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  • While most of it is thanks to graphical limitations, many of the Soul Break animations are surprisingly hilarious.
    • The Warrior of Light's Ultimate Shield has him bash the target with his shield multiple times, then finish the combo with a giant shield from Hammerspace.
    • Gilgamesh's Strange Bedfellow has him calling over the playable cast of FFV, who then appear to take up positions behind him. After charging up to attack his target, the force of his lunge causes Bartz to get blasted away. It looks like Gilgamesh wanted to annoy Bartz while he was at it.
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    • In Krile's Sheepsong, she falls asleep and dreams of singing amid a herd of sheep — until she's pecked awake by a random bird.
      • Her Brimstone has her using the Oracle job's Condemn command and waiting for the timer to count down. Nothing happens. Krile then walks up to inspect the situation, and then the spell triggers, causing Krile to have to run away from the site of the explosion.
    • Kefka's Ruin Beckons outright shows him firing the Light of Judgment at the world, but the attack only connects when he spits on the target.
    • Edgar's aptly-named "Bravo, Figaro!", his Arcane Overstrike, has him jump on the central tower of Figaro Castle, shoot the enemy with a barrage from the Auto-Crossbow, incinerate them with light from the Flash, and then hops down into the castle and burrows it into the ground, surfacing up under the enemy to hit them for Overstrike damage. Or, to put it more simply - Edgar weaponizes his entire castle to use it with his Tools command.
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    • Rydia's Lord of the Seas ends with her sliding along Leviathan's body before hopping off his head like a diving board and landing back to her original spot, but not without flashing a cutesy pose.
  • The 2018 holiday season brought a special multiplayer battle against Cagnazzo, where he summons other event bosses for help, like Ultros and Famed Mimic Gogo, and they even use raid stamps to call strategies. And when he loses all HP, Rubicante appears to help, Cagnazzo spams a "Heal, please" stamp, and after a "..." Fat Chocobo stamp, Rubicante heals the party, leaving Cagnazzo to be consoled by Ultros about his loss.
  • In the Record Dungeon Midgar Highway Part 2, the Hooded Woman attacks the party with an antlion and Ymir the lightning whelk. As in their original games, the antlion counters attacks by attacking everything with Pincers, and Ymir responds to attacks on his shell by attacking everything with Megavolt. The first time you attack the antlion, it will hit everything with its counterattack, including Ymir and his shell. Ymir will react by hitting everything, including the antlion, with Megavolt. Immediately after, the game will declare that the antlion's Pincers attack has become a single-target attack. Meaning that Ymir's retaliation scared the antlion so much that it immediately chose to revise its strategy.

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