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Introduced in Comedy Club

Possible Comedy Club Members

    Miley Verisse/Mairu Hibisu

The main character of the game. Seeks to revive the CTHCC.

  • Genki Girl: It's even a gameplay mechanic. On some days, Mairu goes into Hyperactive Mode and any income and stat increases she gains during the morning and afternoon will be boosted.
  • Idiot Hair: Three locks of them, even. When called out for her "bed hair", Mairu attempts to defend it as a fashion style.

    Harriet Sinclair/Hoemi Nanaho

Mairu's roommate. Has a part-time job at a cafe when school's over.

    Sara Croft/Yoriko Nagiwa

A transfer student & fellow roommate at the Unity Dormitory. She seems a bit of a pushover, so Mairu thinks it should be easy to convince her to join the Comedy Club.

  • Buxom Is Better: Her chest size is pointed out in-story.
  • New Transfer Student: Moves into Mairu and Hoemi's dorms at the start of the game.
  • Shrinking Violet: Has a hard time opening up after the passing of her grandparents, and relies on her dog for emotional support, but Mairu encourages her to open up while recruiting her for the club.

    May Bonbon/Amane Inubo

An old friend of Mairu's whose parents own the Mom & Pop Rock Candy store. She used to be a naive little girl, but now... she's still a naive little girl!

  • A-Cup Angst: Expresses this during the April 6 picnic scene, when spending time with Yoriko and other older girls.
  • Cloudcuckoolander: Some of Amane's chit-chats give off this vibe, such as thinking that if she wears her cat-ear hat long enough, she'll grow actual cat ears.
  • Expressive Accessory: The cat ears on her hat droop when she's sad.
  • Older Than They Look: Amane is canonically 15 (and eligible to join the CTHCC because she'll be attending Mairu's school as a junior), but looks like a pre-teen. Mairu constantly teases her for her "immaturity."

    Curtis Campbell/Shinnosuke Kamikata

A handsome lad who's popular among the 2nd year students. Mairu suspects he's the son of the famous comedian Rakutarou (Stan the Comedy Man in the westernized version), but is he or isn't he? The truth will out!

  • Like Father, Unlike Son: Because Rakutarou was rarely at home until his retirement, Shinnosuke grew up resenting him, and having no passion for comedy. It's not until the end of his event chain that he even watches one of his father's shows, and decides to both rekindle the relationship and join Mairu's club (on a provisional basis).
  • Straight Man: He's the most straight-laced and serious potential club member, though this trait is most evident when Mairu is being the "Wise Guy".

    Tyler Perez/Yoshiki Hanatsuki

Hoemi's 'stalker'. He's obsessed by celebrities and is putting together a directory of potential future celebrities in Cherry Hill Town.

  • Stalker with a Crush: He claims that he's only following people around in order to evaluate their talents and determine if they're worth managing...but he's willing to give his phone number to Mairu in exchange for Hoemi's.

    Cindy Smith/Haru Mitsuki

The legendary white-haired demon of Cherry Hill Town. She stalks the town, firing Tae Kwon Do kicks at anyone that looks at her wrongly... Not really. She's what you might call a childhood friend of Mairu's.

    Vivian Bergman/Ravian Merry

A transfer student from Canada (Sweden in the westernized version). She's the daughter of the director of the newly-opened museum. She's a nice girl, but has a lot of strange ideas about Japanese/American culture. Someone has to set her straight!

Other Characters

    Octavia Richmond/Chitose Karasuyama

A childhood "friend" of Mairu, who doesn't fondly remember the prank war they used to have with each other. She's currently the Student Council President, and is unable to give Mairu the funding for her new club (even if she wanted to) unless it has a minimum of five members (including Mairu and Hoemi) by the end of April.

  • Rich Bitch: Tends to flaunt her status, particularly in events involving Ravian, who's similarly from a wealthy background but spends nearly all her free time working at her family's museum.
  • The Rival: To Mairu.
  • Student Council President: Her current position.

    Dina Delaney/Kaoruko Kusunoki

The owner of the dorms that Mairu, Hoemi, and Yoriko live in. She was formerly a delinquent, which Haru admires, and she's also friends with Tamae, the business executive that tries to buy the Inubo's candy store.

  • The Gambler: An event on the evening of April 13 has her spend all the dorm's food money on a racehorse, leading to Mairu and Hoemi having to order takeout.

    Elise/Kusuko Fukumi

An insightful Shrine Maiden, and another old friend of Mairu's. Aside from giving Mairu a part-time job of sweeping up the shrine, she tends to give advice when it's needed the most.

  • Miko: She devotes all of her time to the Prosperity Shrine.
  • Stealth Hi/Bye: Tends to just fade in from thin air, even directly in-front of people, which frequently catches Mairu off-guard.

    Tamae Tobita

A representative of the "Sweet Dreams" candy store chain.

  • Honest Corporate Executive: Tamae's more concerned about the well-being of the town than personal profits, and is willing to rescind their offer to buy the Inubo store when Amane decides the business is too important to give up, both for her personally and for the local community.
  • Predatory Business: Amane's events in Comedy Club mainly deal with the business Tamae represents wanting to take over her Mom & Pop store.

    Stan the Comedy Man / Rakutarou 
A famous travelling comedian, now retired. He grew up in Mairu's town, and even was a customer of the Inubo's candy store in his youth, but spent most of his career away, leading to an estranged relationship with his son Shinnosuke.

The lead bassist of Haru's punk rock band.

    Ingrid Merry 
Ravian's older sister. She spends most of her time organizing the museum their father renovated, and after Mairu starts befriending Ravian, offers to give her a part-time job of helping to move things around.

Introduced in I! My! Girls!

    Ai Fujino / Ai Towano

Ai Fujino is the real-life and super-secret identity of the national pop idol ‘Ai Towano’. Her wonderful singing ability, dancing sense, and cute looks have made Ai Towano nationally famous, but the glitz and production of her performances conceal her true identity, and her true name and private life have remained well-guarded secrets. Despite her fame and adulation from fans, Ai aspires to be something more in life than a pop idol and, to fulfill that dream, she decides to transfer to Cherry Tree High School.

    Imari Kobayashi

A third year student at Cherry Tree High School, Imari is the talented club president of the Classical Comedy Club. Under different circumstances, she and Mairu might have been the best of friends, but as head of the competing comedy club, they are now arch rivals.

    Utena Katakura

A female teacher at Cherry Tree High School. Her poise and flair for drama have led to rumors that she once performed in a certain theater troupe. At any rate, she is a woman of irrepressible character and seems to be friends with the original Comedy Club founders (the legendary Grinmeisters), and also with Dina Delaney, manager of the Unity Dorm...

Introduced in Girls' Fight

    Asuka Hidori

    Asumi Jou

    Haruno Guujou

    Kyoko Midou

    Liling Huang

    Rin Howato


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