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Hey cutie, don’t know if you knew / But I’ve kinda got a girl crush on you



  • Rachel Bloom, Donna Lynne Champlin, and Pete Gardner doing a live version of the Sexy Getting Ready Song during a For Your Consideration presentation for the TV Academy (those who vote for the Emmys). They did it all in Spanx. And Vincent Rodriguez III did the rap that Nipsey Hussle originally did.
  • Rachel Bloom's Twitter is filled with these as she live-tweets along with the episodes.
  • Her video announcement of the Showtime pilot cast is epic, even though as she says herself, "This show is now airing on The CW so this video makes no sense lololol".
    Rachel: Hi. I'm Rachel Bloom, minor YouTube celebrity. You may not have heard of me before, but I don't give a flying fuck, cause Showtime just gave me my own television show. Well, technically it's only a pilot right now but there's no harm in jumping the gun. So I hope you have your amoxicillin on hand, cause this shit's about to go viral. [Beat] can't take antibiotics for a virus. [walks away rapidly]
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  • In a bit cut out of the official broadcast of the finale concert, David Hull and Scott Michael Foster come on stage to do a performance of "Fit Hot Guys Have Problems Too". Sadly for the audience, there's no stripping this time....until Pete Gardner comes on stage with a "sexy fireman" outfit and covered in cooking spray. And the audience loves it.

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