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  • In the episode "Memoirs of a Finster" at the end when Kimi was doing her family tree.
    • Though it's kinda sad in its overall context, Chuckie's comment of "Why are you on the phone with Dad when he's right downstairs?" when Kimi is on the phone with her biological father is sweet considering it showcases that he doesn't use the label "step" to describe his relationship with Kira and Kimi and that normally Kimi doesn't use it for hers with him or Chaz.
    • This is brought up even earlier when she speaks to the kids at the Japanese club; when she mentions her biological father actually living in Japan, she proceeds to clarify "That dad does. My dad dad lives here." It's clear that Kimi loves both of her fathers.
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    • It's a small moment, but the same episode reveals that Tommy still has his toy screwdriver. He converted it to a keychain, apparently, and it's mentioned that he never leaves home without it.
  • In the episode "The Finster Who Stole Christmas" when Kira and Kimi got back from Japan and arrived home to Chaz and Chuckie.
    • They all were so happy to see each other. A lot of great family hugs these four shared.
  • The end of "Curse of Reptar," where Tommy dreams about playing with Reptar Jr. as a baby and then goes outside to retrieve his old toy from the construction site.
    • This would especially count as a moment of heartwarming to fans of the show whom saw the original, which would be the majority of watchers.
    • And the reason Chuckie remembers Reptar more fondly than the others, despite being more timid than the others as a child? It's because of the doll (or rather the giant robot version of the doll) that lead to him gaining a new mother and sister.
  • The end of "Trading Places." Chuckie informs Kimi that she shouldn't feel like her birth father's new child is replacing her, revealing that when she came into his family, he was worried that she would take his place, too. Kimi's birth father even shows up to introduce Kimi to her new baby sister.
  • Chaz and Kira celebrating their 10 year anniversary in "Petition This!".
    • Tommy's movie of the family convincing Kimi and Chuckie to stop hating each other.
  • Anything related to Chuckie and Kimi's relationship. Episodes such as "Bad Kimi" and especially "Memoirs of a Finster" show just how much these two really care about each other.
    • "Bad Kimi" seems to have one for Kimi's friend Z. Z throughout the episode was seen as a Jerkass due to Chuckie's assumptions, to the point where he thinks Z has convinced Kimi to steal. When it's revealed that wasn't the case (The stuff was actually being taken to a shelter), Chuckie pleads for Kimi to forgive him. Kimi instead snubs him, and Z actually is shocked, finding it disgusting that someone as nice as her would coldly dismiss Chuckie like that due to his justified uneasiness with him.
      • It's equally heartwarming that Z would understand where Chuckie is coming from. He may likely be an only child, but he's likely understanding of an older brother being protective of his sibling from someone they do not know that well.
  • "Susie Sings the Blues": Susie has been told by a "music producer" that she has to pay $1000 if she wants a studio session. Unable to come up with the money on her own or ask her parents for it, Susie turns to her older sister, Alisa, who has been saving up for a house. Alisa agrees to give her the money, however, Susie soon discovers she was conned. Completely devastated, Susie goes home and tells her sister about the lost money - and Alisa is more concerned that her sister put her life at risk than she is about the lost money.
    • Then Alisa suggests that Susie forget about singing and then Susie gives a speech about how singing is who she is, before remembering the talent night at the Java Lava. She arrives and puts on a great performance that gets her a standing ovation from everyone there.
  • "Sueise's Choice", where Susie has to decide between a prestigious talent show or a language competition, during which she discovers her own mother was a successful singer too. She ultimately ends up giving up the talent show but still performs at Betty and Howard's reception. She then calls her mother up on stage and she and Lucy sing a duet...which quickly turns into a CMOF when we discover that the supposed Noodle Incident between Phil and Lil was that Phil had spray-painted his skateboard over Betty's wedding dress.
  • The ending of "Lucky 13" - at Angelica's birthday party, Savannah asks if she can sit at the 'Cool Kids' table but Angelica says all the seats are already reserved - for Tommy and his friends. While at the table, Tommy tells her about their plan to save her party and Angelica wonders why they'd do that for her when she'd been so mean to them in the past. Tommy tells her that she's still family to them, and Angelica is very touched.
  • "Miss Nose it All" has Angelica being forced to volunteer in a hospital but she ends up rushing through her duties because she wants to go shopping, including not reading a story to a little boy. She ends up with a broken nose and pretends to be even worse so she can stay in the hospital and not be seen. While there she learns that the little boy has been sick for a long time and can't go home because of it. Realizing how foolish she'd been, she offers to read him the story again.
    • In the same episode, when Harold hears Angelica has a very serious disease, he pretty much breaks down in front of her; Angelica, for once, realizes how much Harold really cares about her, and actually feels guilty for making him feel this bad, so confesses him it's just a lie, much to his relief.
    • The entirety of the episode's arc showcases Angelica Pickle's Character Development. It just goes to show that the spoiled, bratty, monstrous little girl we all used to love to hate is a thing of the past. Even her speech admitting her lie to Savanna and her posse feels like a personal speech to the audience explaining why she used to be the way she was.
    Angelica: [But] that was before I learned there are worse things that could happen than having a broken nose or having nothing good to wear or missing out on a party.
  • Pretty much every time Angelica and Susie show how much their friendship means to each other.
    • Most notably in 'Susie Goes Bad Lite', when Angelica risks her life to save Susie's, and they both have to be rescued by firefighters; even more, Angelica, who, for once, did nothing wrong and was just trying to help Susie who, for once, was the one doing something dangerous for popularity's sake, ends up Taking the Bullet, saying the whole problem was her fault, so Susie's permanent record can remain spotless.
    • Before that, when Lil and Kimi find out Susie is going to risk her life, their first instinct is getting Angelica's help instead of their brothers or parents, showing that, despite the problems between them, the girls know Angelica is trustworthy when it comes to serious issues.
    • In What's Love Got To Do With It?, Susie warns Angelica against keeping her crush on their substitute teacher alive and consoles her when it turns out said teacher got a permanent job elsewhere. Angelica even asks her to stay with her for a while as she bawls her eyes out.
  • The end of 'In The Family's Way'; after spending a whole week living with Susie's family, Angelica convinces her parents to spend more quality time themselves, starting with cooking dinner together and later chat while eating, something they hadn't done in a while. Charlotte and Drew, once they recover from the surprise, really like the idea.
    • Once he receives word that Angelica is temporarily living away from her parents, Dil chooses to visit his uncle Drew and aunt Charlotte to fill in the void. While he's oblivious of the fact that his uncle and aunt are actually happy to have some peace and quiet from their daughter for a change, it's still nice that their youngest nephew would care to spend time with them.
  • The end of "Saving Cynthia". Angelica and Susie spend the whole episode trying to get Angelica's old Cynthia doll back. Angelica's rationalization is that Cynthia was a friend that was always there for her, despite being a doll. They have Cynthia back at the end and Angelica nervously starts to say something about "a friendship that was always there". Susie turns around and says "ours?". She says this one word with a smile and a tone of voice that tells Angelica that yes of course they are friends and always will be.
    • As hard as it is to believe, seeing Cynthia again is pretty darn heartwarming if you're a veteran fan of the original series. Angelica's feelings of nostalgia could even mirror those of the viewer.
    Angelica: [My mom] is treating me like a kid! Can you believe it, Cynthia!? (realizes what she just said) Whoa. I just talked to Cynthia! (smiling) I haven't done that in years! (chuckles and goes to look for her)
  • Tommy and Rachel's scenes together, they were a cute couple while they lasted.
    • He also got some good moments with Kimi in "TP & KF".
  • Lil spends most of the second episode being annoyed at Phil embarrassing her. When she goes to a party with friends, the friends talk about how horrible Phil is. Lil then defends him and angrily calls them out for their comments - walking out of the party and immediately going home to apologize to Phil.
  • In "River Rats", Chuckie tells Tommy that having Tommy around makes him feel like everything is all right, making Tommy afraid to reveal his aquaphobia. When Chuckie finds out about said aquaphobia, his anger about the secret quickly evaporates when Tommy explains that his fear makes him feel like he's letting Chuckie down. Chuckie reassures Tommy he doesn't think less of him and is responsible for Tommy being able to gather his courage enough to save Phil when Phil falls into the river.
  • In "Dude, Where's My Horse", Angelica bonding with a baby ostrich that accidentally imprinted on her, to the point of going Mama Bear for him several times and at one point giving him a little pink ribbon to wear. Becomes a slight Tear Jerker when she ends up having to leave him behind.
  • The ending of "Truth or Consequences" is filled with them. Tommy successfully mends his friendship with the others by splicing footage from old home movies of the gang into his recordings of their embarrassing secrets, which even causes everyone to end up on better terms with each other. We also have Didi and Stu state that they are proud of their son Dil even if he is very eccentric.
  • Quite a lot of the two-parter "R.V. Having Fun Yet?" No matter what the gang goes through, Tommy remains determined to ensure that Susie makes it to the parade in New York on time. In addition, the whole episode is basically about the kids learning that they still need their mothers and their mothers in turn learning that they can't always be there for their children.
  • "Lost at Sea"
    • Angelica encouraging her mother to stop sobbing over losing her job.
    • Dil starts dressing like a girl after hearing that his parents thought he was going to be one. Didi later tells him that while she and Stu expected a girl, they still loved Dil even when he turned out to be a boy and also states that no one can ever replace Dil or Tommy.
    • At the end of the episode, the Pickles family and Rachel all watch a sad movie, and all of them are clearly moved by the film since they are crying.
  • "Super Hero Worship"
    • Chaz informing Chuckie that while he still misses his first wife, he got over it because he still had a son to take care of and because Kira and Kimi entered their lives later.
    • Tommy's Jerkass Realization when Dil points out to him that he shouldn't have snapped at Chuckie grieving over Armadillo Dave's comic being cancelled because Chuckie knows what it's like to lose someone.
    • Chuckie's Imagine Spot of saying goodbye to Armadillo Dave in the ending.
  • After Tommy starts grieving over the loss of Rachel for real in "All Broke Up", Chuckie shows up at his house to be at his side. The moment really shows how tight the two friends are.
  • In the Christmas special, after a stunning rendition of "Hark the Heralded Angels Sing", Susie then says to the congregation "And in honor of our Jewish brothers and sisters, here's a little something you probably haven't heard." In case you don't get it, the episode is reaffirming what the original show set in place: with the Rugrats crew, everyone's holidays are valued and everyone's encouraged to participate.


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