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Awesome / Bounty Hunters of the Apocalypse

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  • Eight bounty hunters vs a bandit patrol and the bandits back at their base. They should have brought more bandits
  • Red beating Coline
  • The bounty hunters escaping from Fang Shadow's tow truck trap without any casualties.
  • Officer Clark racking up, for an NPC, quite a kill count.
    • Officer Clark's famed badassery may be a bit overstated. He was initially declared badass when one of the players noted that he had three kills in a row; at the time of this writing those were actually the only on-screen kills he's had at all. Currently, the NPC with the highest on-screen kill count is actually Dune, the former bandit sniper, whose kill count at the time of this writing exceeds Clark's by a factor of five.
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  • The bounty hunters killing Werewolf Joe.

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