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This is a dark comedy musical. It's filled with awesome musical numbers. So let's list them off:

Season 1

  • "Josh Just Happens to Live Here!"
    • The first song of the show is "West Covina," a rollicking musical number all about how Rebecca is so in love, on my gosh...with West Covina. It features a big band orchestra and it ends with a giant Busby Berkeley Number where Rebecca is lifted into the air on a giant pretzel.
    • The second song is "The Sexy Getting Ready Song," a Contemporary R&B song all about Rebecca getting ready for her date with Greg. It features also features a real rapper (Nipssey Hussle).
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    • The last song of the pilot is "West Covina (Reprise)," a low-key reprise of the first song, but this time it's a duet with Paula (Donna Lynn Champlin), who has an amazing voice.
  • Paula's torch song, "His Status Is Preferred", is a great show-stopper, with a sexy jazz tune and Donna Lynn Champlin rocking it in a beautiful red dress.
  • "You Stupid Bitch" is a high point of awesome for the show in general (and one that best expresses Rebecca's psyche), being both a spot-on parody of a Whitney Houston-style ballad as well as a boiling, acidic whirlpool of rage and self-loathing.
    Audience: You ruined everything, you stupid bitch...
    Rebecca: Sing with me!
    Audience: You ruined everything, you stupid, stupid bitch.
    Rebecca: Yes, I deserve this!
  • "Flooded With Justice", a spot-on Pastiche of Les Misérables's "Can You Hear The People Sing", hilarious and awesome at the same time for mimicking the majestic tune of the original piece to talk about water issues. Its reprise, while short, maintains its awesomeness and adds a bit of a heartwarming tone as even losing the case, the people thank Rebecca for fighting for them.
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  • "Don't Settle For Me" lets Vella Lovell show off her great singing voice.
  • "What'll It Be?" is one of the season's (if not the show's) richest musical moments and has a moving, heartfelt lyric. Bonus points because that really is Santino Fontana playing the piano.
  • "Group Hang" deserves special mention for being both a catchy parody of "Whenever, Wherever" with absolutely hilarious lyrics about Rebecca failing to have a romantic moment with Josh and cultural insensitivity towards Mexicans.
  • Darryl's Bi the Way song "Getting Bi" deserves a special mention for being both catchy and funny as hell.
  • "I'm the Villain in my Own Story", an Affectionate Parody of Disney's Villain Song, in which Rebecca realizes she causes awful things to others in a sinister tune.
  • Greg's Grunge "I Could if I Wanted To" is an awesome tune that explores his Stopped Caring attitude and reveals more about his Fatal Flaw.
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  • "One Indescribable Instant," as sung by Aunt Mryrna in "Paula Needs to Get Over Josh!" - may not be a funny song, but it goes with the ending so well.
  • "Feelin' Kinda Naughty: so weird and twisted yet so hilarious at the same time.

Season 2

Season 3

Season 4

  • Why is Anti-Depressants Are Not Such A Big Deal one of the best numbers in the show's history? Because not only is it a great send up of musicals, but it earned Rachel Bloom a "Best Original Song & Lyrics" Emmy Award!

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