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Diana Torres is a Spanish singer and voice actress, dedicated predominately to anime. Working with animation distributor Arait Multimedia for most of her career, Diana is known for her fresh, young-sounding voice, which has got her especialized in playing children, cute creatures and characters who are often more badass than they look. In anime, she is fondly remembered for voicing Nami in One Piece, Tae Shimura in Gintama, and Conan Edogawa in Case Closed.

She was also the vocalist and main member of the indie music band Liquid Sun, having sung works both in English and Spanish languages. The group never really took off and went on hiatus twice in its history, but it had some good reviews and won several awards at its very debut. Due to her singing ability, Diana has sung insert, opening and/or ending themes for many series licensed in Spain.

Diana's father, Rafael Torres, is also an active voice actor.

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