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Haiku / Neon Genesis Evangelion

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A man screams and cries,
Turns it into mecha show,
We watch in horror.

Dysfunctional kids,
Piloting sorta robots.

Life can never be
Anything but lonely hell,
Or else, fake heaven.

Angst-filled teenagers;
Deconstructs mecha series.
What the fuck happened?

Mecha plus mind screw,
Where are all the therapists?
They ran out of ink.

Kid is scared of change
Nice Job Breaking It, Hero!
Now the world is dead

Drunk Whore, German Bitch
Creepy, Pale Clone of Dead Mom
Nice Harem there, kid

Shinji is a wuss
Rei is a clone of mommy
Asuka is a bitch!

Robotic Mind Screw
Desperately needs therapists
And light-hearted stuff

The show that makes you fear hugs
And other weird crap

Don't watch the whole thing
In one sitting or else you
Might question your life

Dysfunction Junction
No likeable characters
I need Zoloft NOW.

Freud's ideas
Oedipus issues and fear
What were they smoking?

Some weird stuff happened
and then, "congratulations"
the penguin told me.

Hedgehog's Dilemma
Fear of others and yourself

Best Series Ever
I guess I am a sadist
Fucking love this show
->— Tropers/yujyuu

Wark! Wark! Congratulations!

Cruel Angel's Thesis
It's an oddly upbeat song
For such a dark show

How do I get home?
I'm stuck on a big blue ball!
You ran out of ink.

— Constellis

Humongous Mechas
Oh my god! It's Godzilla!
Titles are (not) themed
->— Zekromaster

Everyone's saying,
"Get in the giant robot",
Shinji needs a hug.
->— The Otaku Ninja

A show that began so well
Now doomed by darkness late
Forever hated.
->— Knightofbalance

Shinji didn't care
So everyone became Tang
Thanks a bunch, asshole!

Can we stop ending these with "Congratulations!" please?