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  • "Brothers Grimm"
    • The Rugrats are playing basketball in Tommy's yard after their parents took away all of their television privileges. All is fine and good until Phil presents Tommy with a bowling ball. What does he do with it? Why, toss it right through the roof and damage Stu's car, of course!
    • From the same episode, Chaz attempting to take away the TV set, only for Chuckie and Kimi to latch on to his legs and drag behind him like shoes when he tries to move.
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    • When Didi notices Stu doesn't seem to be paying attention to her concerns that television is distancing the family from one another, she proves her hunch by asking Stu if there's a buffalo up his nose. Stu, who is still not paying attention due to watching a pocket TV, continues saying "Uh-huh".
    • At the end of the episode, Stu is so desperate to watch TV again that he attempts to plug in and watch all the TV sets at once while chanting about how he's gotta see TV, only to cause a blackout.
  • This conversation from "TP+KF":
    Tommy: If only there was some way I could convince him...
    Kimi: That I'm completely unattractive to you?
    Tommy: Exactly!
    • During his montage of asking other people to go trick-or-treating with him after his falling out with Tommy, Chuckie for some reason asks a mouse. Said mouse turns out to be able to talk and declines Chuckie's offer.
    • Betty TP-ing the Finsters' house in the ending.
  • Tommy chewing out Chuckie for sucking at Paper Football in "A Deville House Divided", which leads to this gem from Chuckie.
  • The Stu and Drew arc of "Golden Boy". They've inherited an old car from Grandpa Lou, but it's such an old piece of crap that neither wants it, and they spend the whole episode trying to pass it off on each other, from parking it with a big pink bow in Drew's parking space to parking it in Stu's living room. And when they decide to settle their differences and toss it off of a cliff once and for all? Lou tells them the car was originally owned by Elvis Presley, and worth a lot of money!
    • Grandpa Lou teaching his grandsons a lesson by pretending to suffer from heatstroke.
    • Lou tries to put an end to Dil and Tommy's squabble over which of them he likes better by writing it down on a piece of paper and putting it into an envelope, asking them not to open it until he's gone. The two brothers simply choose to open it when Lou leaves, rationalizing that he didn't specify where he's gone. Didi, who's gotten addicted to using Lou's shredder to shred every stray piece of paper she finds, ends up shredding the letter before Tommy and Dil can read it, but they manage to put it back together. The note reads "Gotcha".
    • Tommy gets jealous of Dil getting a "World's Best Grandson" T-shirt to go with Lou's "World's Greatest Grandfather" T-shirt. Dil assures Tommy he got a T-shirt, too, but it says "World's Best Yodeler". When Tommy expresses his displeasure at this, Dil then says that the only other shirt available said "Foxy Mama".
  • In "Memoirs of a Finster", Chuckie and Kimi are working on a family tree together, and Kimi soon becomes very interested in her Japanese ancestry. The following conversation takes place:
    Chuckie: So, what did you find out?
    Kimi: I'm... Japanese!
    • Kimi and Kira try on kimonos, with Kira stating that it's like living in the past. Shortly after she says this, Kira bends over and ends up ripping the seat of her kimono, exposing her panties. She then states that it's like living way back in the past and she and Kimi share a laugh.
    • When Kimi joins a Japanese society in school, Chuckie decides he'll be supportive. So he shows up dressed in a samurai outfit. Kimi says, in the best deadpan voice...
    Kimi: You guys met my brother.
  • In the subplot of "The Old and the Restless", when Dil's antics of burping the alphabet results in him speaking in burps, Stu and Didi take him to the hospital to get it fixed. Upon checking with a receptionist. they learn that the doctor that's supposedly treating Dil is heading into surgery on a leg that was worse than they thought. Thinking that the patient is Dil, they stop the gurney from going into the operating room with Stu claiming that there's nothing wrong with the leg...only to find the patient's an old woman with a bad leg, who then whoops Stu with her pillow. Turns out that they doctor treating Dil was surgeon's father.
  • "Trading Places" has the gang remodeling Kimi's room and they get Angelica to keep her out of the house for the day. Angelica has Kimi take her to a Japanese-themed tea house she was invited to three months ago and, when Kimi wants to leave, Angelica pretends that her tongue has been seriously scalded by the tea and has Kimi take her to the hospital. After five hours we see a crew of doctors wheeling Angelica out the doors in a wheelchair and throwing her down the steps.
    • Kimi ends up in detention for writing a crude limerick when she was asked to write a haiku about her Japanese family.
      Pangborn: There once was a man from Japan who ate a lot more than he planned. When his belly got fat, around he just sat, 'cause he couldn't get off of the— Grrr! Well, you get the idea.
  • Lil has Phil pretend to be her to break up with a gross boy that likes her. Phil ends up hanging out with the boy (as her) and doing all sorts of gross things publicly, resulting in Lil having to wear a wig, hat and sunglasses as well as cracking up as her reputation gets ruined.
    Lil: Do you realise the fact that I'll have to change schools? Cites? Countries! PLANETS!
    • Immediately after that:
      Tommy: (nonchalantly) No, it's just that Phil looks good as a girl.
      (Sexophone plays as all the guys nod in agreement and Lil looks on in absolute horror)
      • A similar plot showed up in a Nicklodeon magazine comic, where Lil makes Phil dress as her to take her place on a date with a nerdy guy who she accidentally agreed to go to a dance with so she can go with the cool kid she actually wants to date.
        Phil: (noticing Lil and Kimi smirking at him) Why are you looking at me? Oh no. NO. There's no way you're pulling me into this.
        Phil: (dressed as his sister) You are doing all of my chores. Until college. And even then it's not worth it. Beat Though I have to say; I look pretty good in a pink chiffon.
        Lil: (brightly) Yup; you're a spring. Now hold still while I paint your toenails puppy pink lavender.
        Phil: No one's going to see my toenails are they?
        Lil: Nope; this is just for me. I always wanted a sister.
      • The above conversation is followed by Howard noticing "Lil's" deeper voice when "she" greets the nerd, which Betty blames on puberty and then both of them deciding they're seeing things when Lil reappears (from their perspective) and goes out with a completely different boy. Then after Lil's date starts off terribly and ends in disaster while Phil has a great time, she breaks it off with the cool guy and makes amends with the nerd and heads back to the dance floor. Tommy and Chuckie notice that Phil hasn't changed out of the dress and point out that he doesn't need to wear it anymore. Phil replies that he's already dressed up so he might as well take advantage.
  • Poor Phil. In "Separate but Equal", he walks in on Lil trying on bras and at the very end he walks in on Betty.
    Phil: "I'm blind!"
    • Dil gets flea bites on his neck and thinks that he's becoming a vampire. When Didi tries to talk him out of his delusions, he tells his mother that she'll be sorry when he becomes a member of the undead. Didi simply replies that she'd be okay with it so long as he always gets into his coffin on time.
  • Lil gets some leverage over Phil about a Noodle Incident in "Runaround Susie", prompting this little exchange.
    Lil: Well three words Philip - You! Know! What!
    Phil: Three words for you, Lillian - You! Signed! This!
    Lil: I! Don't! Care!
    Phil: You! Can't! Do!... uh, that...
  • "Miss Nose it All"
    • While the children are building a tranquility hut outside of the school, Phil asks what the sixth vowel is. Ms O'Keats replies 'Y'. Phil thinks she's asking why and they go back and forth until...
    Ms O'Keats: It's A, E, I, O, U and SOMETIMES Y!!!
    Phil: (to Tommy) We're building this tranquility thing not a minute too soon.
    • Angelica wants to stay longer in the hospital so she starts pretending to have brain damage...
    Angelica: (in a high pitched voice) The couch is on vacation. The sky is green. The pillows are hungry.
    • Tommy follows his grandfather's instructions to build a tranquility hut only to find out at the last minute that it's an outhouse, while Phil messes up Kimi and Lil's message of stones reading "Peace and Harmony" so that it says "Pee Here" instead.
  • In "Lucky 13", Angelica suggests to Tommy and his friends to not go to her birthday party by seeing Bossy and Flossy the two-headed cow. During the middle of the party she calls Tommy up to get them over here.
    Angelica: Bossy's the real cow. Flossy is just a fake cow head.
    Angelica: Well get over here as soon as Phil stops crying.
  • Angelica's attempts at Operation: Jealousy in the Valentine's Day episode. She gets Harold to pretend to desperately ask her to the dance - complete with cue cards. The plan is ruined when he dramatically says "Get down on bended knee!" Not to mention (trying to) seductively drape herself over a computer monitor.
    Kimi: Can she get more pathetic?
    Susie: I've seen worse. Wait, that was Angelica too.
    • From the same episode, Susie ends up with Z and Shaun attracted to her (thanks to Cupid's arrow). She stumbles into the Java Lava wearing a trenchcoat, hat and sunglasses to disguise herself.
    "Phew. Finally lost them at the book store."
  • Kimi is told she should become a film critic in "Bad Aptitude". After reviewing something for the school paper, she finds that other people have written in reviewing what she wrote.
    Kimi: "Pretentious!?" "Boring!?" Everybody's a critic.
  • Angelica tells Ms O'Keats she should make up some jingles. The next day she performs one for Angelica.
    "I wanted a puppy with cute little paws / I wrote a long letter to dear Santa Claus / I woke with such joy, ran down to the tree / And stepped on my puppy, now he's history..."
    • What makes it is the way her voice drops as she sings the last line.
  • When Tommy is making one of his movies in "Truth or Consequences" and Susie is playing an alien, she jumps out during a scene and sings this:
    Susie: It's a choice.
    • When Dil is taking an inkblot test:
      Dil: Umm... A medieval castle, dozens of angry villagers, a fire-breathing dragon and... a honey-baked ham.
      cut to Pangborn holding blot; it is very clearly not that
      • Another scene when Dil is doing word associations:
        Pangborn: Hot.
        Dil: Hot.
        Pangborn: Cold!
        Dil: Cold!
        Pangborn: STOP IT!
        Dil: STOP IT!
        Pangborn: You're supposed to give me a new word! Not the same one I gave you!
        Dil: You said to say the first word that comes to mind. When you say 'hot', I think 'very hot'.
        (Pangborn starts headdesking)
  • "Coup DeVille": The montage Phil and Lil shot of their father puking at Twin's Canyon which they appropriately call "Howard Hurls". One of them is from him just looking into the swimming pool.
  • The Golden Moment at the end of "Bad Kimi" has Kimi forgiving Chuckie and the boys for spying on her. Z's dad brings them into a group hug... only for them to be interrupted by Phil arriving with the police.
    Cop: Stop hugging and put your hands up!
    Kimi: (to Chuckie) You didn't!
    Chuckie: Nope, Phil did. But only because he cares. Like us, remember?
  • In "The Finster Who Stole Christmas", we have this gem from Lil, when Chuckie starts acting erratic due to guilt from accidentally stealing a Christmas tree:
    Lil: I've never seen you this way. (Beat) It's kind of attractive.
    • Long-haired Chaz in the home movie of a Christmas before Chuckie was born.
  • In the pilot episode, Angelica is apparently so ashamed of her cousin Tommy that she successfully convinces her best friend Samantha that they're not actually related, despite having the same last name. It doesn't seem that funny at first... until you remember that their last name is "Pickles". Angelica successfully convinced Samantha that "Pickles" is just a common last name.
  • In the episode "Thief Encounter", Tommy starts to suspect that Dil is a neighborhood thief after finding Susie's bike hid away in their garage, and tries discreetly ask him about it.
    Dil: Is that some kind of secret code word? Okay, let me try: I. Ate. The. Banana.
  • "Oh Bro, Where Art Thou?" has this delightful callback to the original show when the kids are being assigned circus roles:
    Chuckie: (muttering repeatedly to himself) No clowns. No clowns. Don't like 'em. Don't trust 'em.
  • A good deal of the episode "Tweenage Tycoons".
    • Dil Pickles' idea for an aquarium belt ends up falling out of style after Vice Principal Pangborn starts wearing one. Tommy tells Dil not to let it get him down, remarking that if Pangborn was around when clothes were invented, they'd all be walking around butt naked.
    • When Angelica and Harold try to make money by selling knockoffs of the products created by Dil, they come up with a knockoff of shillows (pillows worn like shoes) called "poos". Harold even gives the fail-tastic slogan of "There's nothing better to have on your foot than a nice soft poo".
    • After witnessing Dil's sunglasses with relaxing backdrops viewable on the lenses causing everyone to bump into walls, Chuckie quips that the product needs to be classified as a deadly weapon.
  • In "River Rats", Chaz Finster asks Betty DeVille if there is a bathroom in the great outdoors. Betty pretty much tells him that he has to go behind a tree, which causes Phil, Tommy, and Chuckie to laugh. Shortly afterwards, Chaz asks if anyone else has to go. After a brief pause, the three boys quickly follow Chaz.
  • In "Science Pair", Stu Pickles tries to improve Tommy's sock sorter by making it able to sort any kind of item. He makes it so that the machine is able to scan and identify whatever it picks up, but it ends up scanning Stu by mistake and identifying him as "clown".
  • "Blind Man's Bluff":
    • Susie expresses concern that the hemline for her skirt is too 90's... as in 1890's.
    • Visually challenged Grandpa Boris mistaking a toddler in a stroller for a schnauzer.
    • At the end of the episode, Dil, Tommy, and Boris agree to keep their misadventures at Slosh Mountain a secret, but end up in trouble when Tommy and Dil are asked about their sunburns and Boris is asked why he smells like chlorine.
  • "Yu-Gotta-Go":
    • Both of the Yu-Gotta-Go Imagine Spots, thanks to their comical use of every run-of-the-mill anime cliche.
    • Chuckie asking his father why he's smiling like the guy in the park who talks to trees.
  • "Curse of Reptar":
    • When the gang reminisce on their great times with Reptar, Dil makes fun of them for having seen an ice show.
    • Every time the pool salesman explains why setting the pool up has caused damage to the Pickles' house and water facilities (which doubles as an explanation for the supposedly supernatural events of the episode), Stu insists that he won't pay for it while making the most hilariously defiant face ever.
  • "It's Karma, Dude":
    • Phil using shadow puppets to give Pangborn bunny ears and to make it look like he's wearing a bra.
    • Angelica's Imagine Spot of her acne getting so bad that she becomes a circus freak.
  • "R.V. Having Fun Yet?":
    • Didi tells the kids not to touch anything, only to inadvertently ruin just about every landmark and location they visit. Hypocritical Humor at its finest.
    • Angelica messing up Susie's song rehearsal by humming "Battle Hymn of the Republic".
    • Angelica's line when the children break down and start crying for their mothers.
      Angelica: I want my mommy' card!
    • Dil at one point claims to see Bigfoot, only to then correct himself and say that it's just a really hairy guy with his shirt off.
  • When Stu is asked if he knows what Shabbat is in "Rachel, Rachel", his answer is that it's a female robot.
  • "Lost at Sea":
    • Angelica manipulates one of the girls at her sleepover by daring her to spend the rest of the night with her mother Charlotte during a game of Truth or Dare. Charlotte can be heard ranting about things like shady business deals and knowing where the bodies are hidden.
    • When Charlotte helps Angelica pull up the sail in their boat and accidentally tears it up.
    Angelica: I'm no expert, but I'm pretty sure a sail's no good when THERE'S A BIG GAPING HOLE IN IT!
    • At the end of the episode, the Pickles family and Rachel are watching a sad movie and all of them are crying. Tommy tells his brother Dil that if he tells anyone he cried during the movie, he'll tell everyone he wore a dress.
  • "Rat Traps":
    • Kimi attempts to free all the pets in the pet shop from their cages, only for a parrot to catch her and say "Jailbreak, jailbreak".
    • The kids pointing out how it would be wrong to take advantage of their access to the mall's products when they're left inside it... before laughing and actually doing so.
  • "All Broke Up" has a subplot of Charlotte Pickles marketing her nephew Dil's "Impatience" game against his wishes. After Dil eventually brings his aunt to her senses, she appears to be grateful towards her nephew, but after she leaves, she calls him and tells him that he'll be hearing from her lawyers.
  • "Bad Blood":
    • Phil actually enjoying haggis.
    • At one point, Lou and Boris start taking their shirts off during their tiff.
    Phil: Augh! Old man boobs!
    Lil: This might actually be more disgusting than the autopsy.
    • At the end of the episode, when Spinesnapper shows up to try and force Tommy and Dil to give back the tape of the alien autopsy, Boris and Lou scare him off by lifting their shirts, causing Spinesnapper to run away and scream "Old man boobs!"
  • The Christmas/holiday special has some moments that are good for some chuckles.
    • When the majority of the cast is stealing Chuckie and Chaz's Christmas tree, they go about it like actual thieves. Chuckie foils this by pointing out twice that it's his house and he could just let them in and out, outright annoyed the second time.
    • Kira's rising annoyance at how much trouble she and Kimi are having getting home ultimately leads to her snapping at someone who tries to steal a cab from her. It's quite hilarious to see her that unhinged.
    • The subplot with Tommy and Dil making up a song for Hanukkah, prompted by Dil's annoyance that the driedel song, the only song for Hanukkah he and his brother know, makes no sense in modern times. This culminates with Susie introducing them with the phrase "And for our Jewish brothers and sisters, here's a little something you probably haven't heard.", seguing into the pair singing a song about latkes, including a lyric about "be grateful it's a holiday when you don't have to fast!"
      • Earlier in the above subplot, Dil asks the rest of the cast for help coming up with a rhyme for "driedel". Susie comments "Nothin' rhymes with driedel. Maybe that's why Hanukkah only has one song." This is particularly funny when you realize that as a practiced singer and wordsmith, Susie should have been able to suggest "ladle" as a pseudo-rhyme but apparently doesn't think of it.


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