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Miley Verisse and Sonic the Hedgehog are similar in more ways than one.

  • You see, both of them like chili dogs, both seem to be happy-go-lucky, they like adventuring (Miley/Mairu's adventures are different from Sonic's but still), both like teasing people (Miley even more so), both have a close friend they can always depend on (Tails for Sonic and Harriet for Miley), both have rivals dedicated to taking them down (Dr. Eggman wants to get rid of Sonic so he can take over the world while Octavia Richmond wants to prevent Miley from reviving the titular CTHCC.) and both are around the same age.

Octavia Richmond is a Hired Gun for Dr. Eggman.

The Cherry Tree High series will get adapted into an Anime someday.


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