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  • The revelation of where, exactly, the Low Seas are.
    Reynn: Note to self. The Low Seas are not south.
    Reynn: They are literally STRAIGHT DOWN!
  • When meeting Cid, it's revealed that his soul got trapped inside a robot body. He insists that he's still human "in every conceivable way", to which Lann retorts that he isn't. Cid then snaps back by saying that both Lann and Reynn being the Jiants from the legends sounds more ludicrous. Lann misunderstands what he says, and the whole conversation derails like hell.
    Cid: And what about you then? You say you're the Jiants from the Hills? Now that right there is the real stretch. I mean, what a hoot.
    Lann: A...what-a-what? Oh! Ha ha! Tama's not an owl. I mean, it is an easy mistake. But wouldn't you assume she's a skunk or something first?
    Tama: dare you call me the-stinky again! That is the last the-straw! I am the-fragrant. Roses line up just to get the-one whiff of me! What really the-stinks is your whole stupid existence!
    Lann: You don't have to be ashamed of people thinking you're skunky. Skunks are cool, okay?
    Reynn: Time out. Wildlife coolness aside, could you not derail every conversation just because you don't know how to vocabulary?!
    Lann: But Reynn, vocabulary's not a verb!
    Reynn: It is if I say so! I'll vocab any way I want to! So can it before I vocab you in the lary!
    Celes: Uh...
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  • After fighting Gilgamesh atop Alexander, Gilgamesh retreats by grabbing onto Enkidu and jumping off the side of Alexander. Similar to when he tried this very same thing in Final Fantasy XIV, Enkidu only stays airborne for a couple seconds before they both plummet. Lann, Reynn, and Bartz just stare in complete and utter confusion.
  • Speaking of Gilgamesh, he devours the scenery and asks for seconds in his hunt for "BAARRRRRRRTZ!" While Grymoire!Bartz literally has no idea who the kooky kabuki is or why he's after him.
  • Reynn's "rivalry" with the Cactuar conductor after he scares the crap out of her. It's one of the few times Lann is the sensible one as Reynn takes getting back at the Cactuar a bit too seriously.
  • The Warrior of Light's description in the Who's Who as a legendary warrior that fights "for truth, justice, and the Cornelian way".
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  • The Mirage Manual has plenty of gems for the Mirages' descriptions:
    Elefenrir: Another type of fenrir. He seems to have some sort of history with Eiko's tribe. It's a common mistake to mix his name up with that of El Fenrir, the famous invisible Cornelian luchador."
    Kupirate: "Marine moogles with a penchant for piracy. They spend their weekends relaxing on the beach. Through the wonders of Grymoirian magic (also known as "budget limitations"), they all share the same voice."
    Memecoleous: "A Mirage that has slowly turned to sand over time. Not a meme, but possibly meme-worthy. After a memecoleous uses its Doom ability and starts the countdown, your turns are numbered. So remember: never, ever invite one of these to a New Years Eve party."
    Minotaur: "A Mirage that uses a giga-sized hammer to clobber its foes. When he charges with Bulldozer, get out of the way, because punching this bull in the gut on the third hop isn't going to send him to the mat. (Maybe he's just not bald enough.)"
    War Machine: "A Cogna armed to the bolts with a devastating array of powerful weaponry. Not to be confused with the "wark machine," which is another name for a very loud chocobo."
    Omega: "One of the most terrifying Cogna of all, this tireless engine of destruction won't stop until all has been laid to waste. It was named by the first Grymoirian to encounter it; "oh my gaaaw—" he shouted, and then promptly expired."
    Reaver Mu: "A mu originally found in a place called the River Belle. So why is it called a "reaver mu"? Well, kids, that's because it was mistranslated in that other game. However, the idea of a cute, fluffy river Mirage plundering Grymoire was so charming that we decided "what the hey!" And that's how mistakes live forever."
    Sky Dragon: A magnificent dragon as blue as the sky. ...Well, not the night sky. Or when it's cloudy. Correction: it's as blue as the sky on a clear summer day in Besaid. But hmm, technically it's also purple... Let's just call it the paywall drago — Oh, wait, PR is giving us stern looks. Pretend we didn't say that.
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  • "At least I'm dumber than you!" either makes you laugh out loud or sit there with a big grin wondering what that could possibly mean.
  • Some of the summons of different characters can be pretty humorous considering their Super-Deformed style. In particular is Sephiroth, which does his famous Supernova attack and ends with his iconic walking into flames behind him shot. However with his small size it comes off as more Badass Adorable than legitimately badass.
  • Big Bridge Alexander is basically a diagonal elevator made from the body of an esper. However, when Lann and Reynn go to make the trip, Eiko gets kidnapped and the lift stops partway up. Lann quickly realizes that they have to walk the rest of the way... across a transcontinential bridge... in a world where continents are hovering at different altitudes... which they started at the low end of... and are currently one-seventh of the way up.
    Lann: Dude, WHY!?
    • The actual ride up (for as far as they get, anyway) is hilarious as well since the platform shoots upward to the point of pinning the group down with multiple G-forces. The animators no doubt had a lot of fun making the twins' lips flap while Tama is pressed up against her own tail and is as flat as a pancake!
  • When you start the game, you will hear one of the characters' voices stating "World of Final Fantasy" in either a dramatic or enthusiastic tone. However, very occasionally you may hear a rather uncaring voice going "Huh? ... Oh, right, World of Final Fantasy!"
  • Hearing about the dreams of others, what they want to go back to once the conflict in Grymoire is resolved, Squall at first believes that he has no dreams, that he lives for nothing but fighting. He eventually decides that he does have a dream — to fill the world with flowers because flowers make people relax, make the world more peaceful. This is a reference to the gag in Final Fantasy VIII in which when Squall is tortured if you choose to have him talk, he claims that SeeD's secret plan is to spread flowers throughout the world to make everyone docile, then invade. Even funnier because if you're not familiar with this moment from Final Fantasy VIII, then Squall's suggestion probably comes as a total WTF, seemingly out of nowhere. Also, after the battle with the boss is over, Squall admits "It was the only thing I could come up with", which puts an interesting spin on the original context.
    Reynn: It's a nice thought. Maybe we could help him plant those flowers.
    Lann: We could scatter the seeds from Balamb Garden.
    Reynn: We could!
    • Even better is the events around it lead to Shelke playing Squall for a fool to get him to stop being so melodramatic, working off her own issues to appear as serious as possible while stringing him along. While she's not a full-blown Emotionless Girl in this game, she is usually very serious which makes the fact that she just manipulated somebody into cheering up funnier to think about.
  • Toad-Snow, for the very little duration he's transformed. Especially considering the same voice actor for Snow in his own game returned to say variations of the word "Ribbit" in a worried and distressed tone.
    • Lann's surprised reaction to Tama speaking "toadese".
  • Gilgamesh vs Snow. Both confusing the other for someone or something else (Gil confusing Snow for Bartz in disguise, and Snow confusing Gil for a mirage that was terrorizing a nearby village) and both too stupid to piece together the obvious clues that neither were correct and Celes becoming increasingly frustrated.
  • The Intervention Quests to (re)prism the Pleiad during the Postscript are full of funny moments
    • "The Demon Dyad Revealed": Quistis and Hauyn visit the Nine Wood Hills ruins in Grymoire. Then there's a roar. A voiced roar. The game's ominous danger track starts playing as a dragon drops down that looks like a war jet on steroids... and then fades out again as Hauyn cheerfully greets Bahamut - "Oh, or should I call you Tiababylo?" Quistis comments that Bahamut is one of the Dyad's Servants. Hauyn, in turn, casually reveals that "the Demon Dyad" is Reynn and Lann. Quistis is nonplussed.
      Quistis: You know, you're kind of taking all the the wonder out of my childhood here...
    • "When The Past Still Haunts": Diabolos takes offense to being called a demon. Diabolos, the fifty-foot whatever in black and red with big leathery wings, whose name means "demon".
    • "Ancestral Acrimony": Addy the Adamantoise hears out Faris about her revenge quest and summons Leviathan... who is female in Grymoire, by the way, and acts like he yelled her out of bed. Her overly hammy fake death after the fight is wonderfully obvious, and Addy proceeds to call her a big softie.
    • "A Clash of Swords": Lightning discovers that Odin is scared of thunder, so she goes to find an ally... and shows up for the rematch with... Ramewl, whose vocabulary is just this side of Pokémon Speak, and who Lann commented looks like she's still in diapers. Odin starts freaking out - enough to let Reynn and Lann fight him this time. Reynn immediately makes fun of him.
      Reynn: What do we have here? Is Odin *gasp* afwaid of a widdle wightning?
  • The Who's Who segment, 'nuff said.
  • Serafie really likes the-watering Tama.
  • When facing off against the Goblin Princess, the Warrior of Light becomes very flustered.
    Warrior of Light: Surely you know my heart beats only for one cause: my prin-the kingdom of Cornelia and all its people!
    • The Goblin Princess in general. Her Clingy Jealous Girl antics cap off with an Overly Long Gag of her very, very slowly leaving the Warrior of Light alone finally.
    • Princess Sarah, after she's rescued she cheerfully stats she'd like to go on another "adventure" soon. The Warrior of Light however is adamant that he's had his fill of such things.
  • Although the truth behind the circumstances puts a dampener on it, Lann's reaction to the true ending (if you complete all the Intervention Quests before fighting the Exnine Knights for the last time) is quite amusing.
    Lann: Don't you hate it when you say all your goodbyes and then find out you're not leaving? It's the worst.
  • An update adds a bonus Intervention Quest in which Enna Kros is having an amicable conversation with... Big Bridge. Seeing as their both Alexanders, after all. Enna Kros makes offhand mention of a fight between them that involved a palace, chains, and a mother before getting to work and dragging out an XL-sized Cogna with damage output to put the Pleiad to shame. Then... she summons Reynn and Lann to Big Bridge, without a word of warning, and leaves them to the fight. Reynn is justifiably upset.
    Reynn: E-Enna Kros! Don't just leave us here! Tell us! What is going on!?
  • Meta-example: Ever look at the game's patch notes on Playstation? Turns out they share their humor with the Mirage Manual.
    If you want, we've given you the power to skip Champion and Mega Mirage animations with the O button, completely invalidating the work of dozens of artists with a single squeeze of your almighty, indifferent thumb.
  • Lann and Tama's dialogue at the start of the fight against the Lucky Toad, implying that Lann's attempt at speaking "toadese" results in some foul language better left untranslated.
    Lann: Ribbit, ribbity-ribbit, ribbiiit, ribbit!
    Lann: Whoa! Is it just me, or does he look miffed?
    Tama: L-Lann! Where did you the-learn to talk like that? You need to go the-wash your mouth out with a bar of soap!
    Lann: What?! Dude, what did I say?!
  • After Snow is restored to his true form and he excitedly tells the story of what happened to him, Lann is actually stumped by the guy and Tama says Lann just found someone he can talk down to, which is saying a lot.
  • The gang encounters the Golden Flan with Snow.
    Snow: Okay! Today you're gonna wish you never started jiggling! (the Golden Flan appears)
    Tama: Ah, aaaaaah!
    Lann: It's huge!
    Reynn: Aha ha ha… Snow, which part of this thing is the butt?
    Snow: Oh, it's all butt!
    Lann: This mountain is so majestic, and... jiggly!
    Reynn: You do realize we're not fighting a mountain...?
    Tama: My the-eyes! It's so the-shiny!
  • The multiple instances of fourth wall breaking.
  • Scenes that show Reynn's fear of the supernatural, like the Cactuar Conductor pranking her and the ghost train.
  • One of the topple-centric stack abilities, Throw, has the M- and S-sized members of the stack being the projectiles in a Fastball Special... unwillingly, if Reynn and Lann's expressions when they're involved are any indicator. Also, the Special involves the L-sized Mirage throwing them into the air before knocking them forward. Funny enough on its own, but then you do it with Ramewl. The upward throw happens when she takes a fighting stance... causing her battery pack (where the rest of the stack is perched) to jolt upward. She immediately realizes something is wrong and looks left to right before glancing up to see the other Mirages starting to fall. Cue the panic, and she sends them forward with the punches from her pack.
  • Maxima adds some new Intervention Quests where Hauyn and Tama meet some new Champions.
    • Cecil is introduced looking for a flower to cure sunstroke for someone dear to him. Edgar, and likely the player, assumes he knows who the Paladin's talking about... until after the fight with Yojimbo, when Cecil observes that a dragoon isn't going to go down from a day of fever. Tama observes that even if he's alright, his caretaker might not be able to cope with tending to an unruly dragoon for long, and Cecil hurries back for Rosa's sake.
    • Zack's introduction has him driven mad with mako poisoning, decimating an entire army of Magitek Armours, and then turning on Edgar, Hauyn, and Cecil (who was called in for backup). He's not funny in this one. What is funny is Edgar's attitude before the fight starts; he comments that Bahamut is back under Figaro Castle, making everyone wary, and when he sees Cecil he expresses relief that it wouldn't just be him and the ladies. Oh, and he continues the assumption about Cecil's friend with sunstroke, only for Cecil to get cut off mid-correction when Zack attacks.
    • A six-second shot of Serah facing down Shiva-Ixion leads right into the battle with almost no dialogue at all. After the fight, it's discovered... that Shiva offered to help her prepare for Snow's birthday party if Serah could best her. Serah proceeds to cover her in flowers (and reveals that "Icycle" is an Affectionate Nickname) before Zack lands in the garden where she's collecting them. Zack assumes she's an angel, further assumes that she did something to save him, and offers to pay her back with "one date". Then Hauyn and Tama get there to collect him. Hauyn recognizes Serah as Snow's fiance - to Tama's complete and utter befuddlement that Snow has a fiance. A bit of more serious conversation later, Zack decided to have Hauyn take him to Cloud... and tells Serah that he'll need a rain check on that date, despite her having been established as engaged.
  • Maxima also has several small notes to collect in order to unlock some new Champion Jewels, detailing the offscreen adventures of Firion and Y'shtola, a few of which have elements of humour.
    • The Old Journalist Notes talk about the "Wild Rose Rebel". He has apparently ambushed high-ranking Bahamutian soldiers, trashed Federation vessels, and generally given the army hell. He also reacted to a rude fisherman saying he was better off asking pirates for a boat with "Where can I find some pirates", and fought in the Coliseum thinking it would win him an audience with a princess. Master Tonberry told him there were no princesses there. The Rebel left.
    • The Old Personal Postings are requests for the tailed lady to meet up again with people she has encountered. She has saved a little girl at sea with her father, healed up Figaro soldiers under one of Edgar's predecessors when the Magitek Armours acted up, transcribed some undecipherable texts in the Library of the Ancients, saved a member of the League of S from Mirages in a catacombs... and pulled the verbal equivalent of an Offhand Backhand on a thief who tried to steal from her while she was sleeping.
  • Given the game's nature, even Reynn being kidnapped and turned into a vampire is Played for Laughs as her hysterical screaming when being carried away serves as the capstone for another comedic scene rather than sudden Mood Whiplash thanks to her VA's performance.
    • Cloud comes in with a wooden stake (that, of course, is bigger than himself), passes it to Tama, who tosses it to Lann. He strikes the Vampire Prime through the chest... and the vampire just looks at said stake for a second before looking at the screen with a silent Oh, Crap! look before he turns to dust.
  • The Reveal as to why the Master Tonberry has to deal with a sudden influx of monsters seemingly raiding the Colosseum: All of them were running away from Tifa, who was hunting them down for training!

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