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    Red Mage Armor 

  • Natalie is explicitly stated to use White Magic and Black Magic, making her a Red Mage, but she is the only one who can't equip the Red Mage armor in the third game. What.
    • It's male Red Mage armour.
    • Wait, so Natalie can't wear pants? She's perfectly capable of doing so. There's nothing preventing her from wearing men's clothes, unless there's some unstated rule saying she can only wear dresses.
    • Maybe the clothes don't fit her? Also, Natalie is actually closer to the Final Fantasy 3 & 4 class Sage than the Red Mage, as she excels in White and Black magic but lacks physical ability, unlike a Red Mage who can dish out and take a bit of damage.
    • That makes sense. After all, she has a much larger figure in one area than the men do. Of course, she has counterparts to a few of them. But the question is raised as to why she can't equip sol spear and Matt can't equip thunder spear. They're both spears, for Godcat's sake!
      • Natalie can equip the sol spear in EBF5. Since it's a reboot, however...
    • Or perhaps this is a Red Herring, and "Red Mage Armor" stands for "An armorpiece formerly worn by a mage; that just so happens to be red."
    • It's probably also a reference to this guy, who showed up in Brawl Royale and EBF2.
    • For the same reason the girls can't equip any male armor and the guys can't equip any female armor. That's just how it is.



So what exactly is canon in this world? Did Bullet Heaven and Adventure Story actually happen in between the main EBF games? Is One More Final Battle and Brawl Royale canon? Is the white mage from Black Mages 5 the same person as Natalie?

  • Bullet Heaven may not be canon, because it features the party fighting Godcat, in which the party has never seen Godcat before EBF4, and after EBF4, Godcat flew off to make a new world for cats. Adventure Story may be canon, where in the intro cutscene, Natalie is shown introducing NoLegs to Matt, showing that it takes place before EBF2 (where Matt casually summons NoLegs), but after EBF1 (Where NoLegs was an enemy). One More Final Battle and Brawl Royale are cannon due to Red Mage's appearance in Brawl Royale (opponent #3) and EBF2 (the first shopkeeper), where he's even cited as "an old rival" (or something to that effect). The thing about White Mage though... I don't think that she's the same as Natalie. Maybe she's a twin or something. First of all, White Mage has heterochromia, while Natz doesn't. Also, White Mage became a ninja in Brawl Royale (for some reason), while Natalie (who has only appeared in games after this one) consistently has piss-poor physical attack stats. I mean, you'd think that SOME of her ninjary would have carried over. She's the EIGHTH opponent in Royale, just behind Lord Canti (whoever he is) and SS3 Zombie Goku for crying out loud!
    • About that Bullet Heaven bit; it's apparently possible that Godcat can't actually show herself to any party member yet, even though she's part of the boss sprite. As far as the party is concerned it could be the bird/dragon hybrid monster that's wreaking havoc with the world. For her to appear at all, though, this could possibly overlap with the theft of the Greenwood jewel in EBF4. Each jewel giving Godcat some power might actually make sense, given her surprise encounters in the midgame overlapping with the Greenwood and Whitefall jewel thefts.
  • Basically, everything is pretty much canon. The Devourer basically pulls whatever data obstructs its ideal and rewrites the world as it chooses between installments.
  • Alright. Here's my theory. Adventure Story happened in between EBF 1 and 2. Bullet Heaven 1 happens during EBF4. Bullet Heaven 2 happens in between 4 and 5. There. Should be simple enough, except that I haven't played BH1.

    The Invisible Status 

Why is the inversion to the Enchanted status effect called "Invisible?" The Enchanted status makes sense, it's presumably a magic shell against other magic that comes at the cost of making physical attacks hurt twice as much. But what does being invisible/covered in blackness have to do with not taking physical damage but taking double magic damage? "Invisible" sounds more like something to do with Evasion/enemy Accuracy.

    Godcat and the Devourer(SPOILERS FOR EBF5 AND 4) 

The Devourer is the Final Boss of EBF5 and THE ENTIRE SERIES, and literally created Godcat. However, the Devourer you fight in 5 is the whole thing, no "only using a vehicle" whatevery like Godcat does. However, it is much less powerful than Godcat's pure forms, having more HP, (compensated for by the massive stat inflation in the fifth game) less (Magic) Defence , and less Evade than Godcat. It seems like the Devourer has created something more powerful than itself, in both the Players and Godcat. So, I have this question: How, in-universe, is Godcat's pure form more powerful than the Devourer?