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"Pardon me for one moment. Did you say you made this pudding?"

For the funny moments in the first game, head to Dragon Ball Xenoverse.


  • The intro for each race (excluding the Namekians) have their own funny quirks:
    • In the Majin intro, Majin Buu is reading an adult magazine and finds a word he is unfamiliar with and asks Mr. Satan what it is. Naturally Mr. Satan reacts like one expects, with Buu refusing to give up his reading material. Doubles as a Moment of Awesome, as this is canonically the event that led to the creation of the Majin Race. If you're a Majin? This is akin to watching God create Adam and Eve... and it's a pink blob of bubble gum reading a porno.
    • In the Saiyan intro, Bulma tells Vegeta she made him a new armor. Naturally, he shuns her, and she goes off as usual and suggests making a birthday party. Not that it's anyone's birthday.
    • In the Earthling intro, Gohan as usual makes dramatic poses, and tries to get Videl to do it.
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    • In the Frieza Clan intro, Frieza passes by Ginyu as he trains members of his army. Ginyu does not fail to make the new recruits learn to pose inbetween drills.
    Ginyu: RAISE! THOSE! LEGS! MEN! As lofty as Frieza's glory!
  • As the new Time Patroller makes their first assignment, they completely fail on their Big Entrance. Old Kai even comments on it.
  • In the Time Patrol mission where you train with Whis alongside Lord Beerus, Whis decides to have some fun and autograph Beerus' head.
    • Even better, Beerus with Whis's signature on his head is a selectable character — heck, it's Beerus's only alternate costume in the game.
    • Another bit of humor is that if your character has Monochromatic Eyes, Whis says he'll draw you some pupils.
  • In the Ginyu Saga, Ginyu once again takes control of Vegeta's body and does poses with Jeice. In the actual history you are supposed to fix? Ginyu ends up with Time Patrol Trunks' body due to Turles' interference.
  • Later on when Nail and the Time Patroller are fighting Frieza, the Supreme Kai of Time remarks that Turles and Slug have already intercepted the Dragon Balls and Old Kai panics that even at full speed they won't be able to make it in time. What does the Supreme Kai of Time do to solve this? By sending the Time Patroller back in time before Turles and Slug manage to make it to the Dragon Balls. Old Kai even mentions that this Loophole Abuse is kind of like cheating, to which the Kai of Time protests to, as hopping to convenient moments in time to avert disaster is the *entire job* of the Time Patrol.
  • In the Battle of Gods mission, the Time Patroller tracks down Time Breaker Bardock. However, the instant he teleports, they wound up interrupting Beerus' speech to Goku and he gets angry for interrupting him. And then Mira joins in to fight while insulting Beerus. Before Beerus reaches his Rage Breaking Point, Supreme Kai of Time then tries to appease him with her pudding, pissing him off and giving Goku a big stomachache. Whis then joins in and tells her the pudding made things worse. After you win, Beerus finally calms down.
    • Even funnier is the fact that before it all went south, Beerus was so happy about getting his pudding that he was gladly sharing it with everyone — Goku, Whis, your character...even Mira and Bardock. Mira refused and left, taking Bardock with him, saying the mood had been ruined.
  • After the day is saved and everything is solved, the Supreme Kai of Time absolutely gives Goku shit when he considers eating Tokitoki's Time Egg.
    • And to celebrate, Supreme Kai promptly uses Shenron to get a feast for the entirety of Conton City. Old Kai points out the absurdity of this, but everyone ultimately agrees not to let Supreme Kai handle it.
    • Also the fact that Goku tries to figure out who's stronger between the two custom characters. Beerus proposes the two face off to see, and Goku is all too pumped up to get involved.. Before Beerus points out that it's between the two of them and not him, so he should just sit back and watch. Cue Goku whining like a scolded child about it.
  • In the story level with Golden Frieza, if you play as a Frieza Race character, Jaco wonders why someone of the same race as Frieza would fight him, before guessing that you're related to Frieza, and going through a Rebellious Teenager phase.
  • In the Champa Saga DLC, Beerus and Champa argue whether or not the Time Patroller is to take Majin Buu's place since Buu was disqualified. Beerus calls him out on not trying to play fair until they decided to have a tag match with Piccolo against Frost and Cabba.
    • Goku ended up forgetting the tournament was that very day and so you have to take his place until he arrives. And that means you have to take the written test, too. What follows is a slow scene with Piccolo fighting Botamo in the background.
    • In the Future Trunks portion of Super, Goku accidentally drops the button Zen-O gave him. Vegeta tells him to worry about it later. Old Kai gives Goku a rather hilarious What the Hell, Hero? rant.
  • In the Infinite Quest DLC, the content of missions will change depending on who you have as your mentor, and a lot of these interactions are pretty funny and self-aware.
  • At the beginning of the questline from the Extra Pack 2, your character has been called by the Supreme Kai of Time, and when they get there, they find Demigra. Turns out, Fu made an alternate timeline where Demigra is the Supreme Kai of Time, and he has called you and all of your other teammates because he has lost Toki Toki. Only your character is aware of who Demigra is. And before Fu absorbs the energy from the alternate timeline and sets things back to normal, Elder Kai suggests calling out to Toki Toki, which Demigra does.
    • A running gag throughout the DLC involving Beerus has him get annoyed at being told to help fix history, so he just leaves the fight entirely. The only time he doesn't is the first and last fights, but each time he does leave, he does so for various reasons. The Mission Control lampshade how they should've expected him to leave, and whenever Elder Kai gets angry and tries to call out Beerus, Supreme Kai of Time has to shut him up to stop him from making Beerus made enough to target them.
    • Jaco, in almost every single fight, tries to find an excuse for why he cannot help. Time travel? Not part of his job! The sole exception is if you help Fu by teaming up against Cell, where Jaco acts heroic, and the Kai's guess its because they have Cell outnumbered.
    • New Time Rift Troubles: The first quest sees Fu messing with Goku & Vegeta's training by posing as Whis and exposing them to Blutz Waves, causing them to become Super Saiyan 4 instead of Blue. The amusement of them both saying "This is the power of a God" as a Super Saiyan 4 is funny when you remember the meta nature of the debate between SSB and SS4.
      • If Goku is your mentor he and the other Goku will compliment each others' power...then get into a childish argument over who's stronger, shouting "ME ME ME!" at each other, which quickly wears on Vegeta's last nerve. After, Vegeta tries to talk to Goku, but instead of the enemy Goku, Mentor Goku will respond, pissing Vegeta off even more.
      • If Beerus is your mentor, he gets really annoyed at Goku and Vegeta getting God Ki mixed up with the SS4 transformation. Elder Kai does his best to convince Beerus to take it seriously by explaining a new food he can eat, resulting in both getting distracted by the topic and how to cook the food right. Then Vados of all people shows up after Goku and Vegeta are beaten, cracking a joke about how she isn't used to seeing Beerus actually doing anything.
      • If Gotenks is your mentor, he'll goad Goku and Vegeta into fusing into Gogeta.
      • If Vegeta is your mentor, Bulma will call (through "Whis") to chew him out training on the day he promised to take Trunks to the amusement park; he leaves...and suddenly mentor!Vegeta remembers that he also promised to take Trunks to the amusement park, and likewise runs off, leaving you with Goku. In the Cell Games Saga portion, if Cell is defeated, Goku will appear as an ally then an enemy. Then it gets more ridiculous as the fight goes on as Goku goes from Super Saiyan 2, to Super Saiyan Blue, with the Supreme Kais being confused by what's going on.
      • If Mr. Satan/Hercule is your mentor, you have to fight SS4 Goku and Vegeta by yourself...because the sight of them transforming caused him to faint standing up.
    • Videl's Vexation/Another Savior Has Come!: Vegito's fight with Super Buu is interrupted by a powered-up Dabura, and then Fu decides to twist things further by bringing Videl back to life and giving her a dark power-up.
      • If you bring Adult Gohan into the former mission, he makes the mistake of saying that she looks even scarier than normal. This earns him an earful from both Videls in stereo, and Gohan pulls a Mr. Satan, claiming that his stomach is acting up so he can run away.
      • Bringing Yamcha along to the former mission leads to him deciding the best way to calm Videl down is to flirt with her. It ends about as well as you'd expect.
      • Hercule goes Papa Wolf and starts demanding Videl stay back so he can protect her. While heartwarming, everyone calls him out for being quick to hide from combat when the situation gets bad, only to now be serious. Good Buu ends up appearing in response to the fight as well, which startles the Mission Control greatly.
      • Lord Slug and Dabura get into an argument about which is better: being the ruler of Hell, or being a galaxy conqueror. Despite the argument, they both are similar enough to take it mostly with light-hearted tones. It gets to the point where Buu leaves in frustration that they are so focused on arguing when he wanted to fight.
    • Holding on to Hope/The Hero Tapion Awakens: Goku Black and Zamasu raise the stakes by bringing in a Brainwashed and Crazy Jiren on their side. To even the odds, Fu summons Tapion to help Trunks out.
      • If you bring Ginyu on the latter mission, he'll steal Goku Black's body off-camera. Everyone immediately questions if Ginyu can even use this new body; he boasts that he's already mastered using Goku's techniques, and proves it by assuming "an inelegant pose" (as he puts it) before powering up, capping it all off by saying "See? I'm Goku, Saiyan of Earth! Boom!" Ginyu then trash-talks Zamasu for having to steal other peoples' bodies in order to see his plan through. There's also the schadenfreude of Zamasu collapsing in a Pose of Supplication and lamenting that Ginyu has ruined all his plans. Even funnier when you realize that is the second time Ginyu stole Goku's body, which was stolen by another Zamasu.
      • If you bring Frieza along with you to stop Tapion and Jiren, shortly after the fighting starts, the battle comes to a complete stop because...:
    Frieza: I object.
    Supreme Kai of Time: ...what?
    Frieza: I said, "I object".
    Elder Kai: Hm? Now, this is unexpected.
    Frieza: You see, I grow so very tired of every last person in the forsaken cosmos parading their juvenile brand of justice. (points to Goku Black) Must I be subjected to the sight of that simian! That apish countenance! THAT DAMNED MONKEY MIEN?! Absolutely infuriating! And coupled with those condescending eyes, oh, I just can't take it anymore! I am terribly sorry, but I am going to have to murder everyone here. It's absolutely the only way I have to hold on to my dear sanity, after all!
    Supreme Kai of Time: (as the Future Warrior tries to calm down Frieza) This is madness! You're going to take them on all at once?! You can't be serious!
    Elder Kai: It's no use. He's gone completely berserk.
    Supreme Kai of Time: Calm down, it's only for a moment! Why fight if you don't have to? There's no benefit, so save yourself the hassle!
    Frieza: "Hassle"? You listen here. This is called "public service".
    Supreme Kai of Tai: You've gotta be kidding me! (annoyed sigh) Fine! I give up! I just— Whatever! You know what? Fight 'em all. Have at it! Fight all the live long day!
    • If you bring Zamasu, out of all things, he will call on Tapion for copying his hairstyle and calling himself a hero. If you choose Fu's path, Zamasu will call his counterpart out for allying himself with a mortal with the most overdramatic tone of voice.
    • As one YouTuber pointed out in comments of this video, the lack of distinction between the enemy Zamasu and mentor Zamasu can result in situations such as Trunks talking about them finally sealing Zamasu away... while Zamasu is standing directly in front of him.
  • If Goku is your mentor, he gets exasperated when the Androids, Cell, and Vegeta want to kill him. If you choose Fu's path, he wants to bring Gohan and himself from the Cell Games era to fight Cell, but both Supreme Kais immediately object.
  • Apparently, someone at Bandai Namco is a fan of Dragon Ball Z Abridged's #CellGames shorts, because Cell's frustrations with the Androids 13, 16, 17, and 18 popping out to kill Goku (if he's your mentor) is exactly how Abridged!Cell acts when random people try to fight him.
  • There is something merely amusing if you have villains as your mentor assisting you during the Infinite Quest story as your Token Evil Teammate such as Zamasu. Zamasu demonstrates that while he clearly hates all mortals, demons are even worse.
  • In one of Ginyu's mentor quests, he tells his men that if they falter, he'll reveal "their greatest shames."
    Jeice: D-don't! Anything but that!
  • If your mentor is Cooler for the first mission and you talk to him after, he'll comment on how cowardly it is to rely on transformations for power, as the event was when Goku and Vegeta were training for Super Sayin Blue, and then follows up by making it clear your character is giving him a funny look for that comment.

Gameplay and Meta

  • The entire premise of one of the Parallel Quests, Yamcha is Number One. Tienshinhan, Piccolo, and Gohan's bewilderment that the incredible power they sensed was coming from Yamcha is hilarious enough. Then Yamcha goes into Supervillain Mode, gaining an insane amount of damage and defense, while laughing maniacally. Is this revenge for the decades of Yamcha jokes?
  • Some of the dialogue between characters that are about to battle is pretty hilarious.
    Golden Frieza: What is your deal? Turning yellow, blue, do you keep track of all that?
    Kid Goku (GT): Yeah, well, you change a lot yourself.
  • Frieza & Frost aren't getting along.
    Frieza: You use a lot of underhanded tactics, but in the end you're just a second-rate evil overlord.
    Frost: You talk a lot for a fourth-rate henchman who can only rely on brute strength.
  • Remember how Takahata101 is the English male voice 8 in the first game? Lanipator (voice 15) and KaiserNeko (voice 13) join in the fun. Lani does his Mr. Satan impression and Kaiser makes his voice very effeminate.
    • For bonus funny, remember back in the original Xenoverse how talking with Trunks elicited a very loud "HEY!"? Well talking with any NPC that uses voice 15 causes them to greet you with a similarly loud "HI!". Given that the TFS guys were allowed to improvise, this was most certainly intentional.
    • One non-TFS example is the English female voice 11, who sounds like a really bored teenage girl with comically unenthusiastic battle cries and even grunts.
  • Goku Black's reveal trailer can be considered a form of dark comedy, as it showcases him using Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan Vegeta as his own personal punching bag.
  • Day One Editions of the game gets a Free DLC code. Looking for the expiration date? It's 12/31/2099. Not a year expiration date like any other game, but an 83 years expiration date.
  • As always, the mentors' lines are gold when you get certain ranks.
    Vegeta: (on an A rank) "It seems you've some semblance of motor skills. Until our next lesson, then."
    Vegeta: (on a D rank) "C'mon, get the lead out! You want me to finish things for you?!"
  • Broly's Sink-or-Swim Mentor lines are hilarious. Especially when you get a high rank.
  • Yamcha's first lesson is how to fake your death, using his iconic death pose.
    • On top of that, you can have Yamcha's death pose as an emote. Your character just jumps up, falls on his side, and when you press a button he/she gets up like nothing happened.
  • If a special training event unlocks in Conton City, Trunks is happy to suggest it to all the Time Patrollers. He's just...not the best at it.
    Trunks: Um...I'm about to start a special class. Hope to see you all there! (getting quieter with each statement) ...if you want. Y'know, whatever. No pressure.
  • Walking around Conton City you'll encounter three NPCs: Fira (Earthling), Basil (Saiyan), and Cocresa (Majin) arguing about their love triangle. At one point Cocresa proposes a threesome under "being friends." Fira confirms it as such as she refuses, calling it cheating.
  • Another NPC encounter is the conversation between two women who were talking about Trunks and how handsome he is and if he is dating someone. They both agree that he needs a different name.
  • The Hercule's House time rift missions involve helping Great Saiyaman out on his patrols, along with Great Saiyawoman. And Jaco. His title for you, the newest member of the Saiyaman team? "Saiyanoob"!
    • Jaco constantly playing the Straight Man to Gohan and Videl's antics.
    • On one patrol, you have to help Pan find parts to repair Giru while fighting the Shadow Dragons. Pan sees right through her parents' disguises, while they continue denying it.
  • You can do the Bingo Dance in Conton City. That is all that needs to be said about that.
    • That's not all that needs to be said. Further important info: English Male voice 8 (Takahata101, as discussed above) replaces "Bingo!" with "Dingo!" and "Fun time bingo!" with "Dingo ate my ba-a-by!"
  • The description for the Super Dragon Ball Radar starts off normal, then goes full Zuno on us.
  • If you're mentoring under Beerus, and you talk to Vegeta or Frieza, they'll flip right out and outright beg you to not make him mad. If you're wearing Beerus' clothes while being Vegeta's student he'll even panic and tell you to take it off before Beerus notices. This is made even funnier by the fact that wearing Beerus' clothes while mentoring under the Go D himself will indeed cause him to comment on it... specifically, he comments on the fact that his clothes look pretty good on you. He then calmly gives you practical advice on becoming the next Go D. Vegeta was freaking out for absolutely no reason whatsoever.
    • If you talk to Bardock and your mentor is Goku, he thinks it's a bad joke because his power level is 2. Oh if only he found out how strong he became.
    • Beerus' mentor quote if you get a C Rank:
    Beerus: "Well this is just pathetic. Very pathetic. Pathetic, pathetic, pathetic. I traded my nap time for this?"
  • It may or may not be intentional, but if you go to the Bamboo Forest in Conton City, where Whis hangs out, you will notice that he stands relatively near a Saiyan named "Kaleaf". Fly off the cliff and angle your camera in a certain way, and you end up with a rather accidental Easter egg of a name.
  • This one is from the character select. When selecting Hit, he'll say "Time to make the donuts". What makes it humorous is that it's random for someone like him. Someone even made a small reaction video about it.
  • Similar to Hit, Goku Black got it bad with some of his English lines, especially coming from someone like him. Maybe that hit in the head when Goku was a baby has taken some of Zamasu's grey matter.
    Goku Black: Magnificient, Goku Black likey...
    Goku Black: The more I know, the stronger I become! Because knowing is half the battle, and the other half is the battle!
  • There's something inherently funny about thwarting Bojack's plans and having him plot his revenge against you if you learn all his moves, while at the same time bonding with him as a member of his crew should you max out his instructor meter.
    "You are one of my crew after all, and I always take care of my own."
    *not even a few seconds later*
    "You cheeky little upstart... I'm not teaching you another damned thing!"
  • If you talk to certain teachers while wearing certain outfit combinations, they'll react with surprise or embarrassment, including outfits like Gohan's old green and yellow outfit, Vegeta's "Badman" pink shirt and Piccolo's driving test clothes. A few of them flip out over certain looks, such as Hercule around someone wearing a Cell costume, or any of Frieza's men (or Frieza himself) wearing either the Cooler Armored Squadron uniform or the Frieza uniform.
  • Piccolo's (over)reaction to you mentoring under pretty much anyone. Every quote seems to start with "What!? You're training with ______!?", and he says this about everyone from Frieza (for obvious reasons) to Gotenks (because he can't believe they would actually have the patience to teach you anything) to Hercule ("Does he even know anything to teach you!?"). Contrast this with the nearby Tien, who is so ridiculously pragmatic that he advocates sticking around and learning whatever you can from Cell and barely bats an eyelid at you training with Beerus the Destroyer.
  • Cooler has specific lines for fighting Frieza and his subordinates, but one that stands out is the one he has for Guldo:
    Cooler: Oh, Frieza. You must be really short on manpower to have put this chump in the Ginyu Force.
    Guldo: Power levels aren't everything, I'll have you know.
  • The modding community is pretty prolific. As such, you can find all sorts of strange characters, including Kermit The Frog. Who has a Golden Super Mode. Really.
  • DLC5 adds Zamasu of all people as a mentor. Clearly whomever was writing the scripts for his training was having fun, since we get the Omnicidal Maniac saying things like "This is a blessing from a god. It's cool, no need to thank me" and "There will be nothing. Nada. Zip. Zilch." Best of all, if you get to his final level of training, he says there's a special ritual he'll perform to boost your power and orders you to shut your eyes...and his dialog (consisting of musical grunts and telling you that the ritual takes 24 hours to complete) makes it clear that he's performing the Elder Kai's goofy potential-unlocking dance. Enjoy that mental image!
  • Pretty much all of the Hero Colosseum story. It involves you, at the behest of Bulma, running around and getting some of the universe's most powerful fighters, and Hercule, hooked on a children's game.
    • One highlight is when you and Trunks run into Majin Buu. Rather than playing with the figurines, Buu wants to play ball, and turns Trunks into one. Your character has the (reasonable) option to panic, or to kick Trunks.
  • Extra Pack 2 gives you the option of customizing canon characters, including altering their movesets by giving them moves they never had (for example, Bardock can learn both of his sons' moves). Why is this funny? Because Nappa can finally unlock Super Saiyan. But not Raditz.
  • Thanks to the seventh DLC patch, the game adds the Conton City Live, where the characters will speak through the radio to the population of Conton City. The responses can be amusing.
    • Caulifla and Kale make their English debut by Caulifla being excited of going Super Saiyan 3 and beyond alongside Cabba and Kale. Then Kale states she doesn't want Super Saiyan Blue... she wants it pink. Then the two start to discuss of which one is better. Guess Kale doesn't know about Goku Black...
      Caulifla: Hey you, which is better? Badass blue or...
      Kale: Pink! Pink is the best! Pink is strong and cute!
    • Baby makes his grand debut... by entering the radio proclaiming how all of Conton City will be his slaves. Just imagine him inside a room saying all of this with no one taking seriously.
  • One of the songs available for the second anime music pack is "Yoka Yoka Dance" from the Future Trunks Saga. You know what that means, right? You can fight Zamasu, Baby, and Broly to an upbeat pop song!

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