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Awesome Music / Epic Battle Fantasy

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Phyrnna, formerly HalcyonicFalconX (HFX), creates a lot of good tracks, but this list is for the songs that really stand out.

Epic Battle Fantasy 2
  • The music that plays when you fight the Giga Golem, Heroes March, is one of the most epic tracks from the game.
  • The theme of the Final Boss, the Valkyrie Tank, Organ Jaws, is especially awesome.

Epic Battle Fantasy 3

Bullet Heaven

Adventure Story

  • Those of Us Who Fight is an epic boss theme, especially for Oblivion and the Foe/Boss Rushes (levels 20 through 22).

Epic Battle Fantasy 4

  • When you hear Fallen Blood, you know you are fighting nothing short of God.
  • Into Combat is great for pumping you up for the fourth game's boss fights.
  • Jump Into Battle sounds much more foreboding than the normal boss theme, which establishes that the Battle Mountain versions of the game's bosses make their old versions pale in comparison.
  • With a theme as hardcore as Under My Skin, you know you're in for the fight of your life against your dark selves.
  • TPF Trans does a very good job of letting you know that you're up against something unlike anything else in the game. Namely, the Godcat halves, the Glitch, and the grouped Cosmic Monoliths.

Bullet Heaven 2

  • Bullet Heaven 2 gets a remix of "DiVINe MaDNEss AND Fallen Blood" wrapped into one for the final boss, but the majestic organs in" The Count of Darkness" are awesome too.

Epic Battle Fantasy 5

  • The fifth installment continues the trend. "Never Falter" is a very fitting music for an industrial castle under Lance's oppression. "M3chanical C0n-D4mnation" is then his boss battle theme, a techno fast-paced song that really fits the battle against a Neon Valkyrie.
  • The game's main boss theme, "Blade and Switch", is a powerful piece that perfectly matches the epic struggles against the game's heaviest hitters. It was even used as the trailer theme!
  • The normal battle music sticks with being ridiculously catchy; "Nypmhis Fae" is based on "The Trek/Traverse the Woods" all the way back from EBF 2, while "Return of the Snow Queen" is a throwback to "Crystalis Fantasia" from EBF 4. Also a reference to EBF 4, Fight the Movement! borrows motifs from "Weshdoor Concert".
  • "如影随形 (As the Shadow)" is a daunting and haunting mix of sounds you would expect from Death Metal and Castlevania. It is as epic as that sounds, and fits quite nicely with the return of the Dark Players.
  • "Blaze of Iris", fitting for a final boss theme, is a haunting track, complete with a powerful One-Woman Wail finisher that projects danger, struggle, and oblivion.
  • "dU5k M3Igb VkgN Wsxbg", the theme of the glitched Superboss, and a chilling mish-mash that just sounds wrong. The heroes won't be happy with you for forcing them through that ordeal.
  • "A Breeze from Home", a very relaxing and peaceful song as you fight the other Superboss.
  • "Those of Us Who Blossom!" is a rendition of "Those of Us Who Fight!" from Adventure Story, with the guitar replaced by a piano to give it a softer feel (while still managing to be an exciting track).