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A Ryanverse/Buffy crossover, where, a few weeks after The Bear and the Dragon, President Ryan has to deal with a very different type of crisis: something has happened with a Black Ops unit called the Initiative. This is the beginning of a long running fanfic series, which by now, all together, has roughly the same word count of a Clancy novel.

The story has three parts: Rainbow over Sunnydale, Imhotep's Key, and Witchfinder, which is still in progress


Tropes Included Are:

  • Action Girl: It's a Buffy fanfic, so it is full of them. Samantha Finn and Lady Lara Croft as well as, of course, Buffy herself.
  • Anti-Magic: "It Is", a keris made of Thunderbolt Iron owned by Lara Croft, has the ability to simply ignore any magical defences as if they didn't exist.
  • Badass Crew: the Rainbow troopers, the Initiative troopers, the Medji, and the JSDF anti-supernatural unit. To a lesser degree, the Sunnydale Police Department's night shift and Ranger Broadman's crew.
  • Beethoven Was an Alien Spy: Benjamin Franklin was a Watcher. He was sent to the Americas to keep an eye out for supernatural threats in the New World, and after the revolution he convinced Washington to sign an order that gave all Slayers a license to kill or take any measures necessary to protect the US from the supernatural. The Watchers weren't behind the revolution, however, and the Council was actually annoyed with him for being a major figure in it.
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  • Bow and Sword in Accord: Lt. Kenshin Hiedoki, a Rainbow trooper from the JSDF, uses a bow and a katana to fight the supernatural. He had previous experience fighting the supernatural as part of the JSDF unit specifically trained for it.
  • Dark Action Girl:Anck Su Namun. Buffy still mops the floor with her
  • Dude, Where's My Respect?:
    • Averted. Ryan personally thanks Buffy for all she's done, and offers both the support of the US Government, and from his own resources, while Clark hires her to help train his troopers, giving her an extremely good salary, and also puts her on retainer.
    • Ettore Falcone, a Rainbow trooper who had previously heard about Buffy, says it's an honour to finally meet her.
    • Ryan also wants to give her the Presidential Medal of Freedom. He thinks she deserves something higher, anything higher would require too many people to become involved.
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  • The Dragon:Trifurcates seems to be this to the Big Bad.
  • Foreshadowing:Anck Su Namun is observing outside in a car when Clark and Ding get out running when anya freaks out upon seeing some bunnies.
  • Four-Star Badass: Clark goes into the field on several occasions, and at one point punches a vampire in the facenote 
  • Gender-Blender Name: Major General Marion "Mary" Diggs. Marion is a unisex name and he's often referred to by his nickname, "Mary".
  • Head Butting Heroes: There are a lot of them:
    • Alister Stanley dislikes Giles, because one of the potential Slayers turns out to be his niece, who he and the rest of his family had been told died alongside her mother, but had actually been kidnapped by the Watchers (and her mother's death may have been their doing). Giles doesn't begrudge him this, as he had been told by the Council that she had no close family left alive, when she actually had her Uncle Alister, an aunt, and her grandparents.
    • Giles really doesn't want to accept too much help from any governments, because he doesn't want them to have influence over the Watchers. He is willing to accept help from some other groups, and works with Rainbow, though that's partially because he doesn't have much choice.
    • The Sunnydale Police Department doesn't like Riley, because he was the one the Initiative always sent to tell them to stay out of things. Made worse by how much the SPD hate the Initiative, especially after Adam went on a killing spree.
    • Clan O'Connell didn't get along with the Watchers Council, in part because Dame Evelyn O'Connell didn't get along with Bernard Travers when they worked together. They also disagree with the Medji over the idea that sometimes an innocent must die in order to protect the rest of the world, though they are on better terms with them.
    • The Medji also don't like the Watchers Council, mainly due to how they treat Slayers. They found out about each other when one of their number turned out to be a Slayer. They refused to let her go with the Council representative without a bodyguard, and removed her from their control when the Watchers attempted to perform the Cruciamentum on her. She still performed her duty as a Slayer, and ended up being the longest lived Slayer in history.
  • Heroism Won't Pay the Bills:
    • Played straight at the start, with Buffy working two jobs to make ends meet, but later averted, with John paying her $200 dollars per hour to train Rainbow, and putting her on retainer.
    • The SPD's night watch had actually been putting together a fund to help her, but hadn't given it to her before because they never found a good chance to tell her what they know.
  • I Need a Freaking Drink: Several people express this after finding out the supernatural exists, and Andrea Price-O’Day gives Dr.Clarice Golden a drink of scotch after showing her tapes of what Buffy can do.
  • Majorly Awesome: Ding, Peterson, and Riley Finn.
  • Massively Multiplayer Crossover: In addition to the Ryanverse and Buffy, the following works also show up:
  • Muggles Do It Better:
    • Yes, Buffy could spend time crawling through the tunnels and mapping them out... or John could just have a spy satellite with a ground penetrating radar do a couple of passes overhead.
    • Forest Ranger Robert Broadman's solution to a group of vampires squatting on his reservation? Have a priest bless the water in a fire tanker, then spray them with the water cannon when they refuse to leave.
  • Oh, Crap!: After finding out that President Ryan had a meeting with Buffy and Riley Finn, Pedro de la Hoya immediately ends his meeting with Holtzman, as he knows that something really bad must be happening for that meeting to take place, and he has to warn his government about it.
  • Off Screen Moment Of Awesome: The incident with the holy fire tanker? That involved eight vampires, and he only resorted to having the water blessed after they ignored his order to leave the reservation, and he gave them a second chance before using the water cannon. Meaning that a completely ordinary man had the guts to tell eight vampires to leave twice, and then managed to kill them without help from a Slayer or a special forces unit.
    • Johnathan O'Connell once killed dragon with a MAW.
  • Open Secret:
    • Downplayed, but the Ryan administration appears to be one of the few governments that didn't know about the supernaturalnote .
    • Several of the previous administrations knew about the supernatural, including several of the Founding Fathers.
    • The British government knows who the Watchers are and where they are headquartered, with Sir Basil being quite confused that Ryan wasn't briefed when he became president (He knew Ryan wasn't briefed when he became head of the NSA, because President Durling felt he had enough to deal with).
    • The JSDF has a unit specifically trained to deal with supernatural threats. Kenshin served with them before joining Rainbow.
    • The Vatican not only has its own organization, but has gotten help from the Carabinieri on several occasions for when they have to deal with a large number of targets. Ettore was with the Carabinieri and took part in two raids. As well, he had actually heard of Buffy before.
    • The Mexican government and their special forces have fought supernatural threats on several occasions, once having to deal with creatures that a drug cartel had unleashed on a rival cartel. Pedro de la Hoya, who took part in one disastrous operation and lead the team sent to deal with the cartel situation, is now a diplomat to the United States. They also know what a Slayer is and who Buffy is.
    • Dame Evelyn O'Connell, one of the curatrixes of the Egyptian Wing of the British Museum, was already aware of the supernatural before she became friends with Giles, and her family are specialists in Egyptian threats and situations. One of her grandchildren, Jonathan O’Connell, is the lieutenant in charge of the SPD's night shift, and knew about the supernatural before joining the SPD, even knowing who Giles was.
    • Nicholas Eddington, one of the first people General Diggs contacts when putting together his command staff, turns out to be the grandson of a witch, knows about the Sunnydale Hellmouth, lost two NCOs when his unit was stationed near Sunnydale, and the unit had to kill them when it turned out they had become vampires and were killing their families. His niece, while not a which, is quite sensitive to the supernatural and knows a lot about the occult.
  • Police Are Useless: Averted.
    • The Carabinieri has assisted the Vatican with several situationsnote .
    • The Sunnydale Police Department is also aware of the supernatural and of Buffy, and the night shift has been secretly helping her since the corrupt cops got cleared out. They're no match for major threats and they know it, but they deal with small problems so that Buffy can focus on the big stuff.
    • Ranger Broadman has dealt with supernatural threats on a couple of occasions, and he's not the only forest ranger to do so, as he only asks Buffy for help because the guys he usually brings with him for supernatural threats are busy dealing with a forest fire.
  • Poor Communication Kills:
    • The Sunnydale Police have actually been aware of the supernatural for a while, and wanted to get in touch with Buffy to help her. However, at first the Initiative told them to stay out of it, and afterwards they kept waiting for a good time to tell her, but could never find one. In the end, she finds out when Broadman comes to her for help and tells her that the officer in charge of the SPD's night shift had directed him to her.
    • The Watchers didn't do the best job of teaching Buffy about the various organizations active in the supernatural world. This results in her being surprised that there's such a thing as the American Federation of Wizards, despite the SPD night shift being aware of them and the fact that there are around a dozen members in and around Sunnydale.
    • In a more literal example, the Vatican apparently didn't bother telling the Carabinieri that 9mm bullets are pretty much useless against the supernatural. Luckily for Ettore, he also had a shotgun.
  • Pull the Thread: How the Ryan Administration found out about the Initiative and the supernatural. In order to keep them in the dark, they had been told the Initiative was an intel group focusing on keeping an eye on the People's Republic of China. To maintain this cover, the Initiative took intel from other US intelligence groups and repackaged it as their own. Then the US and the PRC went to war, revealing the intel was way off, resulting in the Secretary of Defence investigating them post-war to figure out what went wrong, figuring out they were just taking intel from other groups, relieving Billingsly of command and auditing the Initiative to figure out where the money put into it really went, eventually coming across Colonel Joshua McCloud, who reveals what they were really doing and provides evidence of the supernatural.
  • Rank Up:
    • Riley Finn is promoted from Captain to Major by Jack, in part because the Rainbow teams are lead by Majors.
    • While he hasn't actually been promoted in rank, Vice Admiral Winslow has gone from being ComSubLantnote , to being CinCSubsnote 
  • Reasonable Authority Figure: President Ryan and most of his administration are this, as are John and Alistair
    • Ryan is willing to call in favours with the British government to get them to send someone to talk to Giles, rather than having to take him into custody and annoying Buffy. The British are also completely reasonable when it comes to why they want to take him into custody, as he just so happened to be the only known Watcher who wasn't in the Council's headquarters when it was bombed, and he fled the country soon afterwards.
    • Clark and the FBI are willing to over look the fact that Buffy and friends are harbouring a fugitive (and kidnapped him), and are willing to take him out of her hands.
    • They promote Major General Diggs and secretly make him the new CinC-CONUSnote , as they want a military unit to act as a back stop in case Buffy and Rainbow need more help, but the current CinC-CONUS is a better peacetime officer. They also make sure to check who Billingsly had dealings with, finding that most of the higher ups at the local base were put in charge by him.
  • Shout-Out:
    • One of Rainbow troopers is a SAS Warrant Officer. His name? Benton. Word of God says he's the son of UNIT Sergeant Benton, so it's more of a Legacy Character.
    • When Bob Holtzman has to check about the explosion of the Watchers Headquarters, who does he call? Sarah-Jane Smith.
    • Andrea has two agents drive Dr.Golden home, both to stop her from driving drunk and to keep the agents out fo trouble. Their names? Bill and Ted.
    • While talking about the submarine USS Connecticut, a Vice Admiral Winslow is brought in, and he says that its commander, Captain Thomas Dodge, is unconventional, but he trusts him implicitly. VP Jackson asks if he's the guy with a tattoo on his prick.
  • Troll: Abraham Lincoln, of all people. He admits that he appeared to Winston Churchill when he was naked just because he wanted to see his reaction. He also appeared to Queen Wilhelmina for the same reason.
  • Well-Intentioned Extremist: Billingsly. He really is convinced that Jack Ryan is the Anti-Christ, and wants to kick start the apocalypse to save as many souls as possiblenote . Even Ryan admits that his logic behind thinking Ryan's the Anti-Christ actually makes some sense, even if he's wrong.
  • Villain Has a Point: While he's wrong about Ryan being the Anti-Christ, Ryan admits that General Billingsly does have a point about his rise to power being extremely odd and relying on a lot of luck and coincidence, and Colonel McCloud admits that he initially thought the General might be right. Ryan even decides to have people look into the possibility that someone did use magic to ensure he became president.