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Fridge Brilliance

  • You may have noticed that Drew is going prematurely bald despite his age. Why is this? Well, not only is it possibly heriditary due to Grandpa Lou's current state of affairs, but look at who his daughter is. Is it any wonder why he took to the sidelines and let Charlotte take things over in terms of raising their daughter, barely saying a word?
  • Tommy's an aspiring filmmaker, and Stu comments he had been using cameras since a very early age. This is actually a clever Call-Back to the Rugrats' second Christmas special, 'Babies in Toyland', where Tommy's gift (that he receives from Angelica of all people) is precisely a small camera that really works.
    • The film competition episode also shows snippets from home movies Tommy made when he was a toddler as well. Perhaps it's the same camera?
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    • One who is familiar with the series might note as well that while Tommy is usually the leader while they were babies, much of his ideas and preconceptions came from movies he had seen, from Reptar to "Okey Dokey Jones" and the like? Even from a very young age, movies have been an inspiration to him!
  • Why are so many characters, especially Tommy's, personalities drastically different between this, Rugrats, and All Growed Up? Most people aren't the same as age 1 as they are at 11. People mature and experience new things. All Growed Up was in the babies' imaginations and what they wanted to be as kids. While it's sad to see Tommy go from being so bold and adventurous to being, well, 'normal' it makes sense.
    • To be fair though, it makes sense to why he wants to be a film maker; he's STILL imaginative, but he's just more mature and is able to put his imagination to good use instead of getting into more potentail problems with it. Plus as mentioned above, he's always been a movie buff since he was a toddler.


Fridge Horror

  • "Susie Sings The Blues". Susie gets conned out of $1000, but rather than immediately head home, she sits there alone on the park bench until night falls, all the while wearing something that is pretty revealing by itself. Did it ever occur to her what could have happened while she was there all alone?
  • Z turned out to be a nice guy after all at the end of "Bad Kimi", but what if he wasn't? Keep in mind that Kimi was accompanying him at night, possibly way after curfew, and quite possibly without permission or knowledge about it from her parents.
    • She did say they should trust her judgment. Presumably, she knows the difference between real bad boys and those who are just playing the part.
    • Plus she got to know him during school before she went anywhere at night with him.
  • The episode where Dil gets a tape of an Alien Autopsy. He steals it from a tenth-grader, who visits him at the end of the episode to beat Tommy in his place. What's more, Grandpa Lou and Boris come out to confront the bully, who not only is not intimidated by them, but is actually preparing to beat them up. Clearly unhinged, violent, AND he knows where Dil and Tommy lives. What's to say he won't pay them a visit again soon?


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