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     Season 1 
  • After half an episode of suspense as to where Frank has mysteriously disappeared to (including a scare where they thought a dead homeless guy under the L train was Frank), it's finally revealed where Frank ended up: Toronto! Complete with Frank looking bewildered at the CN Tower and the Canadian flag.
    • Frank's subsequent arguing with the Canadian jail guard is also hilarious.
  • Frank's way of telling Fiona Aunt Ginger is dead and cut scene showing her death involved overdosing on drugs with Frank at a party.
  • The fact that the way for Frank to get Monica to return to Chicago was that she had won a teddy bear... and that Monica is genuinely distraught when she finds out that there is no teddy bear.
  • The photos of the Gallaghers with their adopted families the last time their family was broken up by Social Services, including a totally random shot of Liam having been apparently adopted by disgraced politician Rod Blagojevich
  • Sheila has just bought a rather long eggplant from the farmer's market. Considering Frank's first... interactions with her, he was damn right to be concerned!
    "Not with all the king's lube!"

     Season 2 
  • This exchange with Dottie, aka "Butterface", which is in-universe Actually Pretty Funny, as it cracks her up.
    Dottie: Eat shit, Frank!
    Frank: Well I would, but I recently went vegan.
  • Frank blinding his eye with a Luger pistol after loading it with the wrong bullet.
  • Lucy Jo chasing Fiona down the street with a baseball bat in one hand and her baby in the other.
    • Fiona later telling her to just beat her with the damn bat.
  • Frank's utter delight at Fiona being chased by a scorned wife, and bonding with her over it.
  • Veronica going to the home of the woman she's suspecting of sleeping with Kevin. She takes off her hoops, preparing for a fight while she informs her that "I'm the woman whose man you're fucking..." And then, after seeing that the other woman is indeed a literacy teacher, quietly puts her hoops back on and leaves.
  • From "A Bottle of Jean Nate", Kevin getting high on cocaine and Jody's crying after sex and listening to Kiss From A Rose by Seal during sex.
  • Estefania kicking Lip in the back of the head while having wild sex with Marco in the back seat of Jimmy/Steve's car, her husband, until Lip just straight up leaves.
  • The glorious Mood Whiplash of seeing a bare-ass naked Marco pinning Jimmy/Steve to the floor with his foot, with a corkscrew in his ass, right after Lip gives an emotional goodbye video message to his child.
  • Carl kills a bald eagle and the family decides to have it for Thanksgiving and save the turkey for later. After finding out how illegal it is to kill a bald eagle, they quickly dispose of the tracker the bird had attached to its leg.

     Season 3 
  • Debbie beating the ever so living crap out of Frank with a pillowcase filled with bars of soap. Horrific as it was, damn it if wasn't cringe-worthily hilarious if only for the fact that Frank acted as a total douche through and through the segments.

     Season 4 
  • Ian and Mickey standing outside a gay club. A guy checks them out, and Mickey asks if they look like a "couple of fags for sale". The guy responds that they do. Mickey's response? "Well, this ain't Macy's, bitch, you ain't window shopping!"
  • "I reloaded. Twice."
  • Frank's entire rant about bullying and how it teaches kids resilience and how it is a vaccine.

     Season 5 
  • Pretty much everything involving Frank in "A Night to Remem... Wait, What?", where he goes to collect his insurance money for Carl breaking his leg the previous season, only to discover he already received it the day before and went on a crazy drunken bender with it. He then retraces his steps to discover that he purchased an expensive sports car, crashed it soon after, wound up in some shady gambling den, won a massive amount of extra money, and then - while partying with prostitutes and random people - donated it all to a guy who designs prosthetic limbs to amputee children. When he founds out about the last part, his immediate reaction is to try to steal the prosthetic limb in question.
  • The end of "The Two Lisa's". Frank's epic rant to Sheila and Sammi, the house exploding behind Frank, and the Brick Joke about Hanzi's nice socks.
  • In "Drugs, Actually", Mickey's nonchalance over his Accidental Murder of Sammi, in comparison to Debbie's freak out. In fact, the entirety of their camaraderie during the episode is hilarious. And when they hide the body in the moving crate and Frank sees them, Mickey's mid-sentence yelp takes the cake.
  • A lot of the 'Previously' segments (which open with a character in situ snarking at the viewer for not having watched the previous episodes), but especially "Love Songs (In The Key Of Gallagher", which opens with Sammi tied to a chair, electric clamps on her nipples, being tortured by Mickey and Debbie, saying "All this shit was going down last week and I still managed to watch Shameless. What's your excuse?" before Debbie sparks up the clamps and she shrieks her way into the "Previously" clips. Hilariously wrong to start with, made even better by the fact that the actors look like they're barely holding the laughter in.
    • It's also built on a hilarious scene from the previous episode, where Debbie is plotting how to get revenge on Sammi for calling the Military Police on Ian.

     Season 6 
  • Kev's Jerkass, wheelchair-bound neighbor Yanis accidentally setting himself on fire in "Going Once, Going Twice" is pure Black Comedy, especially with Yanis' wheelchair spinning around in circles and Kev trying to blow out the fire like a birthday candle.
  • The "special dance" Svetlana arranges for Fiona's bachelorette party.

     Season 7 
  • In the Season 7 premiere, Frank is sitting in an alleyway ranting about his children. The person listening to his rant: some random homeless man sniffing super-glue, who quickly collapses into unconsciousness (or death.)
  • Most of Neil's Brutal Honesty moments.

     Season 8 
  • Frank 'making amends', but particularly, the gravestones he apologises to, which bear the epitaphs "He Loved Bacon" and "God Answered Our Prayers, Dad's Finally Dead".
  • "God Bless Her Rotting Soul": Kev finding out his ancestors had a history of inbreeding, and that his real name is Bart.

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