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  • So in Rayman 2 it's been mentioned in the manual and that sign near Globox's cell in the Canopy that the Robo Pirates are not waterproof and are prone to rusting in rainy weather. Yet as soon as you start off Echoing Caves you're treated to a cutscene of a Henchman 800 walking into a door.......while it is clearly pouring with rain and the Henchman is completely unfazed by the rain.......wait what?
    • The same applies to Rayman M/Arena/Rush which has several levels that have pools of water which slow you down if you walk through them and the robot characters have no trouble walking through them without rusting up. Also in the US only Gamecube and Xbox versions of Arena this is made even more ridiculous because Water Canyon, Haunted Yard and Zenith Harbour all have the added atmosphere effect of it raining and once again the robots are completely fine running around in the rainy weather.....consistency developers!
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    • Look at their faces: they're in the shape of skulls. Perhaps they're not just robotic pirates, but undead robots
  • In Rayman 2 how are piranhas able to live in the sea and water that is clearly not healthy and is polluted with oil and other nasty stuff. First of all piranhas are freshwater fish so they should be dead the minute they're put in salt water, and as for all the other water such as the water in the Fairy Glade that's polluted by an oil pump and the bright green toxic water in the first part of Tomb Of The are they living in that stuff and are NOT DEAD?! The zombie chickens make sense because they're undead and are dead to begin with, but the piranhas make no sense. Also how come piranhas can swim in toxic polluted water YET RAYMAN CAN'T?!
  • How is Rayman alive?! His parts are definitely NOT connected, since he can disconnect his torso and his limbs. I suppose he could be keeping himself together psychically, but how does his heart pump blood to his brain? How does he eat? What about the air that he breathes (and we know he has to breathe, since he needs air underwater)? I think the French are starting to muscle in on Japan's territory.
    • According to the official website some years ago, Rayman's limbs are like this because it's easier for the computer to animate and takes up less space. As for blood and digestion- have you ever actually seen him eat or bleed? Maybe he's some sort of magical construct. As for breathing... maybe his lungs are in his skull.
      • Rayman 2 brings this up at some point. Rayman's some sort of creation of the fairies, if I remember correctly, so he might not even need to eat or drink.
      • He can eat (according to the Gamescom trailer for Rayman Origins, in which we see him endlessly munching fruit that falls from the tree branch above him), and he can drink (according to the USA advertising for Rayman 3, which all involved pee). But all of this leaves one to wonder: How exactly can he store so much food inside his stomach? How can he store so much pee inside his bladder? (in the US Rayman 3 commercial, he pees the logo into a large bank of snow) And according to the magazine ad for Rayman 3, he has a penis, but where exactly does he put it when he's not using it?
      • If you collect all 1000 lums, Rayman learns that he basically appeared on a beach right out of nowhere. In the Rayman 2 universe, Rayman is the only being not created by the Polokus.
      • For what it's worth, I remember reading in an ancient article dating back to around or before the release of the first game that the original concept for the character was that he was originally from our world, and transformed into some sort of bizarre superhero as a result of entering a computer world — I may be confusing it with another game, but I don't think so. That doesn't really fit with the first game, but it does line up pretty well with Rayman 2, where he's a strange, unique being of unknown origin and marvelous powers. Except that, if this is the case, he isn't aware of this in this version.
      • Actually, the whole thing about the computer world was a scrapped idea for the game's storyline.
      • Just looking at his Rayman 2 "dissolve into magic particles" death scene kind of reinforces that. He's a prime example of A Wizard Did It.
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    • I assume it has to do with the Lums. The blue ones allow breathing and the red one give life. Perhaps these creatures don't even HAVE lungs, they just use the blue lums.
    • One word: Magic.
  • In the animated series, it's stated in episode 1 that Lac-Mac is world famous. And we do mean world famous. So how come, once they land in Aeropolis, he can walk around anywhere he wants with Rayman The World Famous World Saving Guy and a few other nearly famous people...and NOBODY recognises them?
  • Will we ever get another Rayman platformer?
    • Probably not, since they seem to be content to whore out the Rabbids franchise, which is only tangentially related to Rayman by this point.
    • The handheld iterations of the Raving Rabbids games are actually platformers. So that's something, I guess.
    • Ancel wants to make another Rayman platformer, so that's something.
    • This seems to me like a foolish question. How does the release of spin-offs stop the main series(or genre)? Did WarioWare stop the developping of platforming games? No, Wario Land : Shake It was released in September, 2008. Did the launching of Final Fantasy Tactics stop the developping of "classic" Final Fantasy JRPG games? Not at all. So why Raving Rabbids would stop the platforming games' developing?
      • Apparently they're doing a Rabbids platformer now. Rayman? Who's he?
      • Okay, I'm with you, damned be them! >_<
      • Well, Rabbids Go Home does seem to be an attempt to separate Rayman and the Rabbids into two different franchises. They're not necessarily mutually exclusive. Would Nintendo stop making Mario games just because they gave supporting characters like Yoshi and Wario their own franchises?
      • Confirmed: A Rayman platform called Rayman: Origins will be released!
      • And another platform called "Rayman Legends" will be released!
  • Why did they totally ditch the supporting cast and setting between Rayman 1 and Rayman 2?
    • Rayman 1 had a lot of characters that were the same "species" as Rayman and they had to change this, as Rayman's apparently the only creature of his type in Rayman 2. The change from light-hearted and goofy world with a land made out of pencils to a dark, war-scarred world filled with polluted swamps and robots might've had something to do with it too.
      • Beyond that, nothing in the original Rayman, not even characters that are obviously not of the same "species", have any arms or legs. The lack of arms and legs is suggested to be unique to Rayman — to the point that the manual for Rayman 3D comments that those who discovered him found it hard to believe that something with no arms or legs was actually alive — in Rayman 2, so even Betilla the Fairy, Mr. Dark, the Electoons, and most of the enemies had to be ditched.
      • Even weirder still, why does the Rayman cartoon series (yes, it exists, Wikipedia Knows, I'm sure), which was released after Rayman 2 and all that came after, have yet another completely different cast? And a plot apparently unrelated to either portion of the series (the cartoony first game, or anything that came after)?
      • Their intention might've been to introduce more familiar faces as the series went on, since the show was cancelled when there were only about four-five episodes made. There were too few episodes to tell either way. They did use Razorbeard and the little minigame fairy, so it was possible they were going to introduce characters like Globox and Ly later on. But, since the show got cancelled very early in its lifespan, it's all up to speculation.
      • Supposedly, all of this will be explained in Rayman Origins.
  • In Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc, we see Andre emerge from the night and turn the other red lums into dstk lums. They make some suits and raid the Fairy Council. Then the very next morning, when we visit the Clearleaf Forest, there are Hoodlum fortresses everywhere. Apparently, they conquered half the world overnight? How just how did they do that?
    • The opening cutscene shows the dark lums are very quick builders, making an entire suit and rifle for a Hoodlum within a matter of seconds, out of off the cuff materials such as raw animal fur. Its entirely possible that, combined with how simplistic the tech the Hoodlums use are, and the distance and speed the dark lums can travel, that yes, they really were capable of building up their army and bases that quickly. On that note, its entirely possible they assembled enough Hoodlums to help construct such bases overnight in such a short span of time. The rest of the bases set up can also be handwaved in that while Rayman was in places like the Teensie light tunnels, as well as in the swamp and the Knaaren desert, that the larger groups of Hoodlums were busy constructing their other bases and machinations, such as the Humongous Mecha Rayman duels with in "Land of the Livid Dead", as well as their entire underground plum juice factory late in the game. Its also supported that outside of occasional time killers such as poker, the Hoodlums are a hive mind with a very good work ethic and no other distractions or other physical detriments such as fatigue to get in the way.
  • Where is Polokus in Rayman 3? Rayman 2 said that the reason he wasn't there from the start of the game is that he was asleep, dreaming up the future. But at the end of the game, we see him, standing next to the rest of the cast (and time is passing). We spent the entirety of Rayman 2 just trying to awaken this guy, but he isn't even mentioned in Rayman 3. I know that Polokus could easily solve the entire conflict, ruining the plot, but couldn't Ubisoft at least pull off an Ass Pull to explain his absence (namely the extremely obvious one that he went back to sleep)?
  • ... Why does Rayman suddenly have Energy Spheres in Rayman 2? Is this just because people commented on how he didn't actually have any rays? Because those still aren't really rays.
    • Speaking of which, what is with the original game and Rayman 2? They don't even make sense as being part of the same continuity, but according to the Rayman 3D manual, they are — as it directly references his defeating Mr. Dark.
      • It doesn't appear that continuity is something the creators were overly concerned with. Between the first game, The Great Escape and Hoodlum Havoc, the animated series and the Rabbids games, continuity is a total mess. (Let's not forget that it's vaguely implied that Tonic Trouble of all things takes place somewhere in the Rayman continuity.) The only game that looks like it took any effort at continuity is Hoodlum Havoc, which feels like actually exists in the same world as The Great Escape - and even then, the different characterisation of Globox and Murphy clashes with the previous game. I've been intending for a while now to check out Origins, but I find the new art style to be off-putting. While it looks like it's trying to bridge the gap between the first game and the sequels, I am afraid the mess is just getting bigger.