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A 1991 film directed by Nancy Savoca that has a young marine (River Phoenix) meeting a young woman (Lili Taylor) on his way to Vietnam and the two falling in love.

The film also stars EG Daily, Anthony Clark, Mitchell Whitfield, and Brendan Fraser.

It was released on October 4, 1991.

It was also adapted into a 2012 off-Broadway musical composed by Pasek and Paul and starring Lindsay Mendez and Derek Klena.


Tropes for the film:

  • The '60s: Takes place from 1963-1967.
  • Period Piece: Takes place from 1963-1967, from the day before the Kennedy assassination to 1967, when Eddie returns home.
  • Prank Date: Where Hollywood Homely Lili Taylor is the victim.
  • Time Skip: The next part of the film takes place three years later when Eddie returns and sees people protesting the Vietnam War.

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