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Headscratchers / The Shannara Chronicles

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  • Utopia. It's 3,000 years in the future and anaesthesia, saline drips, electricity, costumes, and rave music survived. Considering the anaesthesia alone, it's amazing Eretria wasn't killed in the attempt to save her.
    • They've survived, barely, but they haven't progressed.

    Crimson and the Ellcrys 
  • If the Crimson were hunting down and killing the Chosen because they were "protecting magic," shouldn't they have cut down / burned / otherwise attacked the Ellcrys while they were at it? You know, the actual magic being protected?
    • Plus, considering what the Ellcrys does (and as Elves—not to mention that whole War of the Forbidding thing last season—the Crimson would know what it does) that tree may very well be the last thing the Crimson would choose to mess with despite their mandate to destroy all magic.
    • They were probably trying to send some kind of terrorist message by killing the Chosen, but weren't actually stupid enough to hurt the Ellcrys.


    Arborlon Succession 
  • Wouldn't Amberle have been Eventine's heir, since her dad was his firstborn? Why did Ander become king as opposed to regent in Amberle's absence?


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