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Season 1

Episode 3 - Fury

  • Wil's reason for why he keeps giving Eretria the benefit of a doubt even after she's ambushed him and Amberle and taken them captive is somewhere in between this and a Tear Jerker.
    Wil: When you spend your life being judged for who you are, you try to keep an open mind about people.

Episode 6 - Pykon

  • Eretria going back to save Amberle and Wil from a demon in "Pykon", over Cephelo's objections:
    Cephelo: Eretria! He'll never choose you!
    Eretria: So be it.

Episode 7 - Breakline

  • Wil's and Amberle's obvious worry for Eretria when she's been captured by Zora and their determination to help her before anything else. It wasn't that long ago they could barely stand her, but clearly a lot has changed. Given what we've seen of Eretria's past relationships (Cephelo, Zora), this might be the first time in her life someone has genuinely cared about her.
    • Earlier in the episode, Amberle and Eretria telling each other about their pasts and bonding over it.
  • Amberle seeing the pictures of the happy human teenagers in the school ruins and expressing sympathy for the fact that they never saw the end of their world coming. It's a nice departure from the Fantastic Racism that most of her kind have expressed toward humans.

Episode 8 - Utopia

  • Eretria calling Amberle and Wil "my friends" several times throughout the episode.


Season 2

Episode 1 - Druid
  • Eretria and Lyria are seen to have a close and loving relationship, and Eretria just generally seems very comfortable as part of Cogline's group. Cogline himself also clearly cares for her as a father even though that has led him to make some questionable choices by keeping Wil from finding her. Of course it can't last, but still, it's nice that she got to be happy for a while for once in her life.

Episode 2 - Wraith

  • Catania not only guessing ahead of time that the alliance with Leah would require a royal marriage, but telling Ander (who has become her lover) that he has to agree to it. While it visibly pains her, she states that after everyone who has suffered and sacrificed for the hope of a better world, they need to do everything they can to create one.
  • Ander immediately taking Eretria under his protection once he finds out that she's in the palace and in trouble, calling her "a hero of the war of the Forbidding," and later telling her that he regards her as part of the family now.

Episode 3 - Graymark

Episode 7 - Warlock

  • Wil admitting to Mareth that for all his anger at Allanon, he still cares deeply about the man.

Episode 8 - Amberle

  • Allanon giving up the Codex to save Mareth. Notably, earlier this season he refused to give up the Codex either to save himself from torture or to save Wil's life. He's finally found something he values higher than his duty.

Episode 9 - Wilderun

  • Lyria proposing to Eretria.
  • Allanon actually having something encouraging to say to Wil for a change. Wil immediately lampshades how rare that is.
    • Also the fact that Wil's snarking actually makes Allanon crack up a bit. Since this is their last proper conversation, it also serves as bitter-sweet Book-Ends with one of their first ones back in Season 1, where Wil also proved able to get a rare chuckle out of the Perpetual Frowner Druid.

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