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  • Making Captain Hook crash into walls until he just breaks entirely. He even cries for his mommy.
    • It is also funny if you thin out the rope hanging the safe in the air, and let it fall on Moody.
  • There's also the scene where Mickey rescues the Gremlin from the safe...
  • If you turn your back on Oswald, he'll start making faces at you.
  • "I'll give them three months, tops."
  • The rocket scene.
    Mickey: We're losing the hull!
    Oswald: The Blot is absorbing the Paint!
    Oswald: It was kind of a budget issue.
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  • Oswald's "tough guy" stance while he's trying to get Mickey to fight him. An adorable, scrawny rabbit attempting to look muscular was enough to take a rather dramatic moment straight into Narm territory.
  • Pete Pan; he's a version of Pete prancing around happily in Peter Pan attire. It gets especially hilarious if you choose to save the sprite and he comes in to fight the animatronic Captain Hook, it has to be one of the most bizarrely funny moments in the game.
  • The scene where Mickey and Oswald fix their relationship near the end of the game basically starts out as a Heartwarming Moment, but then takes a comical twist as the two are about to shake hands, Oswald pulling his away.
    Oswald: Wait. Any more confessions?
    Mickey: No.
    Oswald: You didn't create the Mad Doctor?
    Mickey: No!
    Oswald: Kidnap anybody?
    Mickey: NO!
    Mickey: (beat) SHAKE!
  • In the Graphic Novel, Mickey gives a really cheesy Badass Boast speech to one of the bad guys: "You know it! Everyone knows it! You don't mess with the mouse!" Five minutes later, Oswald comes in to give his own speech, and we find out just how much they resemble each other:
    "You know it! Everyone knows it! You don't muck with the LUCK!"
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  • Very Blink And You'll Miss It, but when Mickey first wakes up in Dark Beauty Castle, he VERY briefly pulls a face that can only be described as Oh, Crap! or "O_o".
  • In the Graphic novel the Rocket scene gets an added bonus. As the Rocket's going down due to the paint drained out of it Mickey can be seen writing something.
    Mickey: I, Mickey Mouse, being of sound mind and body...
  • Possibly unintentional, but Mickey's reaction to the Mad Doctor's name in the novelization.
    Mickey's Thoughts: This guy wasn't just insane, he was proud of it!
  • There's something hilarious about the idea that Oswald named all 420 kids after himself. Girls included.
  • If you place a TV (which plays Mickey's Steamboat Willie cartoon) in front of Oswald, he will turn away from it defiantly only to give into temptation a few seconds later and stare at the screen, completely mesmerized by the cartoon.
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  • Some of the comments characters give after being saved from the Bloticles, some of which are surprisingly nonchalant and distracted.
    Generic Dog: Next time, I'll hide in Clarabelle's house. It smells like pie.
  • Let's all take the time to appreciate the fact that the digicomics featured Oswald the Lucky Stiff, a zombified version of Oswald.
  • In the graphic novel, after Mickey destroys the Clock Tower, both him and Gus come to the rather awkward realization that he could have redeemed the poor guy instead of just destroying him. They both then nervously run off.


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