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Characters / Cherry Tree High Comedy Club

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Possible Comedy Club Members

    Miley Verisse/Mairu Hibisu 
The main character of the game. Seeks to revive the CTHCC.

  • Genki Girl: It's even a gameplay mechanic. On some days, Mairu goes into Hyperactive Mode and any income and stat increases she gains during the morning and afternoon will be boosted.
  • Idiot Hair: Three locks of them, even. When called out for her "bed hair", Mairu attempts to defend it as a fashion style.

    Harriet Sinclair/Hoemi Nanaho 
Mairu's roommate.

    Sara Croft/Yoriko Nagiwa 
A transfer student & fellow roommate at the Unity Dormitory. She seems a bit of a pushover, so it should be easy to convince her to join the Comedy Club.

    May Bonbon/Amane Inubo 
An old friend of Mairu's whose parents own the Mom & Pop Rock Candy store. She used to be a naive little girl, but now... she's still a naive little girl!

  • A-Cup Angst: Expresses this during the April 6 picnic scene.
  • Cloudcuckoolander: Some of Amane's chit-chats give off this vibe, such as thinking that if she wears her cat-ear hat long enough, she'll grow actual cat ears.
  • Expressive Accessory: The cat ears on her hat droop when she's sad.
  • Older Than They Look: Amane is canonically 15, but looks like a pre-teen. Mairu constantly teases her for her "immaturity."

    Curtis Campbell/Shinnosuke Kamikata 
A handsome lad who's popular among the 2nd year students. Mairu suspects he's the son of the famous comedian Rakutarou (Stan the Comedy Man in the westernized version), but is he or isn't he? The truth will out!

    Tyler Perez/Yoshiki Hanatsuki 
Hoemi's 'stalker'. He's obsessed by celebrities and is putting together a directory of potential future celebrities in Cherry Hill Town.


    Cindy Smith/Haru Mitsuki 
The legendary white-haired demon of Cherry Hill Town. She stalks the town, firing Tae Kwon Do kicks at anyone that looks at her wrongly... Not really. She's what you might call a childhood friend of Mairu's.

    Vivian Bergman/Ravian Merry 
A transfer student from Canada (Sweden in the westernized version). She's the daughter of the director of the newly-opened museum. She's a nice girl, but has a lot of strange ideas about Japanese/American culture. Someone has to set her straight!

Other Characters

    Octavia Richmond/Chitose Karasuyama 


    Elise/Kusuko Fukumi 

    Ai Fujino 

    Ai Towano 

    Imari Kobayashi 

    Utena Katakura 

    Tamae Tobita 

    Kaoruko Kusunoki 

    Asuka Hidori 

    Asumi Jou 

    Haruno Guujou 

    Kyoko Midou 

    Liling Huang 

    Rin Howato 

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