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"Protecting the seas with the power of the four elements! We are Pretty Cure!"

Pretty Cure Safe⚓Harbor is a Pretty Cure fanseries by Ameliette, set in her Random Jedi Order crossover universe. The story is currently in development stage, but will eventually be posted of, AO3 and Dreamwidth. Has a precureocs page.

In the Land of Elements, the recently crowned King of Fire of Solaris has attacked the Marina Kingdom's castle, killing the king and the two princes. With the Queen's bodyguards brainwashed and hostile, Queen Meera sends her daughter Sara to the Land of Aether to recruit the legendary Pretty Cure warriors, in hopes they will find the Princess of Fire, destined to defeat the King of Fire.


Sara arrives on Earth and runs into a highschooler named Bella Prongs, who lives on a giant floating city called Lotuspad. Then the Embereds arrive, and the Pretty Cures must be found before the monsters destroy the remnants of the human society!

Pretty Cure Safe⚓Harbor exhibits the following tropes:


Pretty Cure Safe Harbor character sheet:

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Carla Fierro / Cure Ring

Splashing through the waves with untameable passion! Cure Ring!
A Mexican girl whose family moved to the Lotuspad when she was very young. Has two siblings.

Manami Yukimura / Cure Spinner

Leaping through the waves with undeniable grace! Cure Spinner!
A Japanese only child, who moved to Lotuspad for high school.

Saira Malik / Cure Caretta

Swimming through the waves with unwavering faith! Cure Caretta!
A Pakistani transfer student with a younger brother. Manami's flatmate.

Alice Honeystripe Blanchett / Cure Polar

Breaking through the waves with unstoppable strength! Cure Polar!
A French nekera born in the RJO temple before the mass migration to Lotuspad. Has an elder sister.

Nuru Wright / Cure Emperor

Waddling through the waves with unbreakable loyalty! Cure Emperor!
A South African land mine victim with a mechanical right leg and a hearing aid. Was evaquated from the hospital she was recovering in, but her parents couldn't be located, so she's lived in the dorms from age 11. Manami and Saira move into her flat for high school.


Bella Brighttail Prongs

Daughter of the headmaster and a close friend of Alice's since kindergarten. Found Sara first and provides the Home Base in her basement.


The second child and only daughter of Queen Meera. The Queen sent her on Earth just before the castle was taken, leaving her with a mission: find the Princess of Fire and defeat the King of Fire.

Queen Meera


King of Fire

The mysterious new ruler of Solaris.

Shula, Tala, and Alya

Queen Meera's former bodyguards, now brainwashed to serve King of Fire.


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