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  • The Magician's little asides as he drops the Excuse Plot;
    (After describing the idyllic setting) Sorry folks, this apparently can't last.
    (After Mr. Dark throws off the world's balance) Troublesome, isn't it? And untidy, too.
  • When the Magician declares, "RAYMAN TO THE RESCUE!" We cut to Rayman...just chilling in a hammock at the beach. Rayman just lazily gives a thumb's up. "No problem."

Rayman 2: The Great Escape

  • The Teensies all arguing over which one of them is the king. In the end, they simply pass the crown around at regular intervals, since they can't agree on who is the king.
  • Walking shells. Rayman can tame and ride them.
  • Rayman disguising as a purple bush to sneak into a Robot Pirate base at the end of the "Canopy" level is funny enough, but even better is what happens when their scanner detects him.
    Pirate Scanner: It's okay everyone, it's just a big-nosed bush.
  • The Bad Ending of the Cave of Bad Dreams that you get from choosing the treasure over the medicine you need to save Clark surprisingly qualifies. It suddenly cuts to a fat Rayman relaxing on his own private island surrounded by his gold with the words "THE END" up in the sky. The game then promptly cuts right back to the choice you made to get the bad end. Stands out as a very silly and funny "What if" ending in what is otherwise one of the gloomiest levels in the game, and the suddenness of the game cutting to it out of nowhere during a fairly serious moment and then immediately going back to that serious moment like nothing happened makes it even funnier.

Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc

  • The Knaaren occasionally make threats during gameplay. Sometimes it's a legitimate threat, but other times...
    Knaaren: Make him write bad checks!
    • Sometimes, Rayman will overhear conversations between the Knaaren, which are a welcome source of Nightmare Retardant.
    Knaaren: (loud coughing) Hey, does anyone have any cough syrup?!
  • Murfy has some good ones, particularly when he breaks the fourth wall. Probably the best, however, is...
    Murfy: I was told that after Rayman 2 I'd be cast as a tormented artist who falls in love with a girl with great, big...eyes. And here I am, still playing the lowly sidekick. Sheesh!
  • The Teensie doctors can be pretty funny at times, particularly their, erm...methods for curing Globox.
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  • Globox falling for an obvious trap, simply because there was LITERALLY a cardboard cut-out of a girl in a bikini.
  • Most of Razoff's quotes.
    Razoff: You will be perfect in my living room... STUFFED AND MOUNTED ON MY WALL!!!
  • Although the final boss is pretty tense, the following exchange definitely helps the mood:
    André: Wow, Reflux, you're so big, and strong!
    Reflux: Yes, Andy.
    André: With the energy from your mighty scepter, I will be able to reproduce... infinitely! (Evil Laugh)
    Reflux: Yes, Andy.
    André: "Yes, Andy. Yes, Andy." Can't you say anything else?!
    Reflux: NO, ANDY.
  • The unlockable bonus "lessons" on how to kick Rayman.
  • Many of André's interactions with Globox while in the latter's stomach, such as after you defeat Hoodstomper:
    Globox: Did you see that, Rayman? I almost wasn't scared!
    André: Yeah, and you almost didn't wet yourself. You disgust me!

Rayman Origins

  • In the first trailer, when Rayman and Globox meet, they become friends by slapping and punching each other. Also, during a fight with a golem, Globox latches onto the side of its head with his teeth and starts slapping his eye.
  • The scene in the intro in which Rayman realizes he's holding a skull in his hand, then screams in a high-pitched voice, then everyone else starts screaming, including the skull.
  • During the final boss, the Magician, who actually turns out to be evil, falls over as his hat falls off. He takes a look at it, and then starts dancing, a la the original game. He gets Rayman and friends to follow suit, and just as the number is over, the Magician speeds off, and those present have a "Wait, shit" look on their faces. It Makes Sense in Context.
  • The ending segment, should you not unlock the Land of the Livid Dead, can be this. The heroes just trounced the big bad and land right back where they started for some well-deserved rest... but then the game continues, with the realization that what just happened was entirely unrelated to the issue that started this mess; Rayman and his pals snoring loud enough to literally wake the dead, and having to go back out into the world all over again to try and end the current dilemma for real.
  • This halloween-themed trailer featuring the Grannies and zombie versions of Rayman, Globox, and the Teensies.
  • Monster Voodoo Mamma polishing her nails right before you fight her. This combined with the music playing is hilarious.
  • The "Kal Penn VS. The Kid" trailer, featuring Kal Penn and hilariously highlighting the ongoing "hardcore vs. casual gamer" debate. Features several Shout Outs as well.
    Kal Penn: What kind of epic weapons does this Rayman have? A rusty tire iron, a chainsaw? How about some tear gas? Or, oh, can he call in an air-strike on a A-10 Warthog?
    The Kid: It's the White Gloves.

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