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  • Community has some pretty awesome musical moments, namely from Those Two Guys Abed and Troy. Their duet of Somewhere Out There while trying to coax a mouse or rat which gets an awesome Celtic kick to it. The music also perfectly weaves together the three scenes.
  • The Biblioteca Rap became a Signature Scene for the show and shows the Spanish class is actually learning!
  • Senor Chang's boast rap after he fakes his death to screw with the Spanish 102 class:
    I am Senor CHANG! And I'm so ill!
    This is a warning, I can't be killed!
    All in your cabeza, without a chaser
    Not another teacher with this much flavor, CHANG!
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  • In general, the decision to score the zombie-movie episode (2.06) entirely to ABBA songs. It lands somewhere between this and Crazy Awesome.
  • The show's usual theme song is pretty good, but it becomes truly epic as a fantasy-esque piece at the beginning of "Advanced Dungeons and Dragons".
  • The short, Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory-esque songs from "Abed's Uncontrollable Christmas", which have some sweet (and sometimes sad) rhymes;
    Brittabot, programmed badly
    Wires with fraying ends
    Functioning mad and sadly
    No faith in herself, or friends
  • "We're Gonna Finally Be Fine!" from the Season 3 opener "Biology 101", using a musical number to take meta potshots at the network and their moronic editing notes.
  • Starburns' epic rock memorial in "Course Listing Unavailable" tag. Surfing? Jetpacks? Damsel in Distress? You got it and MORE! He will neeeeever die!
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  • The cute little Sesame Street-style song "That's An Adventure (Hot Air Balloon)".
  • "Dean Pelton's Payday Rap". Who would have thought that Donald Glover wouldn't be the best rapper on Community?
  • The third season episode "Advanced Gay" gives us "Pocket Full of Hawthorne's", a catchy tune sung by a drag-queen praising Hawthorne's Wipes.


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