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Jay Faerber's homage to Super Hero comic books and soap operas. The series revolves around the Noble family, a wealthy, famous family of superheroes. In addition to fighting supervillains, the heroes face such challenges as infidelity, unplanned pregnancies, and the tabloids.

The main family members are:

  • Dudley "Doc" Noble: A Gadgeteer Genius who is more interested in working on inventions in his lab than spending any time with his family.
  • Gaia: The matriarch of the family, who does everything she can to make herself and her family look good in the public eye. Currently divorced from Doc and serving a prison term.
  • Rusty: The oldest son, a Super-Strong hero with a bad temper who had his consciousness transferred into a robotic body after nearly being beaten to death. In years since, he's struggled with his humanity, and, evidently, given in. He now speaks in a harsh monotone, doesn't use contractions, and rarely indicates emotion. He's faking it.
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  • Frost: Gaia's son from an extra-marital affair with The Doc Noble of an Alternate Universe. Has ice-based powers and a huge chip on his shoulder.
  • Race: The middle child. He has Super Speed and seems to be the nicest and most well-adjusted member of the family. No wonder they killed him off at the end of the first issue...
  • Zephyr: The youngest child. A teenage girl who sleeps around. This results in her getting knocked up by Draconis, her father's archenemy.
  • Liz Donnely-Noble: A normal girl who runs a bookstore. Her good looks and unpretentious nature caused Race to fall in love with her and marry her. She continues to live in the Noble Family mansion after Race's death.
  • Krennick: Race's best friend, and the son of Draconis, Doc Noble's Arch-Enemy. A demon who holds unrequited feelings for Zephyr.
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  • Celeste: A publicity-hungry heroine with stellar energy powers who was married to Rusty, but had a long-standing affair with Frost.
  • Olympia: Doc's second wife, a superstrong beauty queen with two children from a previous marriage.
  • Surge: Olympia's son, and the youngest of the Nobles. In need of a serious attitude adjustment; gets on poorly with just about everyone due to his explosive temper.
  • Minutae: Olympia's daughter. Extremely introverted and removed from social interactions, she strikes a quick friendship with Doc due to her love of science.
  • Amy: Surge's girlfriend, who accused Frost of raping her after he resisted her advances. The real Amy had actually been killed and replaced by a shapeshifting assassin before her introduction in the comic.
  • Slate Blackthorne: The youngest of the villainous Blackthorne family, who can turn into a gigantic rock-man and eventually abandoned his family to marry Zephyr.

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