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The games are named Epic Battle Fantasy after all!

  • The final boss of the second game, the Valkyrie Tank. Aside from the fact that it's a full-fledged WWII supertank, the battlefield is a burning arms facility at the center of Lance's empire. The Valkyrie Tank itself has a giant cannon called the Omega Lazer, which comes with a devastating charged attack. There's at least four different kinds. The best part is that you fight against Lance himself, decked out in his Nazi uniform, looking as intimidating as a Big Bad can be. The ONLY human big bad, so far.
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  • The conversation before the final boss of the third game has this gem for Natalie:
    Matt: There he is. I'm having second thoughts. He totally owned us last time, and he'll do it again.
    Natalie: This is the first time you've ever acted like a coward! Now's not the time! This is gonna be our greatest moment!
    Lance: We are so dead. Let's get outta here, we can still go back and practice some more. We've still got time.
    Natalie: Lance, shut up! We'll be fine! We've gotten this far, haven't we? Just shoot and stab him like you've always done! I'll back you up, so you won't die.
    Matt: ...
    Lance: ...
    Matt: I can't believe she suddenly has more balls than us. Can't let a girl lead the party, I'm in!
    Lance: Shameful, really. Heh. Hahahahaha. Alright, let's send him back to the void!
    Matt: Aye!

  • Every game is this for the party, as they make their way through legions of powerful mooks and even stronger bosses, culminating in a final battle that is generally against an insanely powerful Eldritch Abomination, except for the EBF2 example above and Adventure Story.
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  • Beating bosses on Epic Difficulty, especially bonus bosses or final bosses, is this for the player.
  • Beating a boss is one thing, but capturing a boss in the fifth game goes a step further. It takes a great deal of strategy to get it "weak" and not kill it, and manage status ailments and debuffs properly. But once done, you can use any boss except the tanks to crush any future foes.
  • Fighting the Evil Players in the Temple of Trials of 5. You go through four tough battles against twisted counterparts of the human party members in a temple that is Red and Black and Evil All Over, each of whom has a unique mechanic to their fight that cannot be removed. All of them come off as genuinely threatening, from Matteus' insisting on eating the party, to Natalia and Annabelle's Ax-Crazy-ness, to Lancelot's complete uncaring to the party's well being and desire to turn them in to resources. The music that plays sounds like you're fighting the apocalypse. And your reward for beating all of them is a fight against God himself.

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