursue him. Despite Michael’s betrayal of the survivors, Sayid’s still willing to give him the benefit of the doubt.
  • Rousseau telling Ben in flash-sideways that Alex sees him as a father. This is especially emotional when you realize that this is before Ben was even aware of the original timeline in the first place.
  • In flash-sideways Ben coming to stop Desmond and saying: "I will not let you hurt Mr. Locke again!" Aaaawwww.
  • The end of the episode 'Everybody Hates Hugo' in season 2, where Hurley hands out the food from the hatch to everyone, including peanut butter to Charlie, who then shares it with an ecstatic Claire who has been missing it since season 1. And as if this weren't beautiful enough, it is then topped off with a scene where Bernard asks Michael if his wife is okay, and his being overcome with joy and relief when he's informed that she is.
  • Walt leaving Vincent with Shannon in "Exodus Part 1" before he gets on the raft. He tells her that Vincent looked after him after his mother died and that he can do the same for her as she's still grieving for Boone. Shannon is clearly touched by the gesture and later gives Walt a hug before the raft sets off.

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