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What a sequel will have.

The Twins are just a copy of the originals.
  • Disturbing but might be true. One thing Enna Kros says early in the game is "Until now you were nothing but blank stares.", and she does well in keeping everything a secret... That is until Lann sacrifices himself to seal Brandelis, leaving Reynn behind in a state of shock that puts her to give nothing but blank stares. And it doesn't stop there! Thanks to Maxima adding a secret ending we learn another Lann has been left alone in a different timeline or world, and there he possesses not only his own gauntlet but also his sis'. Plus it is Hauyn that comes to try and help him from this side of the barrier or portal.

The Lann in the secret ending partly blames Enna Kros for his predicament
  • Possibly because of the fact that she's been hiding important stuff from him and Reynn.

The Lilikins that gives you advice on status ailments are the same person.
  • They both have the same voice, and design.

Brandelis is the fused form of the souls of the Bubby's Club.
Where did the stereotyped gays go after Meteor fell on Midgar? They could have been disintegrated in the near-impact and/or Midgar's collapse, and while their souls tried to resist the pull into the Lifestream hell (powered by their Yandere desires for Cloud), they fused into Brandelis, and lost some of their memories in the process. However, the lust over boys (especially those less than half their age) and their possible hatred for girls remained. He, or rather they achieve victory (somewhat) in the bad ending, with Lann captured alongside them, and Hauyn dead and Reynn miserable.

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