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The games are named Epic Battle Fantasy after all!

  • The final boss of the second game, the Valkyrie Tank. Aside from the fact that it's a full-fledged WWII supertank, the battlefield is a burning arms facility at the center of Lance's empire. The Valkyrie Tank itself has a giant cannon called the Omega Lazer, which comes with a devastating charged attack. There's at least four different kinds. The best part is that you fight against Lance himself, decked out in his Nazi uniform, looking as intimidating as a Big Bad can be. The ONLY human big bad, so far.
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  • The converstion before the final boss of the third game has this gem for Natalie:
    Matt: There he is. I'm having second thoughts. He totally owned us last time, and he'll do it again.
    Natalie: This is the first time you've ever acted like a coward! Now's not the time! This is gonna be our greatest moment!
    Lance: We are so dead. Let's get outta here, we can still go back and practice some more. We've still got time.
    Natalie: Lance, shut up! We'll be fine! We've gotten this far, haven't we? Just shoot and stab him like you've always done! I'll back you up, so you won't die.
    Matt: ...
    Lance: ...
    Matt: I can't believe she suddenly has more balls than us. Can't let a girl lead the party, I'm in!
    Lance: Shameful, really. Heh. Hahahahaha. Alright, let's send him back to the void!
    Matt: Aye!

  • Every game is this for the party, as they make their way through legions of powerful mooks and even stronger bosses, culminating in a final battle that is generally against an insanely powerful Eldritch Abomination, except for the EBF2 example above and Adventure Story.
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  • Beating bosses on Epic Difficulty, especially bonus bosses of final bosses, is this for the player.

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