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  • For the Bear enemies in 4-5, one of their attacks involve shitting directly at the target.
  • Introduced in 3 are two kinds of items that are fancy way of describing water and ice, respectively.
    Liquid Ice's Description: A rare form of ice only found in warm climates.
    Solid Water's Description: A rare form of water only found in cold climates.

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Epic Battle Fantasy 5

  • Fifth installment introduced the capture mechanic. Some instances of it are quite funny. Catching a monolith by throwing a box over it? Priceless.
  • In first bonus dungeon of EBF5 on the way to the right switch of the gate, you find a guy that says he wants to try surfing on lava. When you return later you can find his surfboard in lava next to some skull.
  • In 5, after beating the first four Evil Players, the group realizes that NoLegs's evil version is next. Much like with the Monoliths in the third game, Matt thinks the foe is going to be unimpressive, only to be proven very wrong when the boss turns out to be magnitudes stronger than the other Evil Players.
    Matt: "Well this will probably be quite an easy fight. 'Cause what's a little cat going to do to us?"
  • The reaction Anna's father has towards Matt and Lance when they are introduced to him.
    Anna's father: "So who's the boyfriend, the homeless tramp or the school shooter?"
    • Matt and Lance's reactions are just as good.
    Matt: "You what, mate?"
    Lance: "I ain't shot up no school yet!"
  • Some of the reactions the heroes have when a capture fails are flat out hilarious. Case in point,
    Lance: (Flipping Double Birds) "GET IN THAT BOX OR I WILL SKIN YOU!!!!!!"
  • Matt's reaction to a Monolith using a laser attack.
    Matt: "Hey guys I think it's about to shoop da who-"
  • Bears go berserk when hit by a strong attack. One of their more common reactions is to jump in front of a player, turn around, and spray poop on them, ending with a fart. All players react with appropriate horror at this.


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