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Trivia / The Shannara Chronicles

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  • Channel Hop: The series was first produced by MTV and then moved to Spike for its second season.
  • Colorblind Casting: Seems to be the way the roles are cast, at least starting with Season 2. Malese Jow, who is of Chinese and Cherokee descent, plays Mareth, the daughter of Allanon and Pyria who are played by Maori and white actors respectively.
  • Dawson Casting: Amberle is eighteen when the series starts. Poppy Drayton was twenty-five.
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  • Fake American: Amberle is played by an English actress, Eretria by a Spanish actress, and most of the rest of the cast are either from New Zealand or Australia. Nearly all of them affect American accents for the series (justified as the show is set in a future version of the western United States). The prime exception is Wil, the only major character actually played by an American actor, and Eventine, who retains John Rhys-Davies's Welsh accent, despite his offspring sounding American.
  • Playing Against Type:
    • Manu Bennett has spent his career playing The Big Guy or The Brute. As such it's quite different for him to play Allanon - a character who acts as The Mentor to everyone.
    • Poppy Drayton had mostly played love interests or English Roses beforehand. A Rebellious Princess was pretty new.


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