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Nightmare Fuel / Epic Battle Fantasy

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Epic Battle Fantasy 1

  • The final area of EBF1 has very creepy music full of discordant laughter and screaming, and when you get to the Zombie Goku boss, he has a visible spine sticking out of his back, blood splattered all over his body, and his intestines visibly dangling.

Epic Battle Fantasy 3

  • Akron. In contrast with the majority of enemies that look either awesome or funny, that... THING looks downright nightmarish. He looks like an armless demon with bandages over his eyes, which come off as he takes damage to reveal a skull-like face with glowing red eyes, and underneath that body is another form that looks like a grotesque face with lots of teeth that vomits an Evil Worm. He also has an attack where the screen goes black to show some eyes and teeth, complete with a Scare Chord.

Epic Battle Fantasy 4

  • Godcat's Destroyer form. It's not enough that it's riding a giant skull that attacks using fleshy spear-tipped tentacles and bones, no. The sky goes dark, a cat statue in the background is crying tears of blood, and even further in the background you can see masses of tentacles, writhing back and forth. In EBF5, it returns (as one of NoLegs' limit breaks) with a bloodcurdling screech.
  • The (optional) tombs in the fourth game's (also optional) graveyard are surprisingly dark for this game. There is no music, you first have to stumble around blindly to find a torch before you can see the entire room, and characters would very often comment on it, and the accessories you get are made of bone and have rather morbid effects. The left tomb is apparently a sacrificial altar with... something disturbing on the ceiling. The actual graveyard itself? A lighthearted undead-themed area with little-to-nothing disturbing about it. In the updated Steam version, there's also a three-headed Zombie Hydra sitting on sickly red clouds and a magic circle.

Bullet Heaven 2

  • Akron returns from EBF3, and he isn't looking too pretty from his last battle. Half of his teeth appear to be broken or missing, and now he's covered in nightmarish eyes. The stage background being made of eyes and mouths really doesn't help either.
  • The Spider-bee boss in Bullet Heaven 2, combining two horrible fears into one grotesque monster.

Epic Battle Fantasy 5

  • The Fallen enemies in EBF5 are outright unnerving. Apparently all of them are a souls of knights that have died some horrific death. Special mention goes to Beheaded Fallen, whose head flies separately from its body.
  • You ain't seen nothing horrific until you've seen THE DEVOURER. The main antagonist of EBF5, it basically fucks with the world as it sees fit between instances of Matt and Natz (and later Lance, Anna and NoLegs) doing their heroics. In EBF5, it decides to take a more direct hand in affairs by basically soft-rebooting the entire godcatforsaken universe and dropping Cosmic Monoliths to watch over everything. Its powers range from parthenogenic regeneration to reflecting Wave Motion Guns to — and this is the worst part — deleting the entire planet. The Players are frightened of dealing with this thing despite not knowing what it is until they are face to face with it, and can you really blame them, knowing what you do about it now?
    • There's a brief moment, when the party are about to reach the final boss, where they suddenly stop dead, panicking that they don't want to go any further. Make them take another step forwards, and they absolutely freak out, screaming that something is pulling them towards the boss against their willnote . They recover from their panic - mostly - in time to actually fight the boss. One screen later, they and the player see space itself shattering to pieces around the Cosmic Gigalith, revealing pitch-black nothingness behind it. In said screen, the music is suddenly replaced by a dead droning sound and there is absolutely nothing there — no secret chests or enemies — but a straight path to the boss.
    • Every now and then, its eyes will turn towards the screen and just...stare at you, before turning back towards the Players. It wasn't kidding when it said it knew you were there.
    • In a New Game+, the cosmic gigalith and Devourer can be captured just like any other foes. While the first does attack your enemies as you'd expect, the text of the second lists its attack as 9999 and its effect as simply "Deletes current simulation". If you're stupid enough to actually summon it, it casts a spell that kills everything with an unblockable attack that also bypasses any buff such as morale or revive, a crying image of Snowflake appears, and then the game crashes on you.
  • Early in 5, you can see a secret path in the first weapon shop, blocked by a thief. When you can finally get into this secret area, you expect to find some treasure and maybe some rare foes, right? Well, you do, but you also find a dimly lit attic where the music is suddenly replaced with dark static over what sounds like unintelligible chanting. Matt is increasingly freaked out as you progress further through the attic, and what do you find at the end? What looks like a ritual chamber occupied by a group of cultists in stone masks. If you try to talk to them, they only respond in morse code gibberish. And when you leave the attic, the weapon shopkeeper is revealed to be one of the cultists, stone mask and morse code speak and all! And the "best" part? This goes unexplained all the way until Redpine Town.
    • There's a house with a Grumpy Old Man in Greenwood. Go below his house, find more cultists guarding the Ruby of Death, go back upstairs... The old man is now one of them.
    • Subject to some Nightmare Retardant: The Morse code gibberish translates to things like "Pizzagate is real", "How can mirrors be real if our eyes aren't real", "Welcome to die", and other memes.
  • The final glitched area. The team is PANICKING as you lead them towards the final glitch boss, while the interface is warped beyond scope. The Boss Glitch itself isn't any nicer, with it warping reality to mess with your team.
    • To put this in perspective: The earlier glitched areas were fairly harmless, apart from the occasional glitched enemy and Interface Screw. The final glitched area? It's a dark room with very ominous music with some Non-Player Characters whose heads are blocked by glitchy black boxes, with red text flashing on the screen saying things like "Die" and "Rot".
    • You know how the bosses in the game have Boss Banter? This boss has your own party members speak for it, to the player. Unlike how they kind of regain their will to fight the Devourer, they NEVER get over their absolute horror over fighting... whatever that glitch boss even is. They are deeply traumatized at the end of the fight, and blame the player for making permanently damaging their sanity. It's not played for laughs either, and comes off as a serious condemnation against the actions of the player themselves.
    • Furthermore, adding to the creepy factor, after you fight the glitch boss the equipment page will show errors and glitches instead of the usual items for a while. As well, returning from the glitch area will cause NPC faces to become blurred and glitchy. If that’s not creepy enough for you, statues/skulls start bleeding black tears while the cat statues gain creepy smiles on top of all that... After you return from the glitch area/head to the mausoleum screen and nudge the tombstone a few times go back to the graveyard in Redpine Town :)