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Drinking Game / Lost

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  • Take a sip whenever a loud drum beat played for tension.

  • Take the tiniest sip you can whenever Sawyer calls someone by a nickname - any more then a drop and you will be getting very drunk.

  • Take a shot whenever Hurley says "Dude!"

  • Take a shot whenever Charlie sings "You all everybody!' or is shown playing music.

  • Take a quarter shot whenever Claire says the word "Baby."

  • Take a quarter shot whenever Desmond says the word "brother."

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  • Take a shot whenever a mystery is solved that you had forgotten about by that point.

  • Take a sixteenth of a shot whenever Ben Linus lies.

  • Take a shot whenever Ben Linus actually tells the truth.

  • Down a whole cup to get over any tear jerking deaths.

  • Whenever any destroyed vehicle of any kind is shown on screen, take 2 shots.

  • Down a whole cup whenever Michael screams "WAAAALT!"

  • Whenever Jin is holding a fish, take a shot.

  • When Jack gets a tattoo, down a whole bottle. Trust me, you'll need it.

  • Whenever someone says "now you're like me" take two shots.

  • When the first ever flashback for one character is shown, take three shots to celebrate.

  • When one or more of the numbers is said out loud or shown on screen, take a shot for each of the numbers shown.

  • Take a shot whenever Locke's legs are injured on the island.

  • Take a drink whenever someone says any of the following phrases (or a variant thereof):
    • "Live together, die alone."
    • "Whatever happened, happened."
    • "Don't tell me what I can't do!"
    • "Don't mistake coincidence for fate."
    • "I can fix this."
    • "I'm coming with you."
    • "We have to go back."
    • "Everything happens for a reason."
    • “I’ll see you in another life, brother.”

  • Take a drink whenever anyone refers to the island as having a will of its own.

  • Take a drink whenever the someone is referred to as a good or a bad person, or as "special."

  • Take a drink whenever someone refers to "those people," "these people," or "our people."

  • Take a shot whenever there's a closeup of someone's eye.

  • Take half a sip whenever one of the main characters gets a major case of FOMO and ends up ruining some well-thought-out plan because they have to spill the beans or be the hero or be the one who makes the decisions.

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