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Fanfic / Pretty Cure Seasons Delight

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"Pretty Cure Season's Delight" is a fanseries written by Jikochuu with a seasons and food motif. It can be read here.

Seven years ago, Miyabi Ouka was about to get eaten by a monster on her way home, only to be rescued by the mysterious Cure Cinnamon. And until then, she had never forgotten her gratitude to her secret heroine. But when history repeated itself during her birthday party, Miyabi sought the help of a fairy named Mocha to become one of the legendary warriors, Pretty Cure.


As Cure Taffy, Miyabi is to collect enough Sugar Hearts for the Candy Box to restore Mocha's fallen kingdom, Sugarland back to its former glory, all while fighting the evil forces of Bittersweet, who wants to spread bitter despair on the populace. Of course, she has to assemble her own team first and find the missing Cure Cinnamon.

The Cures:

The Bittersweet:

  • Vanilla: The leader. The spiteful young sister of the Queen of Sugarland, she aims to overthrow the throne, eliminate its heir, and spread sadness on both Sugarland and Earth.
  • Anise: A girl who looks the same age as the Cures. She finds destruction and suffering fun, often treating her targets like mere toys.
  • Sorrel: The group's suave tactician. But in spite of his gentlemanly attitude, he is a sore loser, and could not let go of a grudge so easily.
  • Thyme: They are frail and weak, and is often seen sleeping in their Lair and even during fighting! But their strength and agility is impressive, and acts as the powerhouse of the group in spite of their lazy tendencies.

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