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Headscratchers / Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

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  • Are the songs "really" happening within the world of the show, or are they all (or mostly) in Rebecca's head? "I'm So Good At Yoga" is very easy to see as Rebecca projecting her own feelings of inadequacy onto Valencia, but on the other hand, Valencia is also very full of herself, so it's in character for her to sing that. On the other hand, "Face Your Fears" makes sense if it's not in Rebecca's head, because she would want Paula to be giving her useful advice, whereas in reality Paula's advice to Rebecca (which usually boils down to: behave as though you are the sane and deserving leading character in a romantic comedy) is not very good. Of course, part of what's funny about the song is that Paula sings it as though it's inspiring and Rebecca listens to it as though it's just weird and baffling, but then decides to go along with it anyway.
    • "What'll It Be" is sung by Greg alone and Rebecca is not in the scene at all, so that answers that question.
    • According to the dream ghost of Dr. Akopian, they're in Rebecca's head. What this means for songs that don't involve Rebecca is unclear.
      • Word of God says that Rebecca's madness is spreading to the other people in the town, which is why they sometimes get to sing songs when she's not there.
    • The season 2 finale reveals that the musical numbers are actually dissociative episodes.
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    • Not only are they confirmed to be in Rebecca's head, there are actually several scenes in season 1 where Rebecca sings diegetically, and she is terrible.
  • How is it that Rebecca doesn't know who Vampire Weekend are while Valencia does? They're an arch-hipster band founded by Ivy League students from New York—much closer to Rebecca's background than to Valencia's So Cal yoga instructor life.
  • In the final episode, why didn't Rebecca screenshot the Instagram story Trent sent her and send the screenshots to the police? Is it because her phone had too much data? Or is it because she was in a panic?
  • Why would Josh and Rebecca attend a Summer Camp together as teenagers if they live on opposite ends of the country? Most summer camps, with the exception of space camp in Alabama, are regional entities because parents don't want to pay for expensive plane tickets.
  • Do any other tropers think that Valencia's friendship with Rebecca is unrealistic? Didn't Valencia have her own friends before becoming friends with Rebecca? Did they disappear?
    • No because in her first episode she reveals that he doesnt really have any female friends and both josh and greg say she doesnt bond well with women before it cuts to her and rebecca bonding. Valencia is beautiful and a bit stuck up and kind of bitchy which has left her mostly friendless in her adult life with rebecca being one of the only genuine friends she has ever had
  • Why did someone as savvy as Heather not ask for money for carrying Daryl's baby?
  • Why haven't they had an Obligatory Bondage Song for a musical number?
    • It seems Strip Away My Conscience in Season 3 was the closest we got.
  • Ok this has bothered me ever since I first saw it: late in season 3 when Rebecca is messed up from hormones she tries to have Mona assassinated. Aside from being pretty extreme even for her, the main problem is it was she who broke up with Nathaniel, out of fear she might go crazy again and hurt him. Now, she suddenly gets mad and does the very thing she broke up to avoid doing? WTF sense does that make?

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