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    The Reego 
The Reego - Una, Duae, Tres and Ivy Ayanami-Gogoki

Born as a byproduct of Iruel's attempt to create a fantasy world for Rei, Go-Kun saved his virtual children from deletion. With some persuasion by Kensuke,they went off to go and cleanse the post-Impact hellhole of Australia. They are succeeding admirably.

The Reego will take over, and control any technology they can get their manipulators on, hence their practical appearance varies, with some of their favourite bodies including Spider Tanks and Rei Dolls from NERV's merchandising department, which in their hands more resemble Terminators. In virtual space, they think of themselves as little blue-haired, red-eyed girls, between the ages of 6 and 7, with four spider-like mechanical legs, and extensive cyberisation. Like, in fact, a hybrid of their parents.

Now confirmed to be Iruelim-class angels.

  • Daddy's Girl - Una is the one who takes after her "father", Unit 05, most, and sends him regular letters.
  • Reasonable Authority Figure - Una is one, as the one who really handles the refugees. Well, by Reego standards.

  • Combat Tentacles - Duae is of the opinion that a tentacle is a superior appendage for anything you can name.
  • Puppy Love - Duae has a little crush on 00-Em, because of his woobieness, and because he has saved her twice. The fact they both like similar things, and that he, as an Ikari-Nagisa hybrid, is very pretty, doesn't hurt.
  • Wrench Wench - Duae likes upgrades. A lot.

  • Cute and Psycho - Tres is just like Momma. Awww.
  • Knife Nut - If it has blades, and can be used for stabbing, Tres is a fan.
  • Path of Inspiration - Two different groups have started worshipping the Reego. The refugees have begun to worship them as their saviours, but there's also a group of giant, sapient spiders who have begun to follow Tres, after one of her spider-tanks killed their leader.
    • Of course, when you realise that, as Rei and Go-Kun's children, they're effectively sort of ADAM and Lilith's grandchildren, maybe the worship is justified.

  • The Ace - Ivy is probably the best killer out of them. Which is just as well, considering that she's also...
  • Genius Ditz - She can be remarkably perceptive, on rare occasions. the rest of the time, though....
  • Generation Xerox - Literally true, in Ivy's case; Iruel "got lazy" when making her, and just copied Rei pretty directly. Hence, she has her mother's...tenuous grasp on mundane reality.
  • Leeroy Jenkins
  • Rocket Jump - Ivy will strap rocket boosters to anything, and then use explosives to make her go even higher.

    The Keiworu 
The Keiworu

Through a series of highly unethical procedures, Kei Ayanami managed to copy her own mind while captive by SEELE, then strip those minds back to infanthood. Continuing with that general theme of lack of ethics, she then blended them with neural data she stole from Kaworu, and the Keiworu came into existence. They are dedicated subversion and control intelligences, fanatically devoted to their mother, and more than a little sinister. There are an unknown number 151 in the "wild", according to SEELE documents. 00-Em A9 and 02-Ef A9 are currently hanging out with the Reego, and at least one has been seen being ordered by Kei to take over Evangelion MP-1 to aid against a Cherub.

Raised in fasttime in the Geneva MAGI, the Keiworu are little boys and girls who look like hypothetical offspring of Kei and Kaworu, with their features and hair colour indicating the proportional blend of the two that went into them. Those with more blue in their hair are more Kei-based, while grey indicates Kaworu; most are some shade of blue-grey. Their ages vary between about 4 and about 9; 02-Ef A9 and 00-Em A9 look about 5.

True to all Reego:

  • Decoy Protagonist: Ultimately, the story is carried by 02-ef A9, who ends up stopping the Angel, stopping Seele, etc. The Reego don't do much.
  • Worf Effect: For all their weapons, in the end they don't do much.

  • Adorkable - 00-Em, at least in the eyes of Duae. Considering that they were produced from the neural templates of Kei and Kaworu, this is not surprising.
  • Big Brother Instinct - 00-Em is ferociously protective of his sister and her well-being.
  • Mr. Fanservice - Give him ten years, and he'll probably be hitting every single Qualification given in the trope page.
  • Survivor Guilt
  • The Woobie

  • Body Horror - 02-Ef. In your brain. Using it as a processor.
  • Daddy's Girl - 02-Ef A9. Or, perhaps, 02-Efiel.
  • Death Seeker - "Being unjured hurts.
  • Eldritch Abomination - 02-Ef's final form; even Tabris can't think of a way to describe it since something like that's never existed before.
  • Fate Word Then Death: Forced to 'ascend' to become an angelic being, at the price of nearly destroying her mind. Is put to sleep, to prevent her from losing all free will entirely. It's demonstrated by her speech becoming partially bolded.
  • Elegant Gothic Lolita - 02-Ef likes this fashion. It's blamed on the Kaworu influence.
  • Ill Girl - 02-Ef is thinking herself to death due to data bloat, and the only way that she can really avoid it will be to go seed-AI.
  • Protagonist: Is the true protagonist of the work, and the one who stops everyone.
  • My God, What Have I Done? - 02-Ef realizes, long after the fact, that the impressions she and her brother had SEELE personnel (mainly that they were unappologetically monstrous and needed to die, painfully) were totally wrong. She is horrified at what this means.
  • Protagonist Journey to Villain: Narrowly averted, but she does progressively more and more horrible things...but stops herself before she becomes a literal monster.
  • Tear Jerker - Her forced hibernation/"death" will wring a few tears out of you. Even the author admitted writing this made him cry.
  • The Woobie


Inspector Obeur Zilicaet

Major Xuan Do

Deputy Director of Security for GEHIRN's Australia operations. Likes killing, large explosions, and fire. Dislikes peace and quiet. Is nuts. No, really. She's sort of some unholy hybrid of Revy, Balalaika, The Major, the other Major, and a Renegade Female Shepard, among other things.

  • BFG - She runs around with a grenade launcher strapped to her arm. Said launcher fires grenades filled with chlorine trifluoride.
  • Blood Knight
  • Combat Pragmatist - She fights dirty.
  • Evil Counterpart - Bears more than a certain resemblance to Misato, and fills the same role as her at GEHIRN.
    • Subverted: She's not evil, and in fact tries to stop the Angel. She's just an Antagonist.
  • Expy - See above.
  • Heroic Sacrifice: Dies trying to stop Barliquel. Doesn't actually DO much, but she does end up surviving!
  • Hollywood Cyborg
  • Player Character - This trope basically explains everything you need to know about the character. She fights like one, picks her equipment like on, and, above all, plans like one.
  • Pregnant Badass - Horribly justified. Take one Badass Normal Impact War veteran. Add a Body Horror Fetus Terrible transplant of a Kaworu-derived Nephilim, kept from developing as an eight-year pregnancy. Why? Because, with implants, it allows the mother to synchronise, canon!Eva style, with the foetus, and become an Empowered Badass Normal who regenerates and can take and dish out unhealthy amounts of damage.
  • Supersoldier: She's a Theotokos. When Appendix II of 6AIs is read, that's explained to be an attempt at making Mass Production Nephilim. As in, to be contrasted to Mass Production Evangelions.
  • Trigger Happy - ... and happy when pulling the trigger.
  • Weapon of Choice - Highly volatile, indiscriminate, and loud? Yep, that sounds like her.


A Grigori, or an Angel from the Silurian era. The Angel of Lightning, who has been dormant for eons, has been awakened by the events in Australia. It is also the source of all the strangeness in Australia, as Australian life post-Second Impact has been partially mutated by it. Incredibly vain, thinks of itself as very beautiful.

  • Black Sheep: Unlike almost every other Angel, it doesn't appear to actually want to fight the Reego and their army, and seems to think they could coexist peacefully. It repeatedly suggests that they surrender even as they do everything in their power to kill it.
  • Eldritch Abomination: It's an Angel.
  • Gratuitous Iambic Pentameter: Speaks in a poetic manner, with a rhyming couplet followed by a non-rhyming line, then two or three syllables. Although when it gets angry the pattern gets broken more and more often.
    I know that you sought my eradication,
    Yet your mockery brought the seeds of restoration.
    And so your deeds were
  • Shock and Awe: Angel of Lightning. Lightning powerful enough to turn a square kilometer of land into glass with one strike.
  • Sinister Geometry: Described as crystalline wireframes of all eight Platonic solids, arranged concentrically around the core, and perfectly symmetrical.


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