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Awesome Music / Star Trek: The TV Series
aka: Star Trek The Series

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  • Star Trek: The Original Series:
    • The main theme by Alexander Courage. Majestic, surreal, futuristic, adventurous and deserving its iconic status. The opening fanfare has been recycled for nearly every subsequent Star Trek theme.
    • The tense music in the closing moments of the Star Trek: The Original Series episode "The Doomsday Machine" is kickass, as is the swirling arrangement of the main theme used at the beginning of the teaser.
    • Vina's Dance is an Indian oriental sounding theme and original anthem for the Green-Skinned Space Babe.
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    • Gerald Fried's brooding cello theme first heard in "Amok Time" (also played on electric guitar) does as much as anything else in defining the character of Spock. The iconic "Kirk Fight Music" was composed for the same episode and is probably the second most famous music cue for the series, after the main theme itself, having popped up in numerous other media.
    • Any episode scored by George Duning (e.g. "The Empath"). In fact, it can be argued that what salvages the generally weak third season is the lush, mystical music contributed both by Duning and primary composer Fred Steiner (whose eerie score for "Spock's Brain" is so much better than the episode itself).
    • The two contributions by Sol Kaplan (the sinister "The Enemy Within" and the thrilling "The Doomsday Machine") stand as some of the finest music ever composed for Star Trek. Both scores were constantly reused in later episodes, such was their potency and effectiveness.
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  • The theme of Star Trek: The Animated Series might be the most upbeat theme Star Trek have ever had.
  • Star Trek: The Next Generation:
    • The main theme is basically the theme to Star Trek: The Motion Picture preceded by a beautiful rendition of the Alexander Courage fanfare.
    • Ron Jones' score for the epic "The Best of Both Worlds" is some of the best Trek music ever composed.
    • The moment when Picard says "magnify" cues the creepiest, most-spine-chilling music ever heard in a Star Trek production. Gene Roddenberry's dream, say hello to George Orwell's nightmare. And it will never be topped...ever: they even made Wesley just another character who you'd pity if he was Assimilated Into The Hive Mind.
    • His theme for the Romulans is deliciously sinister.
    • From "The Best of Both Worlds", "Intervention" manages to weave multiple themes from the episode together into a frantic piece that backs the Enterprise crew's daring rescue of Picard from the Borg cube.
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    • One of the most touching episodes of TNG, "The Inner Light", has a beautiful flute score composed by Jay Chattaway. The music by itself is almost enough to make you cry on its own, but when combined with the story, it's overwhelming. A fan-created 40th anniversary tribute video used the "Inner Light" music very effectively.
  • The (first) DS9 (here) and Voyager (here) themes are contemplative yet memorable. As a matter of fact, they won the 1993 and 1995 Emmy Awards for Outstanding Main Title Theme Music, respectively, and Voyager's has been called the most beautiful opening theme of the whole franchise.

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