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Awesome / The Shannara Chronicles

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Season 1

1&2 - Chosen

  • Amberle winning her place among the Chosen in spite of the other participants' dirty tricks to stop her.
  • Allanon shows Wil the true extent of his powers in order to find the Codex of Paranor hidden in the Druid's Keep.
  • Eventine chewing out Arion after the latter tries to dismiss Allanon's claims that the demons are real (despite pretty overwhelming evidence right in front of him) and attempts to convince Eventine to step down. Special mention must go to the moment where he shuts Arion up with a raised hand and one hell of a Death Glare.

3 - Fury

  • Allanon taking down a Fury with nothing but a sword and finishing it off by decapitating it.
  • Wil unleashing the power of the Elfstones to annihilate a Fury.

5 - Reaper

  • Eretria drugging the entire Rover camp so that she could rescue Wil and Amberle.
  • He may be a bastard, but Cephelo's ability to come up and execute a plan to destroy a demon who just massacred an entire Elven fortress is nothing short of astonishing.

7 - Breakline

  • An Offscreen Moment of Awesome for Wil, who manages to finally use the Elfstones to defeat the demon who has been hunting them for two episodes straight. Things got so intense that the Elfstones got fused to his skin.
  • Allanon's Big Damn Heroes entrance to save Prince Ander from the Dagda Mor, managing to put the Demon Lord on the defensive for the first time in the series.

Season 2

5 - Paranor

7 - Warlock

8 - Amberle

  • While it's overshadowed by the dire straits we see them in, the fact that several of this year's crop of Chosen are female. Amberle's example has clearly inspired other Elven girls.

9 - Wilderun

  • Cogline using his Magitek staff to blow the Warlock Lord clear across the room. Immediately after, Mareth Dual Wielding her own and Allanon's Druid blades and managing to drive the Warlock Lord back and disarm him. The Warlock Lord still manages to win the fight in the end, but they sure made him work for it.

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