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Trivia / Epic Battle Fantasy

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  • Approval of God: The games themselves from 2 onward have gallery sections displaying fanart, and Matt Roszak's official website posts fanart regularly under the fanart category. The fifth game has an actual in-game fanart gallery. To see it all, you'll have to have enough medals.
  • Fan Nickname: Weapon-Elemental for skills whose elements and status effects depend on the weapon wielded by their users.
  • Image Source: Bullet Heaven provides the image for Holy Hand Grenade.
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  • Official Fan-Submitted Content: Many foes in the games are designed by fans who won design contests held by Matt Roszak.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • Epic Battle Fantasy 3
      • The game was going to be completely different in terms of style, as in-game concept art shows. It was going to be in a pixel art style, and the characters and battle system looked straight out of an old Final Fantasy game. Also, NoLegs was going to be a party member, which wouldn't happen until two more games in.
    • Epic Battle Fantasy 5
      • Vulcan was designed before Poseidon, so originally Poseidon was going to be an alternate boss to Vulcan rather than the opposite.
      • There was going to be a feature to dye the playable characters' hair and since NoLegs is a cat, his entire body was going to change color. But the hair dye feature was scrapped.
  • The Wiki Rule: Here.


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