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Carolina Tak is a Spanish voice actress. A signature voice of anime distributor Arait Multimedia, this woman is a part of its essential female voice cast, and few voice actresses in Spain can match her in playing sultry female villains and awkward bespectacled girls. Carolina's very debut in anime was as LadyDevimon in Digimon Adventure, and then she would play Yolei Inoue to settle down her specialties. However, although she rarely breaks the pigeonhole, her ability to change voices has allowed her some variety of roles as well. Aside from anime, she also has short TV roles here and there.

Notable roles by Carolina Tak:


Live-Action Films

Western Animation

Video Games

Tropes that apply to Carolina Tak and her characters:

  • Acting for Two: Digimon Adventure 02 has her voicing both Yolei and the villainous LadyDevimon in the skate scene, with varying tones of course.
  • Evil Is Hammy: Her role as LadyDevimon features Carolina having a hell of a time with the acting.
  • Giggling Villain: Her trademark soft giggle, which she uses every time she plays a villainess for great effect.
  • The Other Darrin: She is the least remembered voice of Ran Mouri, as most fans will probably hear Diana de Guzmán whenever they think on her, but Tak is actually the longest running voice of Ran by a very long way.
  • Pigeonholed Voice Actor: As said above, sexy villainesses and clumsy girls with glasses.