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The Chibi Doors are gateways to hell.
  • This all makes sense if viewed metaphorically. Opening the doors steals a little bit of your energy, a clear metaphor for stealing your soul. Within the doors lies money, the root of all evil. By this logic, we can conclude that the damned go into a small room with weird music where floating eyes stare at them for all eternity.
    • And Robo gets out because he's a really good fiddler. Fairness in Hell act strikes again!

Chibi Robo takes place in the same universe as Toy Story
  • My guess is that, after the aliens saw how happy the toys in the Sandersons' household were, they decided to bring all the other toys in the world to life.
    • Alternatively, Giga-Robo's first wish brought every toy in the world to life to begin with, Telly just wasn't aware of it beforehand and the other toys never left the house to know otherwise.

The Giga Robos didn't cause the energy crisis.
  • They were just blamed for it. (This WMG was brought to you by This Troper)

Jenny is in love with Chibi-Robo
  • One of the pictures she draws is of her sleeping with Chibi-Robo.
  • If you earn happy points from her, she usually kisses him (Or, she appears to.).
  • If you fall from a height big enough to drain your charge near her, she'll let out a Big "NO!" (kinda) and catch you.
(This WMG also brought to you by This Troper.)

The flowershop man is the creator of Chibi-Robo
  • He mentions that he left Citrusoft to open the flower shop. And he starts off calling Chibi "my little metal friend" before correcting himself with "the world famous Chibi-Robo".

The infinite power given to robots by the aliens...
  • ...only applied to those that already existed. Considering that the Chibi-Robo in "Park Patrol" still needed to be charged every few minutes, it is obvious that they did not receive the infinite power. Thus, Giga-Robo's wish only applied to robots that were already built.
    • Although, it's worth noting that the wish was for "Giga-Robo and all the Giga-Robos" in the world. And that Chibi-Robo in the first game didn't have infinite energy until he was plugged into Giga-Robo.

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