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Season 1

1&2 - Chosen

  • Wil summing up the fact that no matter what he does in the future he is probably screwed especially since even if all goes perfect it still means using magic stones that put a serious toll on the user. Allanon actually chuckled at this.
  • Eretria and Pyria both jump to the same conclusion about why Amberle has left the palace on her own.
    Eretria: My guess, you're running away, probably from a guy who either broke your heart or knocked you up.
    Amberle: I'm in trouble. I need your help.
    Aunt Pyria: How far along are you?
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  • After Amberle tells Aunt Pyria about becoming one of the Chosen, her reply is "Your grandfather must be furious... *beat* Good for you!"
  • When Allanon open the Codex and Wil says,
    Wil: My ancient Druid is a little rusty, maybe you could fill me in?
  • Wil gets a sword pointed at him by a completely naked Amberle. He has this to say about it:
    Wil: This conversation would be much less awkward if you were dressed.
  • Wil's response to Amberle saying she thought all the druids were dead:
    Wil: This one just took a very long nap.
  • Watch very closely during the scene where Wil tells Eventine about how he believes Amberle is with Pyria. First there's Allanon's eyes widening in surprise when he hears Pyria's name (quite possibly the most emotion we've seen from him so far), and then there's Wil outright goggling with amazement when Eventine says Pyria was in love with Allanon.
  • Wil realizing he's going to have to go right up to naked Amberle to speak to her, as she can't hear him over the noise of the waterfall. If you look very closely, you can see a perfect This Is Gonna Suck and Why Me look on his face right before he heads down.
    • He gets a similar look when Amberle ignores his warnings and races out into the open (and almost right into the grip of a demon).

3 - Fury


4 - Changeling

  • Prince Ander being on the receiving end of a Groin Attack. It's the look on his face that sells it.
  • Wil's Metaphorically True description of how Eretria stole the Elfstones from him in the Royal Palace
    Eretria: "Assaulted"? Is that what he told you?
    Wil: The details aren't important.
    Amberle: He said you broke into his room. That he struggled, but you knocked him out.
    Eretria: That's one way to put it. But you should know that the "struggle" was mutual and lasted about an hour.
  • Eretria's remark that Amberle "wouldn't want a Rover's sloppy seconds."

5 - Reaper

  • For a despicable bastard Cephelo certainly loves chewing the scenery.
    Cephelo: (cuts Wil's Hand) Demons are attracted to blood.
    Wil: They are?
    Cephelo: (Worth-a-shot Shrug)note 

6 - Pykon

  • Immediately after Amberle wakes up from a dream of making out with Wil, Cephelo deduces that she was dreaming about making out with Wil, and cheerily announces it to the whole group.
  • It's a dark moment, but when Amberle announces that she's the princess (expecting that this will work in the group's favor), everyone else immediately groans.
    Eretria: Bad idea.
  • Another dark moment comes when Cephelo tries to covince everyone something is up with Remo, it looks like he is alone until dinner is served. Nobody touches anything until Cephelo had switched his and Remo's plate. After Remo starts eating, everyone else does too, at the same time. Though it turns out Remo had a high tolerance to the drug he used.
  • On the widsom of following a Creepy Child:
    Eretria: Anyone else have a problem with this plan?
    Wil: Following a creepy kid through an abandoned fortress? Not at all.

8 - Utopia

9 - Safehold

10 - Ellcrys

Season 2

4 - Dweller

  • Allanon's discomfort with Mareth's claims that she's his daughter and his almost desperate insistence that she can't be because the Druid Sleep should have made it impossible for him to father children. It gets a little Harsher in Hindsight later in the episode when he heavily implies that the reason why he's so reluctant to believe it is that if she is his daughter, then she's going to be just as Blessed With Suck as he is, but still - there's something deeply hilarious about having the terrifying Knight Templar guardian of ancient secrets and protector of all the world essentially protest, "But We Used a Condom!"

5 - Paranor

  • When Will is rooting around in a barn looking for the MacGuffin, he is discovered, and gives his name as "Will... Barnlander."

7 - Warlock

  • Mareth admitting to Eretria that she likes Wil and doesn't like the idea of him running off to the Ellcrys.
    Mareth: Is it weird that I'm jealous of a tree?

9 - Wilderun

10 - Blood

  • What with Allanon having mellowed out as per above and also being dead, Cogline appears to have taken over the duty of making demoralising statements.
    Cogline: If the Warlock Lord poisons Heaven's Well and his blood gets into the reservoir, the dam will be the only thing holding back the tide of darkness.


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