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Okay! Let's do this! Right and right, left and left, spin and turn and: a great, big smile!

  • The introduction of the Supreme Kai of Time where she acts goofy (flashing double peace signs, blowing kisses, and even turning around and shaking her divine booty), and then Tokitoki lands on her head, pissing her off. And while she's in the background yelling at him, Trunks turns to your character with a giant Sweat Drop on his face and tries to insist that she's a really important person.
    • And then there's her role in getting Trunks to join the Time Patrol. Trunks tells us that he joined to atone for his previous time traveling, but after you talk to the Supreme Kai of Time after the first battle with Majin Buu, your character finds out that it wasn't even that serious. She was going to let Trunks' actions slide, but decided to lie and exaggerate the severity of his actions because she needed an assistant.
  • Shenron, like with other games, gets impatient if you wait to make a wish with the Dragon Balls. There actually is a canon reason for this, however - he can only exist in our dimension for a short period before reverting.
    Shenron: (bored) Wishes... get your wishes here...
  • Male Custom Voice 8 is none other than Takahata101 going full-on Abridged Nappa, making fun of pretty much all the moves. Some highlights:
    • "Justice is super-good! Evil bad, bro. Great Saiyanman!"
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    • "Welcome to the Gun Show!"
    • "Geometry!" and "Advanced! Geometry!"note 
    • "Die die, until you're dead!"note 
    • "Interstellar Pastries!"note 
    • "Tryhard Attack!"note 
    • "Mega-Ultra-Super-Hyper-Alpha-Whatever!"note 
    • "I Don't Even Know - What I'm Doing!"note 
    • "Cat loves food~, ye-yeah yeah yeah~."
    • "Ten to the Kamehame-ho!"note 
    • "Space Australia!"note 
    • "Makensapu-oplis!"note 
    • "Happy Birthday!"note 
    • "Pizza time!"note 
    • The default greeting is the famous "Vegeta?" line!
  • Some of the normal dialogue for the characters is pretty funny too. Hearing super-macho Piccolo or Vegeta-like voices sing "Hush, little baby" or doing the Great Saiyaman speech or "...spin and turn and - a great big smile!" or the fakeout Kamehameha.
    • Whenever Goku or Vegeta get sent flying is usually good for a laugh. Goku enthusiastically shouts "Not baaaaad!" and Vegeta declares "This is impossible!" no matter how many times you knock him around.
  • The game's "Blind Idiot" Translation has some pretty funny moments, such as Yamcha shouting "I did it!" at the end of the Cell saga. No, Yamcha. You didn't do anything (unless you count getting run through by Android 20, then getting your ass kicked by a Cell Jr.).
  • Anything Cell says is nearly guaranteed to be hilarious, awesome, or some combination of both.
    • Cell's line before firing his Kamehameha.
      "Beat it, and take your planet with you!"
    • Tossing a Spirit Bomb gets this.
      "I told you I could do it if I wanted to!"
    • If Cell is your mentor and you earn a Z Rank on a mission, he offers you this praise:
      "Splendid! Now THIS was a real fight! I'd totally hug you if that was something I did!"
      • His bluntness when you fail a mission is pretty amusing.
        "You're not even worth evaluating, scum."
      • Funnier still, if you complete a mission with a D Rank...
        "You couldn't even kill TIME like that!"
      • Even if you get a B, which most mentors would praise you for, Cell still sounds so long-suffering about it!
        "Oh alright... I SUPPOSE you pass..."
      • Bring Cell along with you on PQ 49, and his reaction to Vegeta's revenge line is priceless...
        "Did all that powering up make your brain swell a bit? What are you supposed to be now? Ultra Super Vegeta?"
  • Talking to your mentor can have them give you useful mixing materials or battle items from time to time. What happens when you get something from Hercule...
    "This present is extremely rare! Take good care of it!"
    You got: Hercule Badge (Common)
  • Elder Kai is available as a mentor as part of the Resurrection 'F' DLC, and he's a hoot. In order to become his pupil, you have to first bring to him a team consisting of two female teammates. His ecstasy at you attaining a Z-Rank in quests is hilarious.
    "You are quite something!!! OH EHM GEE!!!"
  • One of the distorted history cutscenes has Ginyu in Vegeta's body. Seeing the usually angry and serious Vegeta making such ridiculous poses is a hoot.
    • Moments later he changes with Goku, then we get Goku's reaction of being stuck in Vegeta's body.
    • And then there's Trunks' reaction who had been watching through the scroll.
    • It gets better depending on your how you made your character. During the mission following this, Ginyu will attempt to hijack Goku's Body only for Jeice to knock the player character between them meaning you can be treated to Ginyu's voice coming out of a little girl (and a girl's voice coming out of Ginyu's body). He also gives some specific dialogue for each of the playable races, complaining that he's too flabby to pull off his poses as a Majin or worried about looking like Frieza if you play as one of his race.
      • Jeice also spends the rest of the fight apologizing to an angry Ginyu for messing up the body switch.
  • During the Escort Mission where you have to fight 20 enemies and Guldo, after you take most of his health, Guldo tells Rasberry to take care of your player (in Ginyu's body), Gohan and Krillin, while taking off. Rasberry's respose?
    Rasberry: Guldo..?
    • During the fight, Appule complains about Guldo leaving him and Raspberry to the lurch and that he's not getting paid enough for this.
    • At the start of that mission the player, in Ginyu's body, shows up. Gohan and Krillin immediately freak out and think Ginyu has come to kick their ass. Too bad the player character is a silent protagonist and is left flailing their arms wildly in a bid to try and explain the situation.
  • Time Patrol Trunks, having never heard of the God of Destruction Beerus, doesn't seem to realize how dangerous he can be as the Supreme Kai of Time loses her shit. He later is left gobsmacked by Beerus picking a fight and nearly destroying the Earth over pudding.
    • Supreme Kai of Time referring to Beerus as "the freaking God of Destruction."
    • The cutscene introducing Beerus in the game is also a hoot: events look ready to play out as they had in the movie as Majin Buu refuses to share any pudding with Beerus, except this time, Vegeta manages to get one of the puddings before Buu could eat them all. Things are looking up as Beerus is about to enjoy his snack, until a ball that Goten and Trunks were playing with is diverted in midair by Demigra and smacks the pudding out of Beerus's hands. With his pudding now ruined and Buu having eaten the rest, Beerus blows his top.
      • Also worth mentioning: Vegeta actually goes Super Saiyan just to snag that pudding cup.
      • His reaction to the last pudding getting knocked out of Beerus' hands sold the moment.
    • And of course, Future Trunks can't help but point out how absurd the whole situation is.
      Future Trunks: This is Lord Beerus... This... this battle started for the stupidest reason!
    • Beerus saying "Screw this, I'm destroying Earth and going home."
    • When Vegeta starts fighting Beerus, Future Trunks stops caring about the proper timeline and just starts cheering for his father to beat Beerus by himself.
    • Beerus's absolute commitment to fighting Demigra as revenge, even though his fight would destroy the Time Nest and effectively time itself, and Supreme Kai of Time practically begging him to stop.
      • His nonchalant reply to the Supreme Kai of Time's distress over Tokitoki city and the Time Nest being destroyed if Beerus decided to fight there is just hilarious.
        Beerus: I know. I am the God of Destruction after all.
    • This exchange when Beerus and Whis test the Future Warrior and Trunks:
      Whis: Maybe we should just leave it to them.
      Beerus: I don't know. I never change my mind about anything.
      Whis: Then what is the point of this test in the first place?
      Beerus: Oh be quiet! This fight is not yet over!
      Whis: Very well.
  • After defeating Demon God Demigra at the end of the game, Goku tells how he notices how strong The Player is, asking you for a one on one spar with him, which you happily accept. Cue Supreme Kai of Time scolding you both in fear of the fight destroying the Time Nest you've just saved.
  • In a meta sense, particularly for the many players of this game who may be unfamiliar with Dragon Ball Online, the fact that Trunks is so adamant about the fact that history should never be changed (and the fact that the "correct" history is the one that came about due to his own time traveling escapades) is rather hilarious.
  • After The Stinger, there is a scene where Trunks and your character are sparring with new Time Patrol recruits, only for your character to defeat them all in short order, much to Trunks's chagrin. Bonus points if your character is a Super Saiyan due to finishing the final battle while still transformed.
  • How about the moment you rescue Mr. Satan from Cell? Do you pull him out of the way, or maybe block Cell's would be lethal attack? Nope! You straight up punt the poor bastard into one of the pillars, all to troll Cell.
    • Better yet, everyone's reaction to you saving Mr. Satan. It's no exaggeration to say that every Z-Fighter wanted to see Cell kill Mr. Satan.
      Piccolo: Hmph... He survived...
      Krillin (in a sarcastic tone): What a nice person. Saved that idiot and everything...
  • If Vegeta is your mentor, and you fail a mission, he will shout "What a MESS! And you call yourself my apprentice?!" The way he says it is just so Vegeta that you can't help but laugh.
    • Most of his "mentor" dialogue would probably count, as he frequently berates you even when you win.
  • The Taino Force. It starts out as a solo Majin Girl, who is a big fan of the Ginyu Force. Talk to her more and more, and she's trying to develop her own version of the Ginyu Force — the Taino Force. At the end of the game, she finally gets her members, but the hilarious part comes from seeing Iaas, the Frost Demon who spent the entire game talking down to you, posing like Jeice.
  • A female Majin's throw is hilarity incarnate; she grabs the opponent, latches onto their back...and punches them repeatedly in the head before throwing them.
    • Speaking of female Majins, while based on the camera's quirks and impatient players, when she starts to dish a combo, only to fire two stretched punches behind her. She looks like a cute klutz as a result.
    • When the female Majin runs, she throws her arms behind her like a ninja straight out of Naruto. The female Majin can be the perfect combination of adorable and funny in this game.
    • Super Buu's throw can involve grabbing them by the leg and punch them repeatably in the groin depending on their height. Even funnier when you knock the Super Saiyan out of someone like Android 13.
    • Playing as a Majin against Fat Buu becomes hilarious when he says you have a weird face. Not only is this more or less what Vegeta said to him in their first encounter, it becomes even funnier if you're playing as a male Majin who looks just like Majin Buu.
  • The Para Para Dance makes a triumphant return from Dragon Ball GT. It is devastating when used in Co Op.
  • In one story mission where you have to deal with clones of Majin Buu until Time Patrol Trunks reasons with him that a strong fighter (Gotenks) will challenge him in two days, Buu says that until the fighter shows up, you, the player, should play with him. What do you do? You wave goodbye with an awkward smile and promptly teleport back to the Time Nest, leaving behind an upset Buu.
  • During the final saga, when Gohan, Vegeta, and Gotenks fall under mind control, the former two act as though they're fighting desperately to free themselves when their HP is dropped to a certain point. As for Gotenks? "I'm gonna murder your face!" Even Time Patrol Trunks concedes that they need an ass-whuppin' know, to make absolutely certain the mind control's gone!
    • The first time this happens is when Piccolo gets mind controlled. Trunks asks the Supreme Kai of Time what to do to break him out of the spell, and the Supreme Kai explicitly states that all he needs is a good punch to the face.
  • Characters react to your own character's race. This can lead to hilarity with early villains if you're a member of Frieza's clan (they freak out that one of Frieza's family members is attacking them) or a Majin ("What forsaken planet did you come from?!").
  • While most Dragon Ball hunt quests are the bane of this game (and this was probably the worst), in the PQ Old Rivals and Dragon Balls, one of the Dragon Balls can be on the highway. Inside a glass-dome covered highway. Inexplicably sitting there, totally not having damaged the highway's glass in the slightest.
  • Appule. Oh dear Lord, Appule. He is the epitome of hilarity whenever he arrives in a mission involving Freeza's underlings being slaughtered, stating he'll end the battle. Even moreso depending on the character you use. Here to stop Lord Beerus? Appule, you're way out of your league.
  • If you're playing as a Majin, Beerus says your face makes him crave pudding.
  • If you get your timing just right, while your ally is clashing blows with the enemy, and you turn them to candy, the candy will continue to bash against your ally until the trading of blows is finished. Yes, this game has the amazing fighting candy.
  • If you bring Omega Shenron along to a fight with Frieza, you get this weird gem of a conversation:
    Omega Shenron: It would seem that I was born from the wish of reviving all the people that you shamelessly killed.
    Frieza: Hohoho. Then I suppose that makes me your mama. I should make you my underling.
  • Lowering a character's health gets a voice clip from them. Earlier versions had some speech boxes that didn't match what they were saying. What's funny is when Frieza's speech box is calmly saying, "Time to rethink things." while you can hear him shouting, "This is a NIGHTMARE!".
  • In GT Pack 1, you have to deal with the mass escape from hell, which features a return of the Ginyu Force as the Neo-Ginyu Force, and they've had a bit of a change-up. Their line-up now features Recoome, Burter, Jeice, Guldo and... Nappa?
    • In that same mission, Trunks attempts to explain how the GT timeline happened to the player (mostly he's trying to explain the GT Trunks, whom he openly views as a wimp, is NOT the same Trunks as him). He immediately stops when he gives up explaining.
    • Time Patrol Trunks talking about his GT counterpart is pretty amusing.
      Trunks: "Damn you, other me!" "My other me!"
  • There's one instance where Eric Vale seems to completely break character.
  • You can use the Dragon Balls to make yourself taller.
  • Hercule receiving a power up that apparently makes him strong enough to kill Super Saiyan Goku.
    • Even more hilarious when you realize that Hercule's regular attacks wouldn't make his opponent flinch in earlier DBZ games but during your battle with him, the tables have turned. Hercule has super armor during your battle with him which means that he can easily shrug off your regular attacks and a good portion of your super attacks.
  • When the Shadow Dragon saga starts, Giru keeps scurrying in two separate battles, before the fight against Nuova Shenron and Eis Shenron.
  • After beating the GT timeline, Supreme Kai of Time offers Trunks and Future Warrior to a meal in which Future Warrior gets excited, but not Trunks. Why? Because Trunks says her cooking is "more destructive than any Shenron out there".
    • How bad is it? Enough to generate a dark evil-looking aura where they're likely to be dining. Even Toki Toki knows well enough to fly away from it. If you talk to Trunks after this, you'll find that the cooking gave him quite the stomachache.
  • Omega Shenron's brattiness will catch you off guard.
    I'm sorry, was I supposed to be damaged? Because I'm not! At all!
    I.. I'll let you know that didn't hurt at all!
    You stinky flies, do you really think you can win?
  • One of Goku's mentor missions starts off with Goku telling you this: "I've got two sons, Gohan and Goten. They're Brilliant, but Lazy, so I was hoping you could go beat some motivation into them, okay?" As if the "Son Goku: Father of the Year" meme needed any more fuel...
  • It's a blink-and-you'll-miss-it one, but one of Android 18's combos has her slap her opponent between punching and kicking them.
  • Broly's interaction with certain characters. If you have him face Krillin, he'll call him a "hairless child". If he faces Raditz, he notes he's not Goku, but shouts "THIS IS CONFUSING!!!"
  • In a Parallel Quest where you're training with Whis he assures you that he'll "do his best" only to add "Well, sort of". Considering he is by far the most powerful character in the universe his actual best would probably be overkill.
  • The Suspiciously Specific Denial on the part of Gohan and Videl regarding the identity of the Saiyamen. Couple that with their usual banter.
  • If you have Adult Gohan and Mr. Satan on the same team, and Mr. Satan falls in battle, he goes overdramatic and Gohan quips "I think... I think you should just rest".
  • As per usual with Dragon Ball games, if you have characters fight with others when they were younger or older, other characters will display confusion at the change in ages.
    • Pan against Kid Trunks:
      Pan: So cute! What happened to you Trunks?
      Trunks: What? Cute!? C'mon, at least call me cool.
    • Pan against Adult Gohan:
      Pan: C'mon Dad, fight me!
      Gohan: D-Dad? Are you talking to me?
    • Kid Goku (GT) against Raditz:
      Raditz: Kakarot! You can change your power level and your age? IMPOSSIBLE!
      Kid Goku (GT): Heh heh. You're all surprised.
    • Kid Goku (GT) against Adult Gohan:
      Kid Goku (GT): Gohan it's me Goten! Heh heh, just kidding.
      Gohan: His power is Dad's. What's going on?
  • In addition, lots of characters still have a tendency to confuse Goku with Bardock and Goten, with hilarious results.
  • Nappa's question from Budokai Tenkaichi 3 is finally answered: You can create a Saiyan with facial hair, and yes, it does turn gold when you turn into a Super Saiyan.
  • If you approach Pan while wearing Kid Chichi's clothing set she complains that it's way too revealing. Then she learns that it's what her grandmother was wearing when she first met her grandfather.