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  • Josh gets one for just writing this damn thing!
  • Kross rolling two natural twenties in a row. As Wolf put it, there was a 1 in 400 chance of that happening.
    • Really, anytime Kross lives up to the "Badass" part of Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass:
    • In a similar vein to the above, Shiloh manages to get two incredibly lucky rolls when the glimmercloak tries to electrocute him, and instead of taking damage, Shiloh ends up chanelling Nora.
  • The DM pulling off a successful Batman Gambit on the entire party. Especially the one he used on Kross.
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  • Simula's first appearance is both this, and Nightmare Fuel as we see just how many steps ahead of the party she truly is.
  • Ivan's musical duel with a mysterious stranger that had the entire tavern cheering them on.
  • The fight against the Willow Wisp. Easily the best fight in the series at the time.
  • A violin rendition of "Smooth Criminal" playing during the fight against the glimmercloak is both this and a Funny Moment.
  • When the group starts to get a little TOO overprotective of Jeminya, she completely puts them in their place with a wonderful bit of snark.
    Jeminya (To a random guard): "Excuse me sir, could you please help me, since I am apparently helpless and unable to take care of myself."
  • Oin’s lecture to Kross after his nightmare. Basically telling Kross to get his act together or be kicked out the team.
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  • Another Oin moment is him completely pwning The Warden in Ivan’s nightmare.
  • The appearence of the Balor in the labyrinth. It shows up by by smashing through the enormous double doors while “I Stand Alone (Instrumental)” plays on the soundtrack, grabbing an enormous chest, and hurling it at the party.
  • Amber taking a hit from the Balor and surviving!
  • Jeminya’s World of Cardboard speech to Oin. A great bit of self-reflection and honesty.
  • Speaking of speeches, there’s Jalerom’s speech to the party that finally gets them to stop bickering like children.
  • And we see in the battle against the Night Twist that this speech worked, as all eight of them start co-operating MUCH more effectively.
  • Amber stares down an enormous Nightmare Beast more than four times her size with nothing but a Death Glare. The Nightmare Beast backs down.
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  • The entire party curb stomping Aymer is incredibly cathartic.
  • The return of Werewolf!Jeminya in the battle against the nightmare beast.
  • Oin’s One-Hit KO on the Nightmare Beat thanks to his Harm spell.
  • In a moment that possibly tops even THAT, Rose using Baleful Polymorph to turn Aymer into a puppy.
  • Dramatic Thunder in Real Life accompanying The Reveal that Jeminya is a teifling.
  • Jeminya Summoning Starjay to fight the party. The dramatic buildup, the What the Hell, Hero? speech, the emotions, the Awesome Music, the Dramatic Thunder, it all combines to create arguably the most epic moment in the entire series.
  • Amber takes on her God in an arm-wrestling contest and WINS!
    • Of course, Amarta gets her own Awesome Moment immediately afterward as the prize for winning was that Amber got to stay up late, so Amarta immediately puts her to work cleaning the deck.
  • The ENTIRE Kraken battle! As Toon puts it:
    ”Okay, so you have a giant dwarf, a golden dragon, and a teifling paladin on a pegasus, fighting a Kraken!!”
  • Amber gets yet ANOTHER moment of punching out Cthulhu with her Stunning Fist on Sazaan, a fully grown dragon twice her size and with decades, if not centuries more experience.
  • And then she follows it up by suplexing him onto a ring of fire and making something extremely apparent: The Gods may guard your soul, but your ass belongs to Amber Hawthorn.
  • Oin gets his own moment of awesome in that fight by turning Sazaan into his his own personal meat shield. You almost feel sorry for the dragon.
  • Kross defeating a giant by himself.
  • Faethurin being willing to sacrifice her intelligence just to pass her test.
  • Despite accidentally breaking his lute during the music battle with Imontillo, Ivan’s humble and sincere speech to the crowd has them cheering his name. In fact, this is actually what allows him to pass the test, as the goal was to Win the Crowd, not merely to play the best music
  • Jalerom going full on Predator in the Trial of Guile is as awesome as it is creepy.
  • Rose choosing to Take a Third Option and shhot herself instead of killing Shiloh or failing the test.
  • Oin saving Amber’s life with breakfast!
  • And later, banishing a powerful Elemental with a single spell.
  • While the party is separated thanks to some impatient pixies, Jeminya, Jalerom, Rose, and Faerthurin encounter a druid in the middle of a jungle. Not only him, but a Mother flippin' T-REX!! Highlights from that fight include:
    • Jalerom failing his sneak attack on the druid due to the druid noticing him (and it turns out this druid is part plant).
    • Jeminya taking on the dinosaur HEAD ON!
    • After Jeminya gets swallowed, everyone is panicking on how to save her. Everyone but Faerthurin, that is, who casts TWO Disintegration Spells, softening up the dinosaur enough for Jeminya to cut her way out of its throat.
    • Rose then summons up two smaller Tyrannosaurs who proceed to rip the druid to pieces.
  • In Episode 64, the Balor returns. In Episode 65, after everyone takes the time to get the Dwarves of Optimar to safety, they face down the demon and Oin uses a Banishment spell to get rid of it for good, showing just how far the group had come from the first time they encountered the demon in the labyrinth.
  • Also in Episode 64, Imontillo (whom it turns out was the Cheshire Cat in disguise) reveals that Oin Lightbringer was, in fact, Vorgrin Vineblight, the same dwarf everyone had seen on those wanted posters back in Optimar. This was revealed with some sound bytes showing all the very subtle hints Dr. Wolf and Josh dropped throughout the adventure.
    • And as Oin explains, later on, his name is an anagram — just remove the V's and swap some letters around.:
  • During the second battle with the balor, Reyin, a little 12-year-old kid, manages to convince the ENTIRETY of Gateless Town to evacuate.
  • When Simula unleashes her army of demons, the gods grant the heroes brief godly power, which leads to the heroes destroying between 50 and 500 demons all at one with a single attack.
  • Faerthurin successfully manages to cast her spell Sanctify the Wicked, defeating Simula.
  • Upon re-encountering Simula in the second layer, she attempts her typical mind games with the party. However, Ravvas easily catches and out-maneuvers it, shutting it down and surprising Simula.
  • The party comes incredibly close to killing Belial, and would have if Fierna hadn't stopped them.
  • In the fifth layer, the party witnesses a lone warrior fight off four Erinyes single-handedly, using his sword to absorb and redirect magic spells, cutting one down easily manually, and scaring off the remaining two. On top of that, he is an amnesiac archdevil. Despite all of this, Ravvas cuts him down with one strike.
  • In the sixth layer, the group is attacked by four giant spiders — after said spiders turn Rose and two Erinyes to stone. How do they defeat them? Oin banishes two of them, Arkoth banishes one — after seeing Oin do it once, and Amber legitimately kills the last one, not only overcoming her arachnophobia for a brief moment but also with the entire group barely taking any damage.
  • On Saturday, February 2, 2019, Brony D&D celebrated its ONE HUNDREDTH EPISODE!
  • When Baalzebul swallows Hana, Arkoth immediately leaps in after her with no regard to his own safety.
  • At the same time, Faerthurin casts a spell to grow angel wings. She then grabs Baalzebul, teleports him up into the air, and drops him like a sack of bricks.
  • The party actually manages to kill Baalzebul in what ends up being the most one-sided fight so far. First, Faerthurin drops his throne on top of him; then, Oin holds on to his eye stalk, forcing Baalzebul to chew through it to escape; then, Jalerom slices him open. Amber finishes it by peeling Baalzebul's head open, ripping out his brain, and crushing it in her claws.
  • During the battle with Lolth, Oin casts Time Stop. He takes this time (no pun intended) to not only do a max heal and buff on everyone he can but also curse several of Lolth's consorts.
  • The fact that Ravvas and Simula pulled a massive switch in front of everyone's noses just to trick Lolth into breaking the Primeval Pact and no one noticed until after it happened.
  • Lolth becomes the second god to be killed for breaking the Primeval Pact, although this time it was intentional.
    • And with her gone, Simula takes up the throne as queen of the drow.
  • Hana gets a new, upgraded staff from Simula, which she tests by telekinetically impaling a practice dummy with two swords from three rooms away.
  • After everyone escapes Ravvas and his drow assassins, and after Ivan is resurrected, tensions are high. Amber and Faerthurin finally hash it out after several episodes of skirting around the issue of Amber's emotional shutdown, Ivan's personality does a complete one-eighty, and who gets the group to finally stop arguing with each other? Why none other than our stoic dwarf trickery cleric Oin. That's right; after so long traveling with the group and listening to them bicker, Oin has finally had enough and tells the group to basically get their shit together and stop acting like a bunch of babies.
  • While everyone is bedding down for the night in Salania Forest while searching for Faerthurin, Oin has a dream where he speaks with a now-grown Reyin. And by speaks with Reyin, we mean that Reyin gives Oin a serious dressing down about his role in the party and his behavior, likening it to a child throwing a tantrum when he doesn't get his way.
    Reyin: Something doesn't go your way, Vorgrin, and you just sit back and sulk. Or you shut down and pout. You never help come up with any ideas, preferring instead to just stay silent. Tell me, what do you bring to this party?
    Oin: I heal them. I keep their bellies fed. I keep them safe.
    Reyin: The bard can do that. The wizard can summon animals and a mansion to keep the party safe. And yet you seem to be satisfied with getting away with the bare minimum. Congratulations, Vorgrin, you get a cookie.
    • Though thanks to Ari in the chat, laughs are had after that statement.
    Aramau: He has taken the name of the cookie in vain! Shame!
    • It should be noted that Josh is voicing Reyin at this moment.
  • When Jalerom goes off to fight his mother's assassin, he at one point deals a critical hit for over 65 points of damage.
  • The group goes to save Faerthurin. During a tense standoff with the drow Elvanna, said drow threatens to destroy the Astral Diamond. As tensions rise, the diamond begins to spark, before shattering and revealing a newly healed Jeminya, whose skin is now a pearly shade of white.
  • After leaving Elvanna's dungeon, the group finds themselves in the middle of a battle between Sabaton and Directian. They immediately waste no time in formulating a plan to stop the fighting, which includes:
    • Jalerom and Nora going off to face Sorn.
    • Ivan and Oin providing heals and support for all the soldiers.
    • Faerthurin, Amber, Rime, and Jeminya going off to stop Cassian and Zeadrel from killing each other.
  • Just the amount of Nat 20s and other high rolls that the group was rolling during Episode 145.
  • When half the group goes off to stop Zeadrel and Cassian, they're stopped by Jewel, who transforms into an astral deva. This prompts an aerial battle between Jewel, Amber, and Bayleen.
  • Fae stopping the fight between Zeadrel and Cassian with a Mass Hold Person spell, and then hitting Kruul with a Feeblemind spell.
    • Granted, the Feeblemind doesn't affect Kruul since he's a barbarian and as such his highest stat is Strength, so losing his Intelligence and Charisma stats wouldn't matter much to him, but the fact that Fae still managed to hit someone who was shrugging off everything else the group was throwing at him was awesome in its own right.
  • Just after Jewel takes to the air, Rime casts the Maze spell on her. The second Jewel returns from the maze, Rime proceeds to turn her into a frog using the spell the trope is named for.
    • Said frog is then put in the mouth of Tantomile, whose teeth are only a few centimeters from the frog's throat, just in case Jewel or Kruul try anything funny.
    • Before that, Amber snatches Jewel out of the air with a Nat 20 Scorpion Strike.
  • How does the party defeat the tarrasque? Oin gets it to eat a pebble, which he then magically enlarges, making the monster’s head explode like a pimple.
    • Of course, since the tarrasque in 3.5 is literally unkillable, the head starts to regrow. It’s only thanks to some good-aligned drow bards teleporting it away that the tarrasque is truly defeated.
  • When cornered by Ravvas, the group is rescued by a dragon named Iven, the son of the red and gold dragons the group met in Season 2.
  • Faerthurin finally defeats Elvanna with the aid of Gareth and Nora by hitting her with a polar ray, freezing and shattering the drow mage.
  • Jalerom’s Dagger of Light outfit. That is all.
  • Hana threatens vengeance on Asmodeus for forcing Amber to kill her own father. And then there's Amber's line when Asmodeus pokes fun at Amber's white dragon blood.
    Amber: I may be part white dragon, but as a gold dragon, I keep my word. And Tamara as my witness, you will pay.
  • Eliyora's artwork makes a return with a dolled up Amber in a beautiful turquoise dress. It leaves the other players and especially Ivan starstruck.
  • Oin goes into Nora's dreamscape to help her with her nightmare and absolutely obliterates the masked figure tormenting her with no trouble at all.
  • After Jalerom replaces the water in his flask with flash powder to make a makeshift molotov cocktail to use against the horde of zombie dwarfs, Ivan comes up and covers the wall the zombies are trying to get over with magical grease. It's enough to keep the zombies from climbing up it.
  • Rime's response to spotting Kruul is to summon an air elemental and sweep him up.
    • Though it overlaps into funny with this line from Eliyora:
    Eliyora: How did this guy become the Butt-Monkey of our enemies? First he gets crotch kicked and now this.
  • Amber decides to torch some of the zombie dwarfs, dealing a total of 783 points of damage.
    Eliyora: I am Amber, hear me roar.
    • Amber then goes on to do a fly-by punch attack against Sorn, who's currently targeting Jeminya. This ends up stunning him.
    Jeminya: I'm so glad you're on my side.
    • And then Oin targets Sorn with Destruction, a spell that could potentially kill Sorn instantly. Sadly subverted in that it doesn't work. But at least Sorn still takes the damage. So Oin follows that up with Energy Drain, resulting in Sorn getting Thanos'd.
  • After the group gets separated, Jeminya and Amber find themselves ambushed by Kruul. Just as Kruul is about to make a killing blow on Jeminya, Amber steps in front, the words "never again" repeating in her mind. Her desire to keep Jeminya from being killed on her watch again prompts her to transform from her humanoid form directly into a large gem dragon and send Kruul running.
    • This is all set to the Skillet song "Invincible".
  • We get a backstory video for Ravvas, and learn that he was involved with everything from the very beginning and was the one who orchestrated the party's capture before Episode 1.
  • Jalerom makes a speech to the collected armies about the battle they'll be getting into, which basically amounts to It Has Been an Honor while admitting that he's scared out of his mind.
  • Call Lightning on a cloaker: "You want to know what happens to a manta ray when it's struck by lightning?"
  • The group manages to turn the hellwasps to their side, meaning they now have an army of wasps.
  • During the battle against Ravvas and his bunch, Amber hits Kruul with a Nat 20 bite attack using a move the group dubs Taser Teeth, and then proceeds to throw Kruul into Ravvas like a battering ram.
  • The tower falls apart, so the group has to fight on a falling tower.
  • Ravvas "surrenders", then shatters the diamond holding Cumelus aloft before teleporting out.
  • After the group escapes a falling Cumelus, Jalerom delivers a speech to Sorn about having the chance to see his mother alive again, something Jalerom will never have. Doubles as heartwarming.
  • Simula arrives in the arena and blasts Elvana with a fireball.
  • Think about this for a minute: Asmodeus is the biggest Magnificent Bastard in all of Dungeons and Dragons, having backup plans for his backup plans. And Ravvas managed to outsmart him when it came to casting Karsus Avatar.
  • Jalerom straight up asks Sorn if Ravvas would bring Sorn's mother back the way that Ravvas promised, given his hatred of the matriarch's. But Sorn refuses to listen and just continues threatening Jalerom and his loved ones. Jalerom's response? Shove Sorn's spare mask into his face and cast Shatter, breaking Sorn's mask right in his face.
    Jalerom: Jewel was right; you really are blind without this mask!
    • This is downplayed (Or made even MORE badass depending on your view) somewhat by Jalerom hurting himself, but then again, as Jalerom says, it was worth the damage.
  • The group, with Simula's help, manage to escape the arena, only to find themselves surrounded by more than a dozen horned devils. It's at this moment that the group's demigod powers from when Simula first opened a portal to the Abyss reawaken. The devils stand no chance.
  • As the fight with the devils is drawing to a close, a large gold cobra emerges from the ground and eats one. Who should be riding it but Jaylin and Solonor. Who turns out to actually be Reyin.
  • After more than a season of speculating and wondering if he was even still alive, we finally have the return of Reyin.
  • It turns out that Faerthurin's Sanctify The Wicked spell on Simula actually WORKED.
  • The effects for the spell that sacrificed Simula's soul. That is all.

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