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Carmen Calvel is a Spanish voice actress. Starting in the business at the early 90s, she soon specialized in animation, and for a long time she was a mainstay of the anime dubbed on the Barcelona area before diverging to live action cinema and Western animation. Calvell has arguably demonstrated to be a Master of All in terms of playing, having successfully played a wide array of vastly different characters, though she is specially proficient on worldly women, energetic girls and Cool Big Sis types.


Notable roles by Carmen Calvell:


Western Animation


Tropes that apply to Carmen Calvell:

  • Relationship Voice Actor: She, Carmen Ambrós and María Rosa Guillén have a long career together. The three debuted in the business at the same time (the Spanish dub of Red Dwarf in 1989) and went to share screen in countless anime series, playing both friends and enemies. Even today, if you hear one of them in a voice work, the other two are probably not very away.